The Gospel According to Thomas: Christ's Recorded Sayings of Mastery

The Gospel According to Thomas: Christ's Recorded Sayings of Mastery

by Lachlen Paul French


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Event Horizon Publishing llc, brings you a discovery that occurred in 1945 at the end of World War II, of which most of us have never heard. Imagine our belief-system being turned upside down. Many believe we've been told a true version of history the last 2000 years. Have we really?

The Gospel According to Thomas (also known as the 'Thomas Gospel' and the 'Gospel of Thomas') the first new biblical book in 20 centuries, was found in desert sand, in 1945. It was so shocking and amazing Hollywood made several films based on it. Yet 95% of us still do not know of it.

The Gospel According to Thomas, from Christ's brother, was found in the desert in the proverbial Earthenware Jar - and it revealed 46 Christian scrolls from 2000 years earlier, that the Roman editors left out of their version of the Bible, 400 years later, in 381 AD.

This brought up scandalous questions of political intrigue. Aspersions were cast upon this scroll almost instantly by church officials, even before studying it (not very scholarly).

When first reading this gospel from Christ's brother, Thomas (in carbon-dated scrolls like the earliest New Testament), it's amazing how similar the quotes are to Christ's quotes in the Bible, in subtle mysterious beautiful ways. Many quotes are essentially identical; and some exquisitely, slightly different, bring new meaning - all are fascinating. They're so similar to scripture, some experts say Thomas may be the long lost "Q" or the Source document from which Matthew, Mark and Luke arose. It's believed the scroll was much larger back then. (The Bedouin who found it said several scrolls were burned for kindling.)

It is even said Jesus may have helped create it. In reading it, it sounds like what Christ might teach around a campfire. There's a brevity to its 114 verses.

With great care and love, it comes out to you now. Its translation took nine years to complete. It truly engages our modern hearts.

This gospel now enjoys current clarity for us, and spiritual continuity for our world. Its message is relevant to people of our day with our frame of reference.

Enjoy its present-moment Form, its spiritual Context, along with its beautifully mystical Contents. You can read the original form of Thomas' Scroll right here as well.

Enjoy now Christ's deepest and his most private teaching to his disciples. Prepare to be astounded.

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About the Author

Attending a School of Theology in ministerial seminary studies he degreed in Theology, Comparative Religion, Homiletics at Ambassador College. Science and Psychology were also part of his degrees. A champion racquetball player he also played quarterback.

The Gospel According to Thomas is a product of decades of biblical, scientific, historical research, and a love of esoteric instruction which Christ and his Essene brotherhood gave to their disciples. This book and his others Breath of Light, along with Splendorous Light Within; Darwin's Fatal Admission and his trilogy 'Mystic Traveler' on Christ's life, tell a side of metaphysics that is not being told to the public. This new information turns over the soil of the old story and gives the most accurate verifiable spiritual and scientific data available right now.

Working nine years rendering into modern language the ancient Gospel of Thomas, the author brings to the public almost two decades of writing. Having been deeply involved in the inner endeavors for spiritual Self awareness, his has been a path of private exploration into the experiential domain of divine consciousness and the universal breath (unfortunately known by the Latin word 'spirit' in the Bible). This is the actual message in the Judeo-Christian Bible--connecting to divine Consciousness and Breath, to live our life as divine humans on Earth, in partnership with the Infinite One. When this simple, dual Divine truth is Known, it all becomes new.

Years earlier he spent time with the world famous spiritual author, William Samuel - even discovered they were related. He called William his mentor.

As screenwriter of metaphysical high-concept adventures his screenplays Mystic Traveler present Christ's missing years and finally Aquarian Effect. His non-profit humanitarian firm, Synergy Services Foundation and his film-production firm were founded for these purposes.

Earlier he delivered seminars in California on developing and living true self-esteem. He started three business firms earlier and was involved with one of the three companies going Public.

Today he remains a writer and enthusiastic public speaker in metaphysical, spiritual and scientific awareness, especially the speaking which inexorably disproves Darwin's theory of evolution prior to Electron Microscopes and DNA's discovery.

He's also involved in the realm of film making. He lives with his belov'ed. His children are on bright satisfying pathways.

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The Gospel According to Thomas: Christ's Recorded Sayings of Mastery 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
StudentOfTruth More than 1 year ago
This book is in all likelihood the most important work on the true message of the prophet Yeshua ever written. Its truth resonates from deep within sacred space, from gnosis. The care given in the translation of the ancient text, in giving it modern voice, is testament to the immense impact the restoration of this message brings to the world at this time. This work is Divinely inspired, and is a must for anyone who follows the teachings of Yeshua (aka Jesus).
DJZiegler More than 1 year ago
For scholars of Thomas, this is the definitive work on the subject!  A must read, for those that want to be uplifted . . .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoy this treatment & exposition of the 'Gospel According to Thomas' by Lachlen French, because it reveals the entire background of the time period and probable circumstances of the gospel's creation; and which is so truly informative in this way, that it makes that very time period LIVE in the imagination. It's amazing that way. By showing the truths & tenets, the practices and the worshipful manner in daily living of the Essene brotherhood, to which Jesus obviously belonged, we can understand about JESUS (Latin) / YESHUA (Hebrew) / IESOUS (Greek) much more clearly than ever before. I feel an actual connection in an inner way, to Yeshua, the Christ/teacher, because of this book. It is deeply satisfying for that reason. And we now get to understand that the ancient scriptures, including Thomas and the Bible both, taught and were written in the code language of the ancient writers, to protect its very sanctity. Now, understanding that all those scriptures for millennia were written that way, in code, it reveals so many new meanings than we ever knew before, or got to sink our teeth into; it's enlightening. And because Lachlen French re-translated and reordered a very disheveled ancient document that seemed out of order in its original format, and into an intuitive sequence and structure, it reads like NEVER before. Having seen others authors' transliteration from the original, it is known that it was difficult because of its original structure, or.. non-structure may be better. This is the deepest, richest most unique presentation of Thomas, I think anywhere anytime. It can't be said enough - NO ONE has provided this complete a document - so poetic, informational, elevated and inspiring in such a very fulsome presentation of Thomas and the ancient principles of Christ, ever... it can be said, nothing is close. It was written literally for us, for our modern minds, to comprehend how we would naturally understand. Now it's like being taught there, here, in that very presence of Christ speaking to us. It feels quite unique and richly different in that way. You will be rapt in the assimilating of it.