The Feel Good Factor

The Feel Good Factor

by Lauren Blakely

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That irresistible, tattooed hottie who's been flirting hard with me since he rode into town? The one who kissed me senseless in the back of a waffle truck the other day? Yeah, turns out he's my new housemate...

Things I don't need while up for a promotion to police sergeant—a roomie who makes me think criminal thoughts.

Can I arrest him for being too good-looking?

But I soon learn Derek is is strong, caring, generous, good with kids, and kind to puppies... and might be able to help me with my promotion, which gives me an idea...

A no-strings-attached fling with the fiery redhead who revs my engine? Why, yes, that does sound like a delicious perk of my new job in this new town.

Except, it turns out Perri's my sexy, sassy landlord.

When she comes to me with a out-of-left-field proposition, resisting her is going to take more than handcuffs.

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BN ID: 2940161912096
Publisher: Lauren Blakely Books
Publication date: 03/25/2019
Series: Lucky in Love , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 3,098
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About the Author

A #1 New York Times Bestselling and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Lauren Blakely is known for her contemporary romance style that's sweet, sexy and witty. Her heroines are strong and smart and her heroes have hearts of gold and fantastic funny bones. She lives in California with her family, including her smoking hot and hilarious husband and her two brilliant and kind children. She has plotted entire novels while walking her dogs -- she might have four dogs, or maybe five. If she's lucky, she'll soon have six dogs. With fourteen New York Times bestsellers, her titles have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists more than 100 times, and she's sold more than 3 million books. In February she'll release BEST LAID PLANS, in March THE FEEL-GOOD FACTOR, and in May THE DATING PROPOSAL. To receive an email when Lauren releases a new book, sign up for her newsletter!

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The Feel Good Factor 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
## Decent but not my favorite. I think the target audience is much younger than me. Very immature dialogue. And the hero was too cocky for my taste. There's a difference between confidence and cockiness. The meet cute was nice and so were the scenes with the kiddos. The sex was hot as per usual with a Blakely book, but I didn't get a love vibe from this couple. Lust sure. But I didn't see how it turned into love. All they did is joke and flirt. Not enough balance for me.
Anonymous 18 days ago
Cant wait for more!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Anonymous 9 months ago
BookAngel_Emma 12 months ago
4.5/5 Perri is adorable, a necessary tough girl exterior due to her job on the force but a majorly squishy centre with her huge heart, compassionate nature and eagerness to make a difference. Plus she has a thing for hot, tatted bad boys Enter Derek, who has the whole bad boy vibe down pat, although he, too, has a deliciously soft centre. Having moved to Lucky Falls to help her sister with her littles while her husband is on deployment. A paramedic by trade and all around ovary-exploder. Perri and Derek first meet when Derek is stopped for a minor traffic violation and the sparks begin to fly. It would seem destiny, a job promotion, a kissing contest and a meddling brother all join forces to ensure Derek and Perri are thrown closely together. Although they didn’t envisage just how close that would be – Derek being Perri’s new tenant. Both Perri and Derek are career driven and have never met anyone who would be able to fit in with their tightly packed schedules. Living together gives Perri and Derek insight into how a relationship would work seamlessly between them. Although they both stubbornly cling to their notion that a relationship takes time they do not have with their focus being on their respective careers. I loved the insight into their worlds, both the good and the bad. Particularly, how necessary it is to have people you can turn to for emotional support especially when you have such an emotionally draining job yourself. It was fantastic to get to catch up with Gabe and Arden from The Best Laid Plans plus watch the path to Vanessa and Shaw’s story being paved. The Feel Good Factor certainly lives up to it’s name providing warm and fuzzies and a sappy grin to get you through the day
Lisa-Lou 12 months ago
The Feel Good Factor by Lauren Blakely is the second book in her feel-good standalone romance series, Lucky In Love. The first book, which does not have to be read first, is Best Laid Plans. This is a strangers to friends and roommates to lovers romance. It has a strong female lead and a smooth talking bad boy with a heart of gold. The build up between these two is comical, hawt as heck, and absolutely combustible. Perri has no desire for a relationship as she wants to focus on her career. She has goals after all and making sergeant surpasses even the needs of her libido... Derek is in a new town to help his sister with her kids. As a paramedic he can work just about anywhere and he was done with relationships and the town he was in.When the most gorgeous cop he's ever seen pulls him over on his way into town he's grateful to get off with just a ticket but thanks to Perri's beauty and snark the ticket is the only thing he's getting off. This book is well-paced, funny, sweet, steamy, slightly angsty and was a pleasure to read! Enjoy!
I LOVE STORY TIME Book Blog 12 months ago
Holy Moley! This may be Lauren Blakely's HOTTEST story yet! I loved the idea that the heroine is the hot cop and the hero is a paramedic. Oh the angst! It was so much fun to read Perri and Derrick's story. I adore the small town of Lucky Falls, and I have fallen in love with the people who live there. Arden and Gabe were super cute, but my goodness, Perri and Derrick lit up the pages with their chemistry! Readers are going to fall in love with this tall, dark, and tatted bad boy with a heart of gold. I know I did! Now... I just need Shaw's story. I'm not ready to leave this cozy little town! ♥ Review by Lys
sm0120 More than 1 year ago
45.* Sweet lord in heaven above, Derek has just sky-rocketed to the top of my Lauren Blakely bbf list. Yep, he's surpassed Colin and Clay and Chase and Cooper. And his name doesn't even start with a C! Derek is so deliciously dirty, I thought I might spontaneously combust more than a time or 2. But, gah, he's so freaking sweet, too. Ms. Blakely has really created the perfect man, there wasn't one thing I could fault him for. Seriously, he reminds me of the chocolate man my coworker gave me for Valentine's Day last year- The Perfect Man. "He's sweet and decadently rich. Just like a man ought to be!" Perri is terrific herself. I love her spunk and attitude- she gave as good as she got with Derek, in ALL things! It was awesome to read a character like Perri, I kind of want to be her. The Feel Good Factor was so good and fun and sooo sexy, everything you'd want, and everything you'd expect, in a contemporary romance from the queen that is Lauren Blakely. The fun and witty banter, the blazing hot chemistry, the familie and friendships. This is one book that will definitely leave you feeling good! And maybe, most probably, needing cold shower.
mjlovestoread More than 1 year ago
The Feel Good Factor certainly made ME feel great! Lauren Blakely gives us one of the most passionate couples she's written since Clay and Julia. Their immediate chemistry was electric but theirs is a very slow burn to finding that nirvana they both know will bring each to their knees. I loved that Blakely used a kissing contest as the reason for a slew of practicing btw Derek and Perri. The EMT and the cop have a very hard time resisting each other and then they are suddenly tenant and landlord as Perri's brother Shaw suggests Derek to fill her suddenly vacant attached apartment. And that's when the fun really begins. With the help of a kitchen chalkboard, both Derek and Perri find themselves falling hard for the other when they both swore they'd never get into a serious relationship again. I loved their sharp banter and they way they were truly there for the other and not just sexually. But then you add the fiery passion that occurred whenever they had the chance to explore one another's bodies, and you get the perfect couple! With Derek having a weakness for a woman in uniform and Perri having a penchant for the bad boy look, it was only a matter of time before these two would finally realize that this was more than just a feel good factor between them. Blakely always finds a way to make these stories charming with the right amount of adorable details and the amazing support of the very best in friends. Another great read that is bound to make you happy, I gladly give The Feel Good Factor 4.5 stars!!
JenPH More than 1 year ago
Lauren Blakely's newest book is entitled The Feel Good Factor, and boy does it deliver on its promise because I certainly felt oh-so-good while reading it. Loosely connected to Blakely's two earlier releases--Unzipped and Best Laid Plans--this romantic comedy novel can still be read as a standalone (though those two other books I mentioned are awesome so read them anyway!). If you're a Blakely fan like me, then you know just how undeniably hot her male main characters tend to be, but Derek McBride burns them all to ash with his hotness factor. He's downright dirty and delectable. Oh, and Perri Keating? Now there's a female main character who embraces her sexual side with gusto because the days of shaming a woman who likes sex should be totally extinct. This book is easily one of my top three Lauren Blakely reads. It was fun and flirty and filthy, and I enjoyed the heck out of it. That doesn't mean, though, that Blakely's other rom-com books weren't any of those things. They were, but Derek and Perri took it to a whole new level. I swear, these two had the sort of chemistry that simply couldn't be contained no matter how much they tried to. They did, however, manage to also establish an honest-to-goodness friendship between them as they went all-out pretending they could merely be friends and nothing more. Having the supporting characters around them brought out other aspects to their respective personalities that made it clear that what was brewing between them was more than just lust. Speaking of the supporting cast, can I just say that I'm glad I preordered Nobody Does It Better because I can't wait to read THAT rom-com. But first I'm giving my favorite awesome twosome that is Perri and Derek and all things The Feel Good Factor five-plus stars. ♥
gabby2846 More than 1 year ago
3.5 - 4 stars The Feel Good Factor was super cute, fast paced and hot. The characters, side and main, really drove this story. We met both Perri and Derek (briefly) in Best Laid Plans. I couldn't wait to get their story. I love, love, love, that Lauren Blakely always makes her heroines strong, independent women. Perri is a well respected cop. She's thriving in a male dominated field. I enjoyed her spirit, her heart and her personality. I absolutely LOVED her friendship with her friends. Derek is swoon city. Dirty talking sweethearts like Derek make me weak in the knees. He came to Lucky Falls to help his sister and her kids while her husband was overseas. I mean come on hottie alert. Add in his fan yourself dirty mouth, his job as an EMT, and a motorcycle, it's obvious I never stood a chance. Unfortunately, I will admit that while I did enjoy the characters, the banter and sexiness of this book, It didn't completely wow me like some of Lauren Blakely's other books. Something was lacking for me. I'm not usually turned off by instalove but Perri and Derek's relationship may have been too instalove-ish. Feel Good Factor is still worth a pick up. Lauren Blakely is a pro at the fun, flirty sexy books. That's why she's one of automatic one-click authors.
D-does-reviews More than 1 year ago
I started feeling good the minute I set my eyes on the super sexy cover model on Lauren’s latest book! The Feel Good Factor does exactly what it advertises by setting off a chain of events that place tattooed and muscled Derek and flirty, red headed cop Perri way too close for comfort. With the sparks that fly between them it’s a wonder my iPhone didn’t burn itself to a crisp. He’s a dirty talking sexy stud with all the right moves, but he’s also a loving uncle and brother and that just make the attraction Perri feels toward him that much harder to resist. Lauren has perfected the art of combining awesome characters, sizzling sexual tension and witty banter that guarantees you’re going to feel oh-so-good about buying this awesome read. I read an early copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
Kayreader More than 1 year ago
There are so many reasons to love this book; the ginger (squee-ginger!!) sexy officer fantasy mixed with the perfect tattooed EMT makes this the feel good book to read this spring! Not only has Lauren Blakely created the perfect book boyfriend: Muscled Inked Compassionate Family Oriented Fantastic All Around Kisser Derek is the ultimate unicorn of book boyfriends! The Feel Good Factor will make you smile the entire time. When Derek McBride slightly speeds into town for the first time, it’s not the typical police officer that pulls him over. Instead it’s a hot redhead who becomes the fantasy who consumes his dreams. She also becomes his landlord, which quickly complicates his life. It’s hard to bring those fantasies to life when Perri is the woman who provides the roof over his head. “Holy redheaded lady-cop fantasy”-Derek Perri Keating isn’t looking for a relationship, a new tenant-yes, a promotion at work-yes, a relationship-no. When Derek rolls into town he just happens to check off a lot of her boxes when it comes to her type of guy; flirty, tattooed, bad boy. However, when he shows on her doorstep, as her new renter, after a serious makeout session, things get complicated. “He’s the stuff of panty-melting ovary explosions”-Perri With rules in place Derek and Perri decide they can be adults and live under the same roof. Keeping their hot-for-each-other emotions under control, but also still practicing for the upcoming kissing contest which could mean, not only the promotion Perri is desiring, but also a chance to raise money for first responders. It’s a sinful win-win. Even with their hectic schedules, they experience a side of domesticality, they push their flirting to the limits, and their kissing game goes to new levels. The passion between them burns and burns until they ignite. There is no going back and there finally becomes a point where neither of them want to. What do you do when you don’t want a relationship, but you really want the person you feel everything for?
Stacyotr More than 1 year ago
The Feel Good Factor by Lauren Blakely did exactly that, it made me feel good. I love the fact that both Perri and Derek are both first responders. Perri a police officer and Derek a paramedic. When Perri pulls a hot as heck motorcycle riding tattooed bad boy over for speeding, there is no denying the chemistry between them. It is so fun to watch this story unfold, because in a small town, you never know who or what will happen. These two are a match made in heaven even when they are both adamant that they don’t want a relationship. Every character in this book will put a smile on your face. The relationships between family and friends is just one one the many reasons I love reading Lauren’s books!
Rina_S More than 1 year ago
This book was the most amazing entertaining and leave a smile on my face book you will EVER read! Plus with the delicious man on the cover, you cant help but drool!!! I mean seriously, envisioning Derek as him was not a hard task, nope not one bit!!! LOL The characters, the steamy sizzling tension from the get go and the rather witty banter made this an incredibly fun read! What made this book so flipping good were the characters, the way they were within their jobs, with their friends and family! This story had so much heart and soul in it I felt like my heart could burst! I would definitely want people like them in my life and I really cannot wait for the next book! Im in awe of the author for writing this heartwarming read! Dilemmas, drama, beautiful friendships and a whole lot of heat made for a really really really great read! You should definitely 1 click!
BoundlessBookaholic More than 1 year ago
This was really good overall. I’m giving it 3.5 out of 5 stars. This review is for an ARC, and reflects my honest opinion. First off, oh em geeeeee I swooned hardcore over Derek. A sexy, tattooed biker who loved his family, and was amazing with kids?!? I think my heart (and ovaries) burst from everything he embodied in this book. I also liked Perri a lot. She was sweet, sassy, and despite her tough outer shell, she was a softie. Another thing I really enjoyed was seeing some characters from previous books making appearances. I could never be a cop, EMT, or firefighter, but I’m so glad there are people like these characters that can handle the pressure and danger of those jobs. We saw several calls Derek went on, but I honestly thought we’d see more of Perri on the job besides being in the precinct and talking to her boss/coworker. I expected more danger for sure! I was debating 4 stars for this. I enjoyed it, and Lauren’s books are always fast reads, but this didn’t resonate with me as much as some of her others have. The connection between these two was a mixture of slow burn with hot and heavy. I didn’t feel like any obstacles were in place besides their own stubbornness. Plus, while I liked this one, there was a lot of day to day stuff without anything super exciting going on. I was expecting something dramatic to happen, and it didn’t. Definitely not a bad read, but not my favorite either.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR by Lauren Blakely is a contemporary, adult, stand alone erotic, romance story line focusing on paramedic Derek McBride, and police officer Perri Keating. Perri and Derek were first introduced in the author’s Best Laid Plans. THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR is part of a series of interconnected by stand alone romance tales. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. NOTE: Some of the events of THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR cross over and run parallel to the events of BEST LAID PLANS. Told from dual first person perspectives (Perri and Derek) THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR follows the roommates to lovers relationship between paramedic Derek McBride, and police officer Perri Keating. Derek’s arrival in Whiskey Hollows, California is met by police officer Perri Keating when our motorcycle-riding hero prefers speed to following the rules. While his brother in law serves in the Middle East, Derek transfers to California to help his sister and her three young, rambunctious children. Needing a place to stay Derek soon discovers that his new landlord and roommate is none other than Officer Perri Keating, the sexy cop who pulled him over for driving too fast. With a fund raiser on the horizon, Perri seeks out our hero in an effort to procure the winning kiss. What ensues is the building relationship and romance between Perri and Derek, and the potential fall-out as Perri struggles with a lack of direction in both her private and professional life. Perri Keating is attracted to the look of a bad boy and Derek McBride’s tattoos and muscles fit the bill. Neither Perri nor Derek is looking for a serious relationship, but the heart wants something different when emotions get involved. Agreeing to a ‘friends with benefits’ type of relationship as they practice for the upcoming fund-raiser, our couple will develop feelings that threaten their non-relationship status, and any potential happily ever after. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and intense. There are a large number of colorful and sassy secondary and supporting characters including Derek’s sister Jodie and her three children; police chief Jeff Jansen and his wife Theresa; fellow EMS paramedics Henry Granger, Hunter, and Perri’s brother Shaw Keating, and their parents Gail and Sam, as well as Perri’s friends Vanessa, and Arden and Gabe Harrison (Best Laid Plans); Vanessa and Shaw’s story line is next in NOBODY DOES IS BETTER. THE FEEL GOOD FACTOR is a story of friendship, family, desire and love. The premise is entertaining and energetic; the characters are feisty and flirty; the romance is spicy and hot. Lauren Blakely pulls the reader into a seductive and breath taking look at a passionate romance with a happily ever after.
AmandaKozi More than 1 year ago
4.5☆ Someone need to tell me where all the Dereks are in this world because he is perfect! I absolutely loved his character and love his heart. He is such a genuinely good guy who happens to be dirty, which really is the best. I really enjoyed how strong of a woman Perri is. She has such a good heart and she is trying to be the best she can. These two have sizzling chemistry and I love how they fit together. Their story was fun and cute and I throughly enjoyed it!
bookbruin More than 1 year ago
The Feel Good Factor was a cute friends with benefits/roommates to lovers romcom. It had all the things I love about Lauren Blakely's books - a sexy and swoony hero, a strong and intelligent heroine, fantastic secondary characters, and a story that just makes my heart happy. I really loved the banter and push and pull between Perri and Derek. They have instalust right away, but the real chemistry occurred when they got to know each other beyond the physical. Derek was such a teddy bear with his nieces and nephew. I loved seeing that softer and gentler side to him. I did not blame Perri one bit for her ovaries exploding at the sight of Derek in full "dad mode". LOL One of my favorite parts of the story was the friendship between Perri, Arden, and Vanessa. I loved how supportive, understanding, and loyal they were to each other. It's clear that these ladies would do anything and everything for their friends and I appreciated that Lauren Blakely took time to highlight this special relationship. It also helped to set up the next book/novella featuring Perri's brother, Shaw, and her BFF, Vanessa. I did find the story fairly predictable, but the conflict Perri and Derek faced at the end felt true to their characters and their experiences. Plus, it set the stage for an epic romcom style finale. The epilogues will have you grinning ear to ear and Lauren Blakely fans are sure to enjoy this newest addition! *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*
bbarneybooks28 More than 1 year ago
Perri is my kind of heroine. Her strength, her sass, and her intelligence are qualities that allow her to go head-to-head with her male co-workers. But regardless of Perri’s need for no distractions or her desire to focus solely on her career as a cop, advancing through the ranks and holding her own in a male-dominated world, she can’t help but be attracted to Derek, and when they become roommates, she can longer deny that Derek just might be worth the distraction. The idea that there’s more about a person than his outward appearance applies for Derek. He may look like the quintessential tattooed bad boy - one who rides a motorcycle, has a filthy mouth, and a dirty mind - but there’s so much more to this driven EMT, and Lauren Blakely does a great job illustrating all of his layers and why Derek is the man Perri wants and needs to make her feel good forever. Roommates who become lovers can be both a blessing and a curse…I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s so damn good when you’re in the thralls of passion and it’s always a good thing when someone else supplies you with orgasms, but the fallout of this kind of situation can lead to more than just hurt feelings, and while it seemed like both Perri and Derek knew what they were getting into, anything can happen when feelings become a part of what’s supposed to be only a fling. Any time I pick up a Lauren Blakely romantic comedy, I know I’m in for a quirky, sweet, steamy, and hilarious read and Blakely does not disappoint in her newest release, The Feel Good Factor, and let me tell you, she couldn’t have crafted two better characters as her leading man and lady than Perri and Derek. The sexual tension that surrounds them resonates from the pages and it’s clear that it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN these two will finally give into their attraction and see just how good they can make one another feel. 4 Poison Apples
Amber_Starr More than 1 year ago
Holy wow are Derek and Perri HOT!!! Their chemistry was just leaping off the page from the word go. I was immediately sucked into their flirtation and it was so palpable I thought they were real people that I was watching in person. I loved Derek's cocky attitude, filthy mouth but super sweet attitude with his nieces. And he cooks! Seriously, perfect man aka book boyfriend right there. And he loved that Perri was a cop and found her hot because of it. Some men aren't as attracted to a strong woman but Derek definitely is. And Perri. She is a stronger woman than I am. Multiple times in the book when things are going down, Perri just steps away. How do you back away from that temptation more than once! Definitely a re-read for when I need a hot spicy book!
CeeCeeHouston More than 1 year ago
This book was just the perfect read for me!!! Oh, my word! I can’t express how much I truly loved this book. It’s perfectly titled that’s for sure. No angst, no drama involving third parties and absolutely no hating on the H/`h. Derek was just a down-to-earth character with a ‘bad boy’ image, minus the reputation. This man looks like sex on a stick, he may talk the talk and by god, does he walk the walk, but that’s where the ‘bad’ ends. He’s in insta-lust/ love with Perri from the moment the Lucky Falls police officer pulls him over on his way into town. The chemistry was scorching and hit from that initial encounter and only got hotter the longer they spent together. Being housemates didn’t help matters and they explosive connection they had when they gave in was just awesome. Loved picking up with previous characters from the earlier books too. All in all, a perfect read for a weekend with no plans. Or, any other day of the week, lol. one-Click today, and get ‘The Feel Good Factor’ for yourself.
StarStacy More than 1 year ago
This book has the feel good factor! This book made me feel so good, made me smile and made me swoon! I loved this book, and all the characters inside it! There was insta-lust between Perri and Derek, and I am always good with that! Their chemistry sizzles so hot throughout the whole book. I adored Perri - she was an intelligent, strong, independent woman with a strong sense self-worth who loved her job, family and friends but struggled with admitting her feelings and being vulnerable. Derek was, in my opinion, the perfect specimen of man! He was confident (if not a little cocky but could back it up!), smart, sexy, loved his family but was afraid to get his heart broken again. As I said, I even loved all the secondary characters in this book. This book is a perfect, fun, sexy, quick read that had me engaged the whole time! I highly recommend this romance!
kgagnon More than 1 year ago
4.5 Feeling So Good Stars! I am falling in love with all the residents of Lucky Falls! Derek is the new hot, sexy EMT badboy with a heart of gold. He just moved to town to help his sister and her kids. He is just coming out of a bad relationship and isn't looking for another one. But when he gets pulled over by a sexy local officer, their undeniable attraction can only be described as dirtier, more carnal, and red-hot desire! Perri is a police officer with her sites set on a promotion, and doesn't have time for a relationship either, but this Mr. McHotPants is definitely her type. No matter how forbidden their relationship should be, they are both adults and choose the Feel-Good factor. Derek is so swoony being sweet one moment and then so deliciously dirty in others. Perri is smart, sassy, and honorable. I loved all the fun, sweet, and steamy reasons and moments they have together. They are so perfect together with their quick banter, soft hearts, and explosive chemistry. I also enjoyed catching up with past friends and family, especially Perri's brother, Shaw, and can't wait for his story! This book is another brilliant, clever, sexy, Blakely romance that will have you Feeling Oh So Good!
heater_28 More than 1 year ago
**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review** Lauren Blakely has done it again by giving us a great story with plenty of feeling and humor! Perri is a police officer in the small town where she lives. She's working hard to get the promotion she wants and outside of her work, all she really has time for is her friends. She doesn't have time to date and she also doesn't want it to mess with her focus! When Derek comes to town to help his sister with her three kids while her husband is deployed, he meets Perri nearly as soon as he hits the city limits and the chemistry between them is instantaneous! The EMT needs a place to stay and ironically, it ends up being the room over Perri's garage that he is going to rent. When Perri asks Derek to help her with a kissing contest she's going to enter, the two end up "practicing" and as you can imagine, the chemistry between them continues to grow. While both of them don't want to be in a relationship, are they going to be able to curb the growing feelings they have for one another? I loved Derek and how amazing he was with his nieces and nephew. He was a wonderful uncle and his selflessness to help his sister was a sexy trait. I also loved that Perri was a strong woman working to succeed in a male driven occupation. The two were a great mix as they were both strong, but balanced one another out and the chalkboard was an amazing part of this story that I loved as well. Another winner by Lauren Blakely!