The Golden Essence Is You

The Golden Essence Is You

by Marilyn Zschau-Baars


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ISBN-13: 9781452501413
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/08/2011
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

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Copyright © 2011 Marilyn Zschau Baars, C.C.H.T
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-0141-3

Chapter One




The Frequency of Love is as high as the highest sky and as deep as the deepest sea.

We give you these words in Earth terminology, for in truth The Frequency of Love is All There Is. It is in everything, it is everywhere, in all places, all planets, all suns, all asteroids, all universes. It is All There Is, and The Frequency of Love is in actuality the frequency of The Creator Light, of The Source. But to use these terms for many does not supply them with the more finite ideas of "What Is", and so to say that The Frequency of Love is as high as the highest sky and as deep as the deepest sea is more understandable for many, more simple, more easy to remember, to be able to repeat to one's self in quiet moments, in moments of turmoil, in moments of difficulty, in moments of peace, in moments of love. To remember "the highest sky and the deepest sea" is quite easy, but the more amorphous terminology of "Love Is All There Is" may be a bit difficult for some to grasp; even though the words seem simple, they are not.

The tiniest particle of life is composed of Love. The largest stone that you can imagine is composed of Love. The hottest fire is pure Love. And the coldest ice is, of course, Love. The water, the air, the fire, the rock, the plants, the grass, the trees, the birds, the breeze from the sea, the heat from the sun, the cold of arctic night, all is Love.

We wish to take you on a meditation journey now, centered around Love, and we ask that you simply listen and follow along with your beings, with your beingness, with your senses.

We ask you to use your imaginations. Those of you who find it a challenge to visualize with your eyes closed, just simply listen and we will take you with us to the most beautiful Light that you could ever hope to see.

* * *


Take a few deep, relaxing breaths, and allow all the tensions to melt away. Feel your body relaxing into wherever it is that you are sitting. Become aware of your breath, of your lungs. Keep the breathing regular, and slow. The slow evenness of breathing is inherently relaxing and facilitates a deeper state of brain wave, leading you through the alpha brain wave state into the what is called theta state, and the theta into the delta. So if you continue to breathe slower and slower, your body and brain recognize the signals to relax, to come ever closer to the state of deep sleep, and it is in this state of deep relaxation that you may attain that state of mind which allows you to travel away from your body, away from all thoughts. It allows you to become aware of other states of relaxation and total peace and harmony, which is the state of becoming Love, not only feeling it, or sensing it, or even imagining it. It is the act of becoming, becoming Love. You may begin to sense a feeling of Light, not only of seeing Light, but also feeling Light. Continue the very slow in-breath, and out-breath, as you allow the Light to expand. As you come closer and closer to that Light, that Light joins with you, till you merge with the Light. Feel at one with the Light, that warm Light, a soft lemon-yellow glow. And as you become the Light, you begin to merge more deeply with the Light, allowing your molecules to intermingle with the molecules of the Light, which is now becoming brighter and more white in color. When you can sense that you are fully mingled with the pure white Light, you know that you ARE The Creator Light, that you ARE All There Is, and you merge into oneness with the pure, white shimmering Light of The Creator Source of All There Is, and you feel your heart beginning to expand more and more, opening up to allow The Creator Light to flow into your heart. You allow this Light to fill your heart because you know that the Light can heal you. Allowing the Light into your heart and expanding this Light throughout your body is more beneficial than you could ever know. If you continue to allow the Light to enter your heart, to allow the Light to flow throughout your body, to expand the Light even further outward from your physical body, outward into your etheric body, flowing ever outward into all the other bodies, you will experience a deep, deep healing every time that you sit and allow us to guide you through this Meditation of Light and of Love from The Source of All There Is, from The Creator, shining Its Light upon you and sending it through us into your heart. You will experience the deepest peace, the highest Love, and the most profound healing possible on the Earth plane. With every word we speak to you, we bring our vibrations, which come from The Creator, into your bodies for healing. We ask you now to become aware of the pulsing of the Light within your bodies, to tune in to that sensation of pulsing, to see the energies of the Light pulsing in and out, in and out, in and out, so that you know The Infinite Source of Light and Love that is available to you within the pulsing. Take a deep breath now, and imagine that pulsing filling you, filling your auric field, with every breath filling it more, causing your auric field to expand ever outward, becoming larger and larger, filling more and more with the Light of Love, filling the space around you more and more, fuller and fuller, until you are floating in The Sea of Light and Love. You can release and simply float, suspended and supported by The Sea of Love and Light. We ask you now to continue floating, as we remain silent ... (two-minute pause ...) And now, as we return to speak with you, we ask you to remember to come to this place as often as you like, and if you like, to repeat certain phrases that are helpful for the returning. We give you now a few of these, which you may use whenever you like:






And every time that you use these phrases, you will find it easier to achieve this state of relaxation, which is deep enough to be where you are now, floating in The Sea of Love. We will now journey with you back to your full waking state, allowing you to return slowly, asking you to increase the rate of your breathing so that you come back slowly, by breathing more rapidly ... in and out ... in and out ... in and out ... in and out ... in ... out ... in ... out ... so that you are more centered into your bodies, moving your feet, moving your hands, moving your arms and your head from side to side, feeling more and more into your body and slowly, slowly opening your eyes and coming back to the fully aware, fully awake state, remembering and bringing with you the feelings of complete Unconditional Love. And we say to you: when you float in The Sea of Unconditional Love, you create a pathway for your body, your brain, your nervous system, your blood, your fluids, most especially the water, by remembering how to return to The Sea of Love. * * *

We ask you now to look around you, look at the room, see everything that you are so familiar with, or perhaps not familiar with, and know that everything you see, everything you see, is Love in physical form. You are surrounded at all times by Love, by the creations of Love, by the manifestations of Love in the third dimension.

Understand and know and realize that everything that you are able to look upon without judgment is beneficial for you because it is Love.


And so we take our leave of you now. Until the next time ... We are the Archangels and more, and these are our truths this day.

Chapter Two


(This session was truncated, but contains some interesting information, so I am including it for readers/listeners.)

MZB: The Archangels led me through a visualization exercise. They first asked me to visualize a white rose out in front of me and to call back all my energy ... physical energy ... into that white rose and see it grow and grow and grow until it becomes quite large and then, to bring that rose into the heart so the energy comes back to the physical body. Then they asked me to see a pink rose out in front and asked me to call back all the loving energies I had given away in this lifetime to anything ... animal, plant, human, whatever ... to see that pink rose growing larger and larger and pull it also into the heart. And then there was a red rose for all the passion energy that had ever gone into anything or anybody: any example of feelings of deep involvement of passion, of singing, of anything. They asked me to see that rose grow very large and pull it back into the heart. Let me see if they want to add anything to that ...

We would say only that this exercise is extremely valuable, especially in cases where individuals are feeling depleted of energy, where they feel that they have given and given and given and have received nothing in return. When you have clients who express these feelings and have actually presented themselves as very, very tired, very, very exhausted, this is a good exercise to take them through, to bring them down, with breathing, into an altered state, and then do the visualization with them. It takes not a very long time, and it's very beneficial for people in a ... caught in a "giving" situation and who feel that they are not receiving back their energy, or energies.

We would also like to say that the progress of the book may seem very slow to you, but that it is taking no time at all in reality, for it is already finished and you need only access the finished product. If, however, you prefer that we give you pieces of it, day-by-day, we can do that as well.

MZB: "Yes, I'd like for you to do that".

Very well. It will take a little longer to do it this way, but if that is your preference, then of course ...

MZB: Then I say, "Yes, I would like very much to feel that you are telling me everything." Apparently, I can download it through my Higher Self ...

"Yes" they say, "that's true".

For today we would like you to repeat the meditation exercise, which we gave you, The Journey to the Sea of Love and Light, and you can do that with the tape that you have. We would like for you both to do that meditation as often as you would like, for it is very beneficial in loosening up the ties that bind you to the Earth and it will, the repeating of it, will allow you to become more and more filled with The Light of Love from The Source of All There Is. The more of The Light of The Source that you receive into your bodies, the easier it will be for you to access our Light, for in truth, all is The Light of The Source; it is just that we have a specialty of working with humans to assist you on your journeys forward in growth and involvement with the coming Ascended Masters returning to the angelic fold. We see that you are both journeying together on this path and we congratulate you for your dedication to The Light.

MZB: I'm having some trouble today hearing easily ... it seems to come in spurts ...

We see that, yes, you are feeling less connected today and that is simply a ... an involvement with earthly things and preoccupations ... a few small worries ... There are a number of reasons why you feel that the connection is not smooth today ... but we say to you that of course you are always connected to us and becoming ... it becomes easier with the passage of time ... and then ... it depends upon the depth of your [MZB: I want to say "brain waves"—they mean the frequency of the brain waves ...] ... the depth of meditation is important, for if you remain close to the waking state, it is of course more difficult for you to hear us. Perhaps it would be good to spend more time "tuning in" to a deeper level of brain waves ... frequencies ... brain wave frequencies ... in the future. If you would like, you could do the meditation that we gave you now, and after that, we could speak again.

We did not receive any more of their message that day.

Chapter Three


"The glory of the Lord shone round about them" is written in your book called the Bible, and indeed, what was then spoken of as "the glory of the Lord" was in actual fact The Light of The Creator, which shines visibly from within all beings of high vibrational level.

Using this meditation (The Journey to The Sea of Light and Love) daily will bring all of you who listen to it and who use it regularly to a higher vibrational level. It will facilitate your becoming able to reach levels higher than that in which you currently reside, higher than what is commonly referred to as the third dimension, even the fourth dimension, higher than what you call the fifth dimension, so that you can become (come) closer to that level at which we exist. In order to achieve this, it is most important that you learn how to release your bodies and to float out of them, as you do at night during the deep sleep state, when your bodies are regenerating themselves and you ... your ... what you call "spirits" are free to leave the body behind and go to various places in what is called "the Spirit World", "the Other World", "Heaven". All of these terms refer to the higher dimensional levels above and beyond the pull of Earth's gravity. You can think of it as "outer space" if you like, but know that it is not "outer space". It is simply that you're vibrating at a different frequency, more rapidly, much more rapidly than the third dimension or the fourth and, in some ways, even the fifth.

There are many levels in each dimension that are separately attainable, depending on your vibrational frequency. In order to move from one level to another, you need only change your vibrational frequency, either faster or slower. Faster, of course, are the frequencies closer to the Angelic Realm, closer to the so-called "Higher Realms" but that are in actuality simply of a faster vibration.

The main reason that you beings on Earth are unable to see us is simply a matter of different vibrational frequencies. If you can attain a higher vibrational frequency, then you can see us, if that is your desire. In fact, there are many upon the Earth now who are able to see us, for they have raised their vibrations to the point at which they can "see" when we lower our vibrations in order to be in the third and fourth dimensions. So it is not necessarily true that they are of our vibratory level, because we must lower our vibrational level in order to reach you. But they are of a higher vibrational level than most humans, and therefore are able to see the manifestation of us that we arrange for you to see.

Those of you who do not see, do not be discouraged, for it is simply a matter of learning to look a bit more freely than usual. It is a matter of clearing the channel between you and us and other Beings of high vibrational levels, some of whom you refer to as "Aliens". They too can lower their vibrational levels to the point where they are visible, but this is not a common occurrence, since it consumes a great deal of energy to change one's vibrational level back to a higher state while conscious. To change the state of the vibrational frequency while unconscious, that is, while the body is unconscious, is extremely easy. It involves only exiting the body and leaving it behind, for all of you are able to do this while you are in human form. You simply allow the body to sleep and you leave.


Excerpted from THE GOLDEN ESSENCE IS YOU by MARILYN ZSCHAU BAARS Copyright © 2011 by Marilyn Zschau Baars, C.C.H.T. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


A NOTE TO READERS/LISTENERS....................xxvii
Chapter One: The Frequency of Love; Archangel Meditation: The Journey to the Sea of Light and Love....................9
Chapter Two: The White, Pink, and Red Roses....................19
Chapter Three: Regeneration and Miracles....................23
Chapter Four: The Creator's Love and Light; Agreements....................31
Chapter Five: Cords of Attachment and How to Release Them....................37
Chapter Six: Instructions for Ascension; Simultaneous Time; Energy Infusion....................43
Chapter Seven: The Ascension; Raising Your Vibrational Level; About the Affirmations....................49
Chapter Eight: The Ascension Vibratory Level; Additional Cord-Cutting Information....................57
Chapter Nine: About Souls and Their Relationships to Humans; Changing Your Contract with Your Soul....................65
Chapter Ten: Change What You Think, Feel, and Believe....................73
Chapter Eleven: Becoming A Channel of Love....................81
Chapter Twelve: The Importance of NOW TIME....................89
Chapter Thirteen: The Aspects of Love; Aliens Among Us....................97
Chapter Fourteen: Lifting the Veil from Your Eyes; The Light Within; Wake Up!....................105
Chapter Fifteen: Thinking With the Heart....................113
Chapter Sixteen: The Field of Golden Essence: A Fifth Dimensional Visualization....................121
Chapter Seventeen: A Visit with the Archangels....................129
Chapter Eighteen: The Being of Light in the Heart; Methods of Managing Emotions....................135
Chapter Nineteen: Visualization: Journey to the Whales and the Dolphins....................143
Chapter Twenty: NOW TIME; Triad Platforms; Cord-Cutting....................151
Chapter Twenty-One: Triad Platforms....................159
Chapter Twenty-Two: Meeting Your Higher Self....................165
Chapter Twenty-Three: Additional Information About Cord-Cutting....................173
Chapter Twenty-Four: NOW TIME; Triad Platforms; Miracles....................177
Chapter Twenty-Five: More on Cord-Cutting; A Meditation: Journey Through Space....................191
Chapter Twenty-Six: Breathe IN The Sun....................201
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Agreements Made Before "The Beginning"....................207
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Meditation: The Bubble of Golden Light....................213
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Absorbing the Incoming Energies....................221
Chapter Thirty: The Cleansing Celestial Light Shower....................227
Chapter Thirty-One: The Conscious Breathing Project....................233
Chapter Thirty-Two: Meditation: In the Beginning ....................237
Chapter Thirty-Three: Additional Important Information About Cord-Cutting....................245
2. AFFIRMATIONS FROM THIS BOOK....................255
3. THE CORD-CUTTING PROCESS....................257
ABOUT THE AUTHORS....................279

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