The Good Housekeeping Hostess: An Old-Fashioned Guide to Gracious Living

The Good Housekeeping Hostess: An Old-Fashioned Guide to Gracious Living


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Relive a time of grace and elegance with this facsimile edition of Good Housekeeping's 1904 hostess manual. With all the original illustrations, it is far more than just a charming door into the past. Thoughtful behavior has never gone out of style, and the advice on everything from organizing a formal event to celebrating a wedding anniversary to writing sympathy cards will prove useful. And, of course, no magazine equals Good Housekeeping for offering scrumptious recipes and original entertaining suggestions. Here are complete menus, seating plans, decorating ideas, and games for a wide variety of social gatherings and parties: weddings and christenings; a children's Winter Picnic to enjoy indoors; a Curiosity Tea (where guests bring a "curiosity"); a Hayseed Carnival (with wedges of apple pie, milk, doughnuts, cider, and gingerbread), and many other holiday festivities. With this guide at your side, you'll be the hostess with the mostest!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781588162502
Publisher: Hearst
Publication date: 04/01/2003
Series: Good Housekeeping Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 4.75(w) x 6.50(h) x 1.37(d)

Table of Contents

Social Life3
Sundry Obligations3
Issuing and Receiving Invitations4
The Christening8
Children's Parties10
Coming-out Parties11
Luncheons and Breakfasts13
Formal Dinners15
In Bereavement19
Wedding Anniversaries20
A Dainty June Dinner25
An Abbreviated Dinner32
A Company Dinner38
The Harvest Home43
The Winter Feast52
A First Thanksgiving Dinner61
A Harvest Dinner62
Artistic Dinner Decorations69
A Chinese Dinner (illustrated)71
A Birthday Party (illustrated)77
A Cherry Blossom Dinner (illustrated)86
A "Cold Comfort" Dinner90
An Omar Khayyam Dinner91
A Literary Dinner92
A Toy Dinner93
Luncheons and Teas97
A Springtime Luncheon (illustrated)97
A Chieago Luncheon106
For Independence Day107
A University Luncheon111
In Mexican Style115
A Circus Luncheon120
A Corn Luncheon122
Eve's Luncheon126
A Chinese Luncheon127
Easter Luncheons (illustrated)131
Ten-Cent Luncheons (illustrated)137
A May Time Luncheon141
A Curiosity Tea143
A Spinster's Tea145
A Sofa Pillow Tea146
Parties for Children149
A Happy Christening (illustrated)149
A Paper Party154
A Winter Picnic (illustrated)157
For the Little Folks (illustrated)162
A "Three-Year-Old" Party170
Boys' and Girls' Parties175
Walking Letters175
A Big Game Hunt176
Easter Fun and Easter Feasting181
Two Jolly Evenings186
Parties for Grown-Ups191
The Dicker Party191
A Hap-Hazard Roof Party192
A Monotype Party (illustrated)195
A Grown-Up Children's Party202
A Cinderella Party204
For Card Parties205
A Pumpkin Party207
Tally Cards208
A Hayseed Carnival209
A Chrysanthemum Cotillion (illustrated)211
A Wigwam Dance212
February Parties213
A Civic Evening215
Wedding Parties219
A Bridesmaids' Tea219
A Hausfrau Luncheon220
A Golden Wedding221
The Celebration of Wedding Anniversaries223
Halloween Parties231
Halloween Frolics231
A Nutting Party232
Fishing for Fate234
A Halloween Party236
A Real Halloween241
A Halloween Cobweb Party247
Suggestions for Halloween (illustrated)249
Holiday Festivities257
A Spelling Bee257
The Thanksgiving Table258
A Bachelor's Thanksgiving Dinner (illustrated)261
A Jest Christmas Tree268
A Twentieth-Century Christmas Tree271
An Innovation274
Other Special Occasions285
A Birthday Party285
Valentine Contests286
A Heart Party for February 14287
A Washington's Birthday Party291
A St. Patrick's Day Party294
An April Fool's Evening296
Church Affairs303
The Strawberry Festival303
A Church Supper312
A Charity Post Box314
For the Sunday School315
Sunday Hours317
Suppers and a Fagot Party (illustrated)318

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