The Jesus Agenda

The Jesus Agenda

by Andrew Munro


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'Jesus stories and teachings without the theological metaphysics' is how the author describes this thought-provoking read.

Based on his vast experience, and his inspirational sermons and observations, The Jesus Agenda adds a refreshing new touch to the age-old religion versus science debate. The author fuses modern-day examples and stories with bible story contexts and the scientific standpoint, and as a result, this book will appeal to lay readers, scientists, Christians and believers of any other faith.

Please don't assume, however, that this is little more than a book of religious sermons, because it is far from that. The Jesus Agenda is filled with real anecdotes about real people from all walks of life. From Ghandi, Sir Patrick Moore, and Abraham Lincoln, to fellow Christians, other faith denomination members, New York hostesses, academics, school children and members of his congregation.

Spanning every corner of the globe, the book is abundant with memorable stories - a young schoolboy's modern-day interpretation of The Good Samaritan is one which will strike a chord with all football fans - and powerful concepts, such as 'God has not completed us yet' and 'We should be 'proud to be a Christians'.

If religion, spirituality and/or science are in your sphere of interest, you will not be disappointed in the slightest by this book.

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