The d,N,a, of Christianity

The d,N,a, of Christianity

by John Hart


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D. N. A. is an acronym that stands for
" Distinct New Adam". This book clearly exposes the Biblical truth that there are actually "two distinct" species of Human Beings on planet Earth. Those who are "in" Adam and those who are "in" Christ. Once biblical Christianity is correctly defined and understood, this fact can be appreciated. The Humanity of Adam, the first man, is a cursed humanity because of the original sin of Adam. All naturally born human beings inherently, are under this curse without but one recourse of escape, to be born again. God's judgment is applicable to all human beings universally speaking regardless of their religious preference or practice. God, has provided the only escape from Adam's cursed humanity by established a New Humanity in Christ Jesus. Christianity is not a "RELIGION" instead it is profoundly and uniquely a "Humanity Transformation". By having sincere faith in the person and works of Jesus Christ a person is literally transposed out of Adam's humanity and into the New Humanity of Jesus Christ. In Christ Humanity there is no curse or condemnation. All religious debates, disputes and controversies regarding the preeminence of Christianity, above all of man's religious concepts, can absolutely be dispelled once the true definition of Christianity is finally understood.

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