The Grandissimes

The Grandissimes

by George Washington Cable


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When The Grandissimes was first published in 1880, the book was criticized for its portrayal of forbidden love and the clash of cultures following the Louisiana Purchase through Reconstruction. Since then, the novel has been considered a masterful critique of racial and social inequality that resonates with readers even today, and Cable's work has been compared to that of writers as varied as Honore de Balzac, John Kennedy Toole, and Henry James.

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ISBN-13: 9781406841503
Publisher: Echo Library
Publication date: 03/28/2007
Pages: 268
Sales rank: 887,891
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

George Washington Cable was born in New Orleans in 1844. Often considered the South's first modern writer, he wrote many books, including Old Creole Days; Dr. Sevier; John Marsh, Southerner; Bonaventure; and The Cavalier.

Table of Contents

I.Masked Batteries1
II.The Fate of the Immigrant11
III."And who is my Neighbor?"20
IV.Family Trees23
V.A Maiden who will not Marry34
VI.Lost Opportunities41
VII.Was it Honore Grandissime?46
VIII.Signed--Honore Grandissime55
IX.Illustrating the Tractive Power of Basil58
X."Oo dad is, 'Sieur Frowenfel'?"67
XI.Sudden Flashes of Light72
XII.The Philosophe76
XIII.A Call from the Rent-Spectre83
XIV.Before Sunset94
XV.Rolled in the Dust104
XVI.Starlight in the rue Chartres123
XVII.That Night128
XVIII.New Light upon Dark Places143
XIX.Art and Commerce156
XX.A very Natural Mistake166
XXI.Doctor Keene Recovers his Bullet177
XXII.Wars within the Breast181
XXIII.Frowenfeld Keeps his Appointment187
XXIV.Frowenfeld Makes an Argument192
XXV.Aurora as a Historian204
XXVI.A Ride and a Rescue208
XXVII.The Fete de Grandpere221
XXVIII.The Story of Bras-Coupe240
XXIX.The Story of Bras-Coupe, Continued262
XXXI.Another Wound in a New Place288
XXXII.Interrupted Preliminaries293
XXXIII.Unkindest Cut of All296
XXXIV.Clotilde as a Surgeon299
XXXV."Fo' wad you Cryne?"305
XXXVI.Aurora's Last Picayune310
XXXVII.Honore Makes some Confessions316
XXXVIII.Tests of Friendship325
XXXIX.Louisiana States her Wants337
XL.Frowenfeld Finds Sylvestre343
XLI.To Come to the Point352
XLII.An Inheritance of Wrong361
XLIII.The Eagle Visits the Doves in their Nest369
XLIV.Bad for Charlie Keene384
XLV.More Reparation386
XLVI.The Pique-en-terre Loses One of her Crew390
XLVII.The News401
XLVIII.An Indignant Family and a Smashed Shop403
XLIX.Over the New Store414
L.A Proposal of Marriage419
LI.Business Changes426
LII.Love Lies-a-Bleeding431
LIII.Frowenfeld at the Grandissime Mansion438
LIV."Cauldron Bubble"446
LVI.Blood for a Blow457
LVII.Voudou Cured464
LVIII.Dying Words470
LIX.Where some Creole Money Goes477
LX."All Right"481
"They paused a little within the obscurity of the corridor, and just to reassure themselves that everything was 'all right'"
"She looked upon an unmasked, noble countenance, lifted her own mask a little, and then a little more; and then shut it quickly"10
"The daughter of the Natchez sitting in majesty, clothed in many-colored robes of shining feathers crossed and recrossed with girdles of serpent-skins and of wampum"11
"Aurora,--alas! alas!--went down upon her knees with her gaze fixed upon the candle's flame"102
"The young man with auburn curls rested the edge of his burden upon the counter, tore away its wrappings and disclosed a painting"103

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