The Imitation of Christ: with Commentary and Fictional Narrative

The Imitation of Christ: with Commentary and Fictional Narrative


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Thomas' masterpiece, The Imitation of Christ, is second only to the Bible in its popularity in Christendom.
In Book One of the four books, Thomas offers practical, simple steps toward following the path of Christ. These "admonitions" are maxims and aphorisms grounded in his experience as the Novice Master of new disciples entering the Monastery.

Thomas a'Kempis wrote The Imitation of Christ in the early 15th century. He was a monk and priest who became a prolific writer and copyist, as well as the Novice Master of his monastery. He lived to be 90 years old, and hand-copied the entire Bible at least four times.

This edition of The Imitation of Christ, with comments and highlights by Timothy E. Moore, Esq., invite the reader to a quick overview of each chapter and a modern application of each meditation. Moore also provides a short, fictional narrative from the point of view of Thomas, which places the reader into the mind of the Novice Master as he composes his master work.

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Timothy E. Moore writes about Thomas a'Kempis and his late medieval world. Tim has spent years studying a'Kempis' writings; as well as making a pilgrimage to Zwolle, NL, where Thomas' remains are kept. Tim lives and works in Springfield, Illinois. Tim blogs about The Imitation of Christ at

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