The Discipline of the Cloister: Large Print Edition

The Discipline of the Cloister: Large Print Edition


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A rare Catholic Classic by Thomas A Kempis.

Chapter I. 6
On Discipline.

Chapter II. 14
Of the various Temptations and Snares of the Devil.

Chapter III. 20
Of a True Conversion to God, our Chief Good.

Chapter IV. 26
Of the Obedience of a Humble Subject to his Superior.

Chapter V. 34
Of Keeping Guard Upon the Heart, and of Interior Recollection.

Chapter VI. 40
Of Guarding the Tongue, and Working with Diligence.

Chapter VII. 44
The Commendation of Solitude and the Cell.
Chapter VIII. 48
Of the Choir and the Divine Office.

Chapter IX. 54
Of the Discretion to be Used in Spiritual Exercises.

Chapter X. 57
A Prayer for a Happy Perseverance in Virtue.

Chapter XI. 60
Of the Love of God and our Neighbour, and the Hatred of Sin.

Chapter XII. 63
Of Abstinence and Chastity.

Chapter XIII. 65
Of Meditating on the Life and Passion of Christ.

Chapter XIV. 69
Of Commemorating the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

Chapter XV. 72
Of the Commemoration of the Saints.
Chapter XVI. 76
The Desires of a Soul Sighing for the Kingdom of Heaven.

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