The Early Years (Japanese)

The Early Years (Japanese)

by Lamb Books


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' Mummy, will you tell me another story?'
'Oh, my dear! Which story do You wish to know?'
'Once again the story of Gabriel and Daniel, where Christ is promised' She says. Then She listens, eyes closed, to the words Her mother says, repeating them in a low voice as if the better to remember them. When Anne comes to the end, Mary asks:'How long will it be before we have the Immanuel?'
'About thirty years my darling'
'Such a long time!' says Mary with deep longing 'And I shall be in the Temple...Tell me, if I should pray very hard, so hard, day and night, night and day, and I wanted to belong only to God, for all my life, for this purpose, would the Eternal Father grant me the grace of sending the Messiah to His people sooner?'

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Publication date: 11/13/2017
Pages: 26
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