History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil

History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil

by Paul Carus, Paul Carus


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Long before Joseph Campbell, and much more perceptively, the outstanding philosopher of Monism, Paul Carus (1852-1919), saw the need to reach past literal myths and religious symbols to uncover their true meaning, by assembling examples of the myths and religious imagery from all ages and cultures and deducing their common element. Carus's great work, The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil, is here reproduced exactly as first published in 1900. New readers continue to find in Carus's extraordinary treatise an amazing wealth of provocative suggestions and remarkable insights.

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ISBN-13: 9780517150641
Publisher: Random House Value Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 08/14/1996
Edition description: FAC
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 6.33(w) x 9.33(h) x 1.54(d)

Table of Contents

Good and Evil as Religious Ideas1
Devil Worship6
Ancient Egypt15
Accad and the Early Semites29
Persian Dualism50
Brahmanism and Hinduism74
The Dawn of a New Era137
Early Christianity157
The Idea of Salvation in Greece and Italy193
The Demonology of Northern Europe241
The Devil's Prime262
The Inquisition306
The Age of the Reformation338
The Abolition of Witch-Prosecution370
In Verse and Fable407
The Philosophical Problem of Good and Evil439

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