The Most Direct and Rapid Means to Eternal Bliss

The Most Direct and Rapid Means to Eternal Bliss

by Michael Langford




In this book there are practice instructions for seven different methods of meditation including: 1. The Awareness Watching Awareness Method. 2. The Abandon Release Method. 3. The Eternal Method. 4. The Infinite Space Method. 5. The Loving All Method.

For thousands of years humans have been stuck in the same pool of inward unsolved problems. Thousands of years ago humans had the problems of suffering, sorrow, anger, fear, violence, conning, cheating, lying, death, etc. Today humans have the problems of suffering, sorrow, anger, fear, violence, conning, cheating, lying, death, etc. All of those problems have a single cause. In this book the cause of the lack of progress and the solution that actually works is revealed.

There is a secret, a missing link, a vicious circle, that is keeping humans stuck in the same pool of unsolved problems. That secret, that missing link, that vicious circle is revealed in this book. How to break free of that ancient human trap is also revealed in this book.

The solutions taught in the past have failed. Not even one in a million humans has been freed from all suffering and been established in absolutely perfect infinite-eternal-awareness-love-bliss by the solutions that have been taught in the past.

It is possible to be free of all sorrow and suffering and to experience absolutely perfect infinite eternal joy here and now in this lifetime. It is possible for all humans, not just a few humans. There is a rapid means to infinite bliss. That rapid means is taught in this book.

Whatever spiritual path you are on, this book will be a great help. The problem of the ego distorting, distracting and keeping theattention directed outward is a problem shared by all humans, whatever path they are on. The ego's tricks have seldom been looked at in spiritual literature. The ego's tricks are revealed in this book. How to put an end to the ego's tricks is also taught in this book, making this book a unique and immensely valuable contribution.

This book is a great help to all humans, including those who are not on a spiritual path, because the most direct and rapid means to end suffering and sorrow and to live in awareness-love-bliss, is of benefit to all.

For human consciousness to be transformed something new must be introduced. This book introduces something new into human consciousness. It is rare that a spiritual book goes into detail revealing the tricks the ego uses to avoid liberation. The Most Direct and Rapid Means to Eternal Bliss is such a rare book. Step-by-step instructions in how to put an end to the ego's tricks are given in this book. This book shows how to directly experience infinite-eternal-awareness-love-bliss in this lifetime. This book contains a detailed description of the difference between the True Self and the imposter self. Detailed instructions in how to directly experience the True Self are given in this book.

Of the thousands of spiritual books you could purchase, The Most Direct and Rapid Means to Eternal Bliss is the best first choice. This is the book that created a spiritual revolution that is continuing to transform all human life. The direct experience of infinite-eternal-life is available to all humans. There is a fork in the road. One road leads to ideas, beliefs, concepts and opinions. The other road leads to Direct Experience. This book shows the difference between these two roads and how to choose the road that leads to eternal-perfect-love-bliss in this lifetime.

This book is a new doorway for humanity. On a combination lock that you have been unable to open it is not the numbers on the dial that are new. It is the combination that opens the lock that is new. The more than fourteen hundred sentences in this book reveal the combination that opens the lock. On the other side of the door is eternal Life-Love-Bliss.

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ISBN-13: 9780979726798
Publisher: The Freedom Religion Press
Publication date: 07/28/2007
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 6.03(w) x 9.05(h) x 0.37(d)

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Guest More than 1 year ago
It was 2 am on a Saturday in early February, 1964. I had not slept, anxiously awaiting the climb to begin at 4 am my first ascent on a real mountain: 11,249-foot Mt. Hood in Oregon. I was a nerdly high school lad with bad eyesight, fresh from my mountaineering classroom work with the mountain climbing club. I had read the books, hung out with the seasoned climbers, bought the ice axe, crampons, etc. and could even read the topo maps using a compass. I was sure I knew the way from what I had studied. I knew the stories and the jargon and how to rappel but I had not had the direct experience of actually being at the top of a real mountain. I had imagined myself arriving at the top with everything I started with and then returning, intact, to my world able to claim I had something to say about the view from the top of the mountain. It was 10 am on a Saturday in January, 2006. I was in the little meditation hut in our garden where I kept all those dozens of spiritual books I kept buying, and in a moment of shattering honesty I knew that for over thirty years I had been futilely brooding and trying to see my way to the top of the mountain with thinking 'or experiences at retreats, emotional work, workshops, seeing teachers, etc.' and that thought would not ever get me there. Thought 'or emotion' and concepts and words and borrowed imaginings of teachers would not get me there 'I intuited all this in a single thoughtless flash' because thought is limited 'I wrote in my notebook' even though I try to stay with what seems to be the core, impersonal I Am as the great sages all say to do. I admitted, completely, I did not know how to escape thought 'ego' and that thought was my trap. In a great, tectonic shift of consciousness, a shattering but temporary immersion of the ego in the Infinite Self came like the instantaneous shift of the heart that feels, quite sincerely, that it has fallen in love forever. I died that day to everything except: how do I fully awaken again only as That, the Real Self I now know by direct experience I Am and remain thus in bliss and true knowing as pure love, eternally? It is March 6, 2007. The Most Direct And Rapid Means To Eternal Bliss arrives it is read aloud by my wife and I, slowly, three times. We realize in an undeniable moment of the awakening of the truth 'the emergence of the extreme desire for liberation' that the means and the way has at last been clearly, unequivocally described by a fully liberated sage. I had literally waited almost forty years to feel this certainty and clarity. We began the practice that very day and have continued several hours per day, every single day, for what has now been a year. It has forever lifted my despair and has permanently re- ignited the now undying fire and I now know EXACTLY, without any doubt, what the practice is to focus on the I Am, how to end thought 'ego', and how to realize the Self eternally. It works, everyday, and the moments of pure awareness of what I Am, really, grow longer. This unmatched gem of spiritual writing works because it teaches through direct experience -- through doing the practice earnestly and precisely as described in the book -- how the practice of Awareness of your own everyday Awareness, looking only at itself, becomes the teacher and that, by doing the practice one is immediately abiding in and as the real. This has indeed been my experience by using the book and the practice, this immediate and real abidance in the truth of myself. Much practice, perhaps some years for me, must yet occur for the ego to completely disappear. All books gather dust or have been given away. Now sixty and retired from my 30-year career as a psychotherapist, I am doing only the practice until the body ends. I feel much joy and energy and effortless compassion for all