The Mystery of Time

The Mystery of Time

by Jose A. Retana


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The book is an example of the lifestyles of people I know and, of course, many world places I love and admired. As the book goes, it is a spiritual guide to anyone who believes in the higher power, the laws that power us, and the unique force of the mind as the controller and manipulator of our bodies. So it is about understanding the relationship of the body and spirit and the special care of both as a unit and of ourselves as individuals who thinks about life in the future. It is for us to have honor and respect for each other, and that is through following the rules and regulations regarded by those who are inspired by their beliefs and hopes.

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ISBN-13: 9781490755106
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 02/24/2015
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.37(d)

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The Mystery of Time

By Jose A Retana

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2015 Jose A Retana
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-5510-6


Today I find myself thinking on the inner side and power of our soul, and I just cannot figure it out. Maybe that is why we think about the spirit of the living being. Just one day, I would like to see the spirit, and if I study and refer to it someday, it will no longer be a secret, and I will be glad and happy to realize that the spirit was one of the most beautiful creations of the kingdom of nature.

And so for that reason, at this point, I would like to study it with great effort, and I am anxious to tell somebody that the spirit of a man is the one that powers the being and is also the ruler of the world—not that it is the best or better than the others in relation to the job done by this being, which is capable of giving us the energy to move and to do everything else.

And so at times, I simply make a promise to myself: that's to be one the most in my side, to be one with the family, and to be one with the chosen ones. For now I can only do the best in my life so I don't suffer and I would be able to do things I like, for instance, enjoying the fruits of the land sacred to us. For once, we have to love nature's product, and we have access to the gardens and to the forest in general, where we can live and be on their side of the law and have the pleasure to manipulate elements of the woods.

So sometimes, when I think of real beings and the mystery of life, I only see darkness, and the truth is something I want to keep in the inner of my soul for it to be preserved and for the growing of my conscience to be holy and for them to humbly to start their way. The infinity, which comes from the depths of the soul, are the beings that are the center of the creation and the family of future man. That is where new life begins and grows—from a very small atom. That is the origin of life and the source of all life from the past and the future.

And just as the body develops, so does the spirit. It keeps on developing in the mind and making the fire strong within yourself to fight the negative forces that exist all over and where life is present. But now that the opportunity comes along, it is OK to say that it is good to have some faith in something higher than us for us to have something to believe in and respect because it is the only way to an eternal and happy life without having the heavy load apply to ourselves.

When there is a thought of negative charge—which is, at the time, commanding our mind—it takes over the mind, and we break down. We sometimes carry something that we have experienced during a period of time in our lives, and once again, it is earned little by little, step-by-step, in a road to more occult places. These must be visited by the human beings at a certain point in life, and we all believe that the higher power we imagine in our mind is no longer private for the same reason. And so man will come to learn many things related to Mother Nature, which will always and forever be an inexplicable mystery, as it allows the internal part of ourselves to be the most powerful instrument ever created by nature, which is discussed here.

We men are called today to be an example of the great cause of life today and hope of the far future, and we should be contented to be the one chosen by the higher power that gave birth to us. Since then, there was a big horrible fight because the same people already alive left us here today to take charge of what we are inside and whatever is around us.

The reason that we fight today is because the devil took over our minds, and we opened the door to that thought once we were involved in a terrible situation, in which we became dangerous for the men in this planet. I can say that we individuals populate the world, and as a community, we have to live with rules so we can survive in the lake of our own life. And for that, we say that man as well has to do something somewhat positive to go forward in life because no individual stays in one place or think the same all the time.

There is a flow of energy in every being—I guess as a rule or law—and that is life. The spirit is flowing like the river that rushes to the ocean to receive the fabulous rays of the sun to the next step toward the way to become clouds in the precious immense world of the space. It is like it is a way of living and transforming and mutating to keep ourselves alive, and right now, we can say that being man is so special and unique to the extreme. I hope that this level is hopefully for good, especially as we approach the dimensions of the spirit and as we transform in being internally and physically mature to perform the necessary tasks in and during life and in the instance of eternal life.


So one day, one of them marked the limits and the effort of mankind toward knowledge. As it is known, everything somehow has an end, but not universal life, where everything comes from. It is said that everyone goes back to the original place of origins—where all life came from—to once again be part of nature and to rest from a long journey. As said by many, it is a journey through life that does not merge with death and does not make the evolution necessary to germinate to the ground below. For that reason, others could not survive in their own, may it be because of misfortune or other reasons we know, like not having the energy required to win the battles against the one against the laws of nature. Therefore, it causes one to not be able to survive in his or her own in the journey of life and throughout time in man's state, and so one of us felt to obey.

The law and the battle against the forces of nature begins in our body as man is capable of doing something for themselves and of humbly asking for forgiveness and pardon of our faults. The time that we lose hope to one day reach the top of the so-called journey of life should be the time that we spend in getting wise, growing in spirit, and being physically capable of doing the things for ourselves and handling difficult times.

As one goes through the storm of the conscience, the victory of the strongest is one of the most intriguing and fabulous states of nature. The training that we must have was the war against the forces of nature. Having victory over the obsolete beings that control the human body and the most high state of mind, in which we would have the control of the matters of nature and the treasures involved, is the point in life to do just as one wishes at any time in his existence and to journey through the wonders of the wilderness and of raw nature in the eternal dance of the universal movement and in the eternal source and flow of life. In one precise second, the present gives us the life and the power to go and do what's right for us without trying to live in the world of the most beautiful place ever created.

The one that has a physical and tender body of the newborn is sometimes called the great call of the wild as the tender birth of the new man is very beautiful and shows love of all in nature's world. The journey starts so challenging and needs a powerful miracle of universal life in the physical body for it to be the king of the world and be the ruler of the personality and character of the newborn. We don't know what the future man will bring us once he grows and gets experience and wisdom necessary to win the battles against the one force in us that tries to go against the current with the purpose of developing strength necessary to train the soul for the difficult times, which is where we could confront the atrocity of the forces in us. The being is the very real being of the world.


And now that we force ourselves to do the right thing, we are doing one of the things that are for our own good. The best of luck to ourselves and our fortunate world, which has no end and no beginning. The world is our home, so we have to live life honestly and productively, and beautiful luck will bring to the world many children, which are the hope of life.

And from now on, no one can imagine the future of the world, which is in progress, or can visualize its life on plenitude and development because it is what one makes on our own. It is for the simple reason of the fact that a man does what he thinks and what he wants, and in the internal dimension of a man, one must do something, or else, the mind will be a black hole with no lights that enlighten the spirit. We must make something, or the creation of man will come to danger and will threaten one's own life.

Perhaps it is because if one doesn't think on being truthful, he or she will just talk untruthfully. But on any case, one should always be honest and straight in his personality so one can be safe and free from all the errors and defects of the person. Also it is for one to have the decision of going to where he wants to be in front of the laws of the universally recognized system of justice, which does not only apply to some but applies to each and every one that are here in the field.

In this constant marching and changing world, which is the home of many, life from above is the source of life and the secret energy that powers the entire universe in an instant—which, hopefully, will have no end. It is the home of those living now and those hoping to have some comfortable future and a good life. As someone said in the past, the world is a very beautiful and safe place to be without wars, religion, physical or mental offenses of any kind, or anything that can cause conflicts in our perpetual source of power.

Its origin is a secret. It is as pure as a river that runs free through its destiny. It doesn't dry and is fresh all the time, making life at its nearby surroundings alive with the love that Mother Nature gives us every day. For instance, as the day rises in the gardens, the flowers open to the touch of light in first light of the day. And as soon as it comes, everything around gets alive and awakes from a good and peaceful night.

It is like if we go to a world that we made images of—those that only we can see inside us, in the place where no one is around but ourselves—we value the conscientiousness and life within the inside like a private time where we learned from the source of life. It is a place where no one comes and makes the scene turn to a different perspective for the dreamer look for other ways that he doesn't want to look at. The disturbance of the interrupter will finally draw the attention of the individual who is in deep sleep, and total saturation goes to heaven part of the universe where he goes every night to reunite with the many egos inside himself and friendly personalities of the conscience that makes an individual who believes in the power of the internal and private been of the spirit and the activity of the different egos in the mind, that are no more than the developing sings of the mind in unity of the spirit growing just like new life will develop himself and coming out of the deepest place of the universe and a light that darkness of the cosmic night lighted In far from here.


And now that we understand and realize one of the most secreted and pure points of view of man's survival, it looks that we all came to the earth for reasons of evolution of the universe. The progress of every individual alive is, for us, the most important matter of the modern times, in which we never imagined the importance of better living and ways of progress for everyone alive.

In the modern times, one of the very well-known concerns of most man is the problem of living in peace and having a comfortable life that a man can honestly have. We accomplish this state by being pure and honest with one's self and by cohabiting with the rest of the humans and nature. Because of that, we all experience many difficulties and orientations, leading to decadence and poverty in our race, which naturally leads to the disobedience and revelation of many toward good behavior. No one wants to do anything for another brother that came alone to live in the dark and in the deepest places of unknown and then will awake to the new light, in a place where we will live for long. And when the dawn of the day appears in the middle of the sky, there is a moment of silence that we all enjoy, and in adoration of the gods, we invocate the spirit of this recently lighted day to come and celebrate the most beautiful birth and the new day in the act.

The timer started to count ever since in high of the sky at exactly the hour when the clock was at zero hour, and from there, this spirit came to life and was born from the power of the spirit. He was a gentle and humble being. Also his wisdom was plentiful and rich because of his big heart and glorious soul. One day he was to be a venerable and humble being, so we put our faith and work in his glorious mind, which we never imagined of the big glory of the heart. Powers of the mind let him perform the miracles and the acts of the Lord.

In the day when he was born, everybody saw the new light shine on him until the end-time. And so everything went along just the way he said. It was to be so everyone will know the truth and the wonders of life, and one must be aware of it. And since there is our Holy God and the higher power that we will venerate forever for he is the law, and the love of the spirit will accompany the man that will and has come from Mother Nature by his by willpower, and he will grow as well because he would learn from all the man alive, and the law was the only god and power he followed ever since he came to the world. And when the light first came to the world, one never imagined, and everything was seen at the dawn of the universe, which, logically, was adorable and tender. It was like mornings, when the sun rises, and everything is seen at once. Of course, the first morning lightened up the world, and then there was life as the warmth of the light fertilized the face of the planet, growing exotic life. And since the light give us heat and light, life grows where it comes in like a surprise, and it penetrates the dark side of our world like a thief in the night, staying on it for as long as the next day comes along and comes back the next night, and time goes in darkness once again.

And knowing that the mind gets most information from the outside, the powers of the senses will provide the data necessary to identify this or that particular information in a scenario of our mind. Once this is recognized and entered in the storage part of the mind, the only way to access this is by remembering what exactly happened in the time we thought about this particular scenario by way of the power of the memory, which contains the secret power of keeping and storing of all data entering our mind. Of course, it approves the memory at the time it was presented to us in words and images of what we already knew and what is kept in the memory of the person.

Call conscience the knowledge and the treasure of man, inviting us to stay in the world of the light, and we're just going to discover it in the dark side of the mind by the power of the shadow in the dark side of our internal being and by getting most of the information already in the memory, which is only kept by the dark side of our mind and the place in our system to become what makes a man holy. Useful knowledge is sufficient to make the Glorious and Holy Governor of the creation a surprising being capable of handling himself and being an example of the miracle of the thinking process taking place inside the enclosed but accessible memory of the individual already in the way to infinity and beyond, where our view can't reach the top of the secret places of the minds.


For now, the reason of this moment is dedicated to ourselves, which is in one of the times we most prefer and choose for the spirit to be a time of joy. For some reason, we like to do things in the simplest way as we can, so the joy and plenitude fulfill the conscience at the time we wish to have the joy and the fortune of having to make the most of ourselves, comforting the spirit and making what a man is, which is a unique being of our beautiful world. It is surprisingly unique for the individual as all men grow differently, and making one individual of integrity, who is rational and capable of going more than he could ever imagine, in the existence of this creature of many different states of mind, which we all have experienced in the time we are alive, and evolution changes the experiences of the states of the world and the key at the progress of the work upon ourselves in order to make it to wherever our mind has set goals and projects.


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