The Lord of Lost Causes (Millcastle, #1)

The Lord of Lost Causes (Millcastle, #1)

by Kate Pearce

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Struggling to support her family after her husband's death, Caroline Harding attracts the attention of the ruthless Captain Francis Grafton who offers her a devil's bargain to pay back her debts to him. Outwitting her enigmatic employer and unwillingly gaining his approval significantly changes her life for the better, but can she win his loyalty and his heart when he appears to care for nothing but profit?

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BN ID: 2940155659631
Publisher: Kate Pearce
Publication date: 04/30/2018
Series: Millcastle , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 9,839
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The Lord of Lost Causes (Millcastle, #1) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous 16 hours ago
everything was just a degree or two off. the hero was a little too bad. the heroine was a kittle too good. the acrion was a little too contrived and slow moving.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book 1 of the Series. Interesting time period in history. Book is for the adults in the room. H & H both have a past that forms their action in a wonderful story. I immediately read Book 2 with enjoyment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not a rich and gracious writer, but her characters are different and well worth the read. HOWEVER!! Editing would be wonderful!!
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Caroline is a widow doing her best to support her family, unfortunately her mother has a gambling problem which means they all may end up on the street. Now indebt to Captain Francis Grafton he plans on allowing her to pay of the debt by being a bookkeeper as well as his mistress. This story is fast paced with plenty of drama. The characters are amazing and really draw you into the story as you watch their story unfold. I was hooked from beginning to end. Looking forward to more in the series.
FaeScot More than 1 year ago
It takes a real master at word crafting to take an unlovable "hero" and have him grow and give love. Kate did this in this book. I can't say it's my favorite of her stories because of the male lead, Captain Francis Grafton. Some readers would give up on this book. It's kinda like seeing a train wreck but I trusted the author to find something redeemable about this self centered, Midas of a bully. She kept giving us peeks under his armor in the story to see his loyal and honorable heart. I was moved by the strength and determination of the heroine, Caroline, widow Harding. What she went through to feed and house her stupid mother and wonderful sisters is truly amazing in this difficult time period in history. The story takes place in the slums of London during the industrial revolution, a very dark time. Kate crafted a story that crackles with chemistry between the Captain and Mrs. Harding. He employs her to keep his books and forces her into his bed with a debt she cannot pay. Oh I hated him at that point and Caroline did too. It is a story of using of each other, she for her family's survival and he for sensual pleasure & business gain. In the spitfire verbal sparring they force each other to look inside and see what they want in life. Amazing author! Thank you Kate for the ARC of this book for my honest review. As always awesome and insightful story.
Pebbles92 More than 1 year ago
The Lord of Lost Causes is Book One of Kate Pearce's new Millcastle series. The author did a great job bringing this story to life. Frustration, desperation, acceptance, the heroine's wide gamet of emotions through out resonated with me strongly. Good start to a new historical series! Can't wait to see what is next.
JoRead More than 1 year ago
Great start to a new series. *3.5 stars rounded to 4* Francis is a man that fell from grace while still a soldier. He’s now a rich man that can be best described as callous, cynical, and mercenary. His relationship with Caroline started as a business transaction and nothing more. While I appreciate the historical accuracy of Caroline’s circumstances I was not happy with the way she was coerced into doing things she most definitely didn’t want to do in order to pay her debts. That part of the story reminded me of the old bodice rippers, when the woman fell head over heels by the “hero” despite him being a jerk. And yet, I couldn’t bring myself to hate Francis. He might have been a reprobate however, and as much as he tried to deny it, he was also compassionate and just in his own way. In the end, his redeeming qualities outdid his ruthlessness and he became the man Caroline always knew he could be. And what is best is that it was done in a totally believable way. That being said, I’m not a fan of stories where the heroine must suffer quietly while the man has his way with her and everyone around him. I know, that’s the way things used to be but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. **I received this book at no cost to me and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is book one in the Millcastle series. I absolutely loved it. The book follows Caroline Harding. a widow from Three Coins. The village is centered around the Mill businesses and some smaller shops. It was with the original property manager that Caroline starts the story. She was just one shilling short. Her mother Marie decided to gamble with the rent money, and this seems to be a running problem. It was quickly resolved, by Mrs. Harding having to work for Captain Francis Grafton. She will be his book keeper, and sometimes bed mate. This was not the best of situations to be in. I was thrown into a fantasy similar to Beauty and the Beast. I'm not sure if that is the real story here, but it was a great idea that kept popping up into my head. LOL. Anyway the story moves further by the characters who were meeting at the Methodist hall. It also came out why Grafton had some issues with the whole arrangement that him and Mrs. Harding are in. I was upset when the fight happens. I have read some other romances by this author, and she writes some strong female leads. This usually involves a severe argument with the men in their lives. But do not fret, the ending is good.. Francis really became a nice man and sort of Hero of the novel. I fell in love more when the snow storm happens and his care for Mrs. Harding following the storm.. It took the beast out of the man. I was introduced to a French dress maker named Madame, and she was fun to read about. I look forward to another visit to Millcastle. Things ended so pleasantly with this novel, and will Mrs. Harding become Mrs. Grafton? I can't wait to read again.
JigsawGirl More than 1 year ago
I always enjoy Kate Pearce's work. With this book, I was not sure of what I expected when I started it, but, I can say I did not anticipate being completely enthralled. I read historical romance on occasion, and if there were more like this one, I might read them more frequently. Captain Grafton was a character that should have been unlikable. Arrogant, self serving, and selfish on the surface. From the very beginning of the book, you would catch a glimpse of his kinder, gentler side. Caroline's strong will and inner strength was apparent from the very beginning of the book. Times when you thought she was going to break, she stiffened her spine and moved forward. The chemistry between the two was obvious and you definitely sensed the difference between her relationship with the Captain and her relationship with Mr. Ford. An interesting, entertaining book that holds your attention from the first to the last page. There is romance, action, and suspense. There is also, so much opportunity for future books that I will be looking forward to wherever this author chooses to take us next. I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy of this book.