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The Don't Sweat Guide to Taxes: Avoiding Stress Over April 15th / Edition 1

The Don't Sweat Guide to Taxes: Avoiding Stress Over April 15th / Edition 1

by Richard Carlson, Don't Sweat Press


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Foreword by Richard Carlson Ph.D.

Avoiding Stress Over April 15th

Filing your taxes is an event almost everyone "sweats." With tips on how to stay calm about the deadline, how not to obsess over lost receipts, and how to keep focused, this is the perfect gift for anyone who dreads tax time.

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ISBN-13: 9780786888122
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication date: 01/03/2003
Series: Don't Sweat Guides
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.45(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Richard Carlson, Ph.D., was the author of the bestselling Don't Sweat the Small Stuff series. He passed away in 2006.


Northern California

Place of Birth:

Northern California


San Jose State University, Pepperdine University; Ph.D., Sierra University

Table of Contents

1.Smile! It's Tax Time15
2.Tax Stats17
3.Where the Money Goes19
4.I Declare--It's the Best Approach21
5.Let Us Now Quote the Famous23
6.Your Attitude Can Be the Enemy25
7.Factor Taxes into Your Budget26
8.Saving Now Will Help Later28
9.Don't Let Taxes Spoil Your Dreams30
10.Understanding Tax Tradeoffs32
11.You're a Trendsetter!34
12.The Lottery: Uncle Sam Wins36
13.The States of Taxes38
14.Out-of-State Taxes40
15.When Higher Taxes Are Good News42
16.Set Aside Time for Your Preparations44
17.Take a Forward Look46
18.Meeting Deadlines, Preventing Dreadlines48
19.Taxes Mean Trust50
20.Find a Preparer That You Trust51
21.When to Take Advice, When to Reject It53
22.Build Your Own Team of Experts55
23.You Be the Coach57
24.The Value of Communication59
25.Seize the Day61
26.Small Things Count63
27.If You Slip Up, Find a Pickup64
28.Develop a Filing Protocol66
29.Filing in the E-Age68
30.Be Aware of Software70
31.Extension Prevention72
32.Taking a Tax Vacation74
33.When You Finish--Celebrate!76
34.Taxes: A Brief History78
35.A Tangled Web80
36.Taxes Around the World82
37.Tax Cheats84
38.Tax Protesters Doth Protest Too Much86
39.The Most Famous Tax Protesters88
40.They Took Taxes Seriously90
41.A Different Look at "Tax Freedom Day"92
42.There's Life After Taxes94
43.Channel Your Passion into Planning95
44.How Expert Are the Experts?97
45.When No Advice is the Best Advice99
46.Down on Commiseration Corner101
47.Be Proud, Not Envious103
48.The Tax Code and You104
49.Broaden Your Understanding of Taxes106
50.Make Yourself Scam-Proof108
51.Don't Snub the Stub!110
52.You Can't Know Everything112
53.Pay Attention to Your Mail114
54.The Mysteries of Brackets Revealed116
55.How Many Exemptions?118
56.Taxes and Your Home120
57.After the Mortgage Is Paid122
58.The Advantages of Credit Card Debt124
59.Those Are the Breaks126
60.Gimme Shelter128
61.When to Itemize130
62.Are You Withholding Properly?132
63.All Hail Cottage Industries!134
64.When Deferral Is a Good Thing136
65.Are Estimated Payments for You?138
66.If You Relocate...140
67.Changes in Status142
68.Helping Others Helps Your Taxes144
69.Being Charitable--In Good Years and Bad146
70.Taxes and Your Investments148
71.Tax-Free Doesn't Necessarily Mean "Free"150
72.Don't Be Passive with Passive Income152
73.And Baby Makes Three154
74.Tax Credit for Childcare156
75.The Kiddie Tax158
76.Whose Asset Is It Anyway?160
77.Saving for College Through Tax Planning162
79.But Which IRA?166
80.Taxes and Your Stock Portfolio168
81.It's the After-Tax Return That Counts170
82.401(k) Plans--They're Still Okay172
83.The Joker in the Mutual Funds Deck174
84.The Dreaded Alternative Minimum Tax176
85.The Lowdown on Inheritance Taxes178
86.Factoring Taxes into Estate Planning180
87.The Joy of Giving182
88.Click Your Way to the IRS184
89.Getting Help from the Government186
90.What Happens if You Can't Pay?188
91.A Kinder, Gentler IRS190
92.If You Get a Notice, Take Note192
93.Understanding Types of Audits194
94.Thou Shalt Fear No Audit196
95.Pitching Your Files? Not So Fast198
96.Enjoy That Refund200
97.Take the Long View on Tax Cuts202
98.Plan for the Long Term203
99.Taxation with Representation205
100.Look Forward to Next Year207

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