The Human Beings

The Human Beings

by Keith G. Laufenberg

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In the beginning there was the garden: the garden:the garden where all the animals and all the beasts and anything or anyone who entered into it, did so in the welcoming tradition that had kept the entire Animal Kingdom in peace for all eternity, up until that time. It was a garden where the lion laid down with the lamb and no one really had any enemies, in the Animal Kingdom. Time was the child of eternity and it meant nothing to the animals, who had always known peace and their lives never ended, they enjoyed relative peace with all their brethren because none of them needed anything, as everything was provided for them, in the garden. The beasts all knew, by nature, who their friends were and all were friends with one another because there was no reason to fight. But, then, someone entered into the garden who the animals did not recognize as one like they were because these animals had only two legs and were very ingenious and devious: in fact, they appeared to be even more devious than the slithering snake, who all the animals knew was the most cold-blooded and devious reptile amongst them all. They left him alone and closed their ears whenever he came around, to avoid any problems by leaving him alone to live under the rocks and inside tree stumps. Everyone in the Animal Kingdom knew that the great mother of them all was the earth: the earth that God had put there for them all, and they, instinctively knew, that if they treated Mother Earth with the respect she demanded and deserved, that she would provide for them everything they ever needed: including warmth and comfort in the winter and cool breezes and fresh, cool waters in the summers. But then, the snake spoke to the two-legged animals that came into the garden and became known as human beings, and, after only a very short period later, after the snake had gotten to them, they began destroying everything in sight: they began digging into the earth and taking all the food for themselves and, just after speaking to the snake, they multiplied even more than the rabbits, and the Animal Kingdom suffered terrific losses, as they killed them all, some to cook and eat and some just for sport; for no reason at all. The Animal Kingdom, as if not suffering enough, began making it worse on themselves by copying the human beings and killing and eating one another, as the human beings had devastated the earth of almost all its beauty and natural resources: causing the Animal Kingdom to fall as far as it ever had, or could, to the lowest of them all, the snake, but then even below the snake, to the very depths of the worst of them all: the human beings because they wanted to be feared also and needed to be feared, they felt, just to stay alive: the most feared animal was not the lion or even the elephant but the Human Beings: the Human Beings who held the power of life and death over all those in the Animal Kingdoms across the world.

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BN ID: 2940156976973
Publisher: Royal Crown Royal LLC
Publication date: 08/13/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 34
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Age Range: 6 - 8 Years

About the Author

Keith G. Laufenberg was a juvenile delinquent and joined the Marine Corps on his 17th birthday. He served three years and his novel “Semper-Fi-do-or-Die” was written 30 years later. He has been a professional boxer, carpenter, comedian, car salesman, Realtor, mortgage broker, bartender, bouncer, lifeguard, P.I. & Paralegal. He claims to use all these experiences, among others not so easily identified, in his writing(s). He has been writing articles, memoir, poetry, short stories and novels for over four decades and has hundreds of them published in Literary journals and magazines as well as online periodicals. He has one poetry chapbook, seven books of short stories. six novels, and one volume of collected plays, for sale in bookstores and e-stores worldwide. Visit his website

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