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The Edge of Everything

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Every day Zoe struggles to keep going. The cruel winter took her father's life and left her angry and broken-hearted. As she carries her little brother through a snowstorm that could kill him in minutes, her only thought is finding shelter. The cabin beyond the woods is far from the place of safety she hoped it would be, but it is there that she meets a man whose muscular body marked with strange and primitive tattoos hints at an extraordinary story. He has the power to light up the lake, and with it Zoe's world.

Zoe calls the stranger X. He is a bounty hunter, tormented by the evils of his victims that course through his veins. X has never felt anything but hate, until he meets Zoe. She shows him what his heart is really for, and if they can find a way to be together, just maybe his pain can help Zoe forget her own.

This high-stakes, heart-pounding romance will leave the listener breathless for this breakout new series and its sequel.

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ISBN-13: 9781543642063
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication date: 08/29/2017
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 6.75(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Jeff Giles grew up in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Most recently, he was the deputy managing editor of Entertainment Weekly, where he oversaw all coverage of movies and books, including the magazine's championing of YA fiction. Jeff has written for Rolling Stone and The New York Times Books Review. He also coauthored The Terrorist's Son, a nonfiction book that won an Alex Award from the American Library Association and has since been translated into more than a dozen languages. While reporting on the Lord of the Rings movies for Newsweek, Jeff was invited to be an extra in The Return of the King. He played a Rohan soldier, and--because he didn't have a beard or mustache--they glued yak hair to his face. Jeff lives with his family in Montana.


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The Edge of Everything 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Rebecca_J_Allen More than 1 year ago
I’ll admit I was skeptical about reading a book with a bounty hunter from The Lowlands (Hell) as a main character. But I’d heard The Edge of Everything sold in a multi-house auction and was interested to check it out. I was pulled into the story from page one. The book starts with Zoe, a teen searching for her ADHD younger brother who has wandered off in the middle of a blizzard. The action and tension only rise from there. No sooner does Zoe find her brother and shelter from the frigid temperatures, then they’re attacked by the man who murdered their aged neighbors. They are saved by a stranger with mysterious powers, the bounty hunter sent to capture the murderer. This stranger does not even have a name, so Zoe names him X. At Zoe’s request, X shows the attacker mercy and lets him go. This sets off a chain of events that drive the rest of the story. X and Zoe are drawn to each other, but X’s masters in The Lowlands want the soul X was sent to reap. They also want X back in his desolate cell. At the heart of this story are two characters who have faced pain and are trying to overcome it. The reader can’t help but root for them. This, combined with fast-paced action makes The Edge of Everything a page-turner. Jeff Giles has created a fantasy world, The Lowlands, that will draw in fans of fantasy. He blends it with the wilds of present-day Montana, creating two great backdrops for his characters’ adventure.
SMParker More than 1 year ago
The Edge of Everything is a phenomenal book. I was gripping the pages the entire time I read it, which was in two sittings (and only because my body made me take a break for sleep). And even though I read it a few weeks ago, I can't stop thinking about it. Seriously. It's so good it sticks with you like the best memory. The contemporary world that Giles builds is crisp and real, with some of the most authentically drawn characters I've met on the page. The dialogue, tension, family dynamics--that is all brilliant. Brilliant. But Giles weaves the "Lowlands" into his story, an otherworld that is equally rich and draw and fraught with tension. As these two worlds collide, there's well...(I'd be giving spoilers if I said much more). BUT, I will say that this book is filled with love. LOVE, people. Giles has a clean, engaging way of smacking you in the gut with the most powerful human emotion. I BEGGED his pages to save one character, then another, reunite others, forgive some. Giles forces his characters to make the hardest choicest where love is concerned. Falling is easy, sure. But what are you willing to do for the ones you love once you fall? And that raw complexity is EVERYWHERE in these pages. Gah! Giles is brilliant. This book is brilliant. The Edge of Everything kept me on the edge of my seat and its powerful story still lurks at the edges of my brain weeks after (painfully) closing the book
pooled_ink More than 1 year ago
pooled ink Reviews: I began reading this book with no expectations or ideas and yet it quickly consumed me. I quickly became utterly intrigued and could only hope that it wouldn’t dissipate into disappointment. It didn’t. Somehow this has become one of my favorite books that I’ve read this year. I honestly have no words to accurately describe why I love this book, I just…do. Just…something about the overall feel of this book embraced me. My eyes remained trained on the page and even when they weren’t my brain whirred with the story. It was weird, fascinating, hopeful, dismal, dramatic, stubborn, impossible, familiar, addicting, unfair… Full of grief and love, of sin and mercy, THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING tears apart the wall between worlds and unfurls a most remarkable love story. Read my full review on my wordpress blog: pooled ink
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Flawed in most ways
runnergirl83 More than 1 year ago
Zoe's father recently died in a caving accident. One day her younger brother wanders off outside during a blizzard and she goes after him. Along the way, she and her brother are attacked and are rescued by a mysterious man. X is a bounty hunter, he is to collect the soul of the man who was attacking them. X is from hell called the Lowlands. After this short time, Zoe and X have decided they are in love. I thought that was ridiculous, they were barely together, barely know each other yet they are in love. Okay, I'll go with it since it's a book and to continue the story line of how they want to be together but they can't, since she is human and he is from hell. This book was okay, for some reason I thought it would be a little better. Looks like there is a second book that came out not too long ago, and I'll probably read that one just to see where it goes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good winter day read.
Seoling More than 1 year ago
I was so excited to get into THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING after reading the synopsis for it – it seemed different from the usual YA market read. I’m not sure if it’s Jeff Giles’ first YA title (and I am terrible at following through with referencing this piece of information), but I was disappointed in both the fact that I could not get into this story and that this story didn’t appeal to me despite how excited I was about the premise. Sadly and unfortunately, I have had to give this a status of DNF. I told myself how invested I would be after reading the introductory chapter because it seemed like an odd kinship that was develop between Zoe and X. Maybe not necessarily romantic, but there was something pretty unique about the relationship that would develop between the two of them, but once I got into the supernatural, sci-fi-y part of it (like there is a moment when X’s back literally mirrors a television screen), I found myself not as invested in the story. After that, it was just a combination of being unable to read It straight through that led me to stray away from finishing it up. There’s not much that I can say as far as the 3/4s of the book I left unfinished except that I wish I could read a whole book in five minutes flat so I can know if it was good or not. Maybe one day I will return to this with fresh eyes.
KateUnger More than 1 year ago
This book is about 10 years too late for me. It reminded me a lot of Twilight, but I am well beyond the immortal-falls-instantly-in-love-with-a-human kind of romance. I forced myself to finish this book, but there was very little that I enjoyed. X is a bounty hunter from hell who’s sent to Earth to bring back an evil soul. In the attempt he encounters Zoe and falls in love at first sight. He ignores his duty and rescues Zoe and her brother instead. The entanglement develops further as he begins to get ill for skipping out on his assignment. The romance is the main plot of this book, but there is a subplot relating to the accidental death of Zoe’s father. I’ll admit that I did want to learn what happened there, so that was one reason to keep reading. Overall though this book was just too cheesy for me. I did not enjoy it. If you’re into paranormal romance though, you may like this one a lot more than I did.
book_junkee More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars I went into this completely blind and was pleasantly surprised. I loved Zoe and X. They're both great characters and the scenes with them together were some of the best. I loved Zoe's brother, Jonah and her BFF, Val as well. There were a few quirky characters and some from X's side that I'm intentionally leaving out because they were fun to discover. The plot is definitely intriguing. You are sort of thrown into what seems to be the middle of the story, but it levels out quickly. And even though it didn't feel like anything was really explained, it somehow worked. My main complaint {and reason it's not 5 stars} is that I was irritated with the ending and wanted something more. Overall, I was captivated right from the beginning and hope hope hope there will be more to this book. **Huge thanks to Bloomsbury for providing the arc free of charge**
gtrelease More than 1 year ago
Sometimes, when you least expect it, everything changes. When Zoe goes out into a snowstorm to find her brother, she’s set upon by a crazed murderer, only to be saved by the mysterious appearance of X, a handsome bounty hunter from the Lowlands, who’s been sent to take the killer's soul back with him. But Zoe doesn’t know that by showing mercy, she’s set in motion a series of events that will eventually have her questioning who she is, the circumstances of her father’s death, and if she’s falling in love with a stranger from Hell. Fast-paced and well plotted, Edge of Everything is a page-turner. The characters are terrific, from swoony, romantic X, with his 19th-century lingo, to all the secondary characters, who are so compelling that they deserve their own series. Most of all, though, I appreciated Zoe, who’s tough and vulnerable and smart, and doesn’t really need saving by anyone—at least in the typical way. Giles also does a great job creating the worlds that Zoe and X move between, compelling worlds I haven’t seen much before: Montana in winter, dangerous caves, and the dark, miserable world of the Lowlands. Yet, it’s also funny! If you like fantasy or contemporary YA, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Edge of Everything.