the history of black life in small town, west texas 2nd edition

the history of black life in small town, west texas 2nd edition

by Jr. Harold C. byler


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This non-fiction book is a description of the life of Afro- Americans in a typical small town in West Texas beginning with the early 20th century. It gives detailed descriptions of their daily working and living conditions during these difficult times, along with their childhood experiences.
It is intended to be a historical record of their life during that period in a small town in West Texas, as opposed to life in a large Texas city or life in other parts of Texas and the nation. It does not discuss the Civil War or the morality of the following segregation, except as it affected their daily living conditions. It does discuss the effect of the eventual integration on their life and particularly the life of their children and grandchildren, without moralizing about their present day attitudes.
The book provides an opportunity for the black community to reminisce and revisit their roots. In addition, it provides a window into that community for others.

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ISBN-13: 9780989963329
Publisher: Bluebird Enterprises
Publication date: 03/31/2015
Edition description: republication
Pages: 352
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