The Conscious Parent's Guide to Raising Boys: A mindful approach to raising a confident, resilient son

The Conscious Parent's Guide to Raising Boys: A mindful approach to raising a confident, resilient son

by Cheryl L Erwin, Jennifer Costa


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The tools you need to foster a positive, supportive relationship with your son!
Concerns about self-esteem, peer pressure, and behavior can make raising healthy, happy boys seem overwhelming—but it doesn't have to be. With the help of The Conscious Parent's Guide to Raising Boys, you can encourage open communication with your son.

With patience and everyday mindfulness, you can guide your boys from childhood through those challenging developmental years. This easy-to-use guide explains how you can help your son:

  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Strengthen self-image and resist peer pressure
  • Define and exhibit acceptable behavior
  • Keep their commitments to family, community, and themselves
Family therapist Jennifer Costa provides you with the information and support you need for parenting with flexibility, resilience, and love so you can create a calm, happy environment for raising well-adjusted, confident boys.

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ISBN-13: 9781440599941
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 01/01/2017
Series: Conscious Parent's Guides Series
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 380,843
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Cheryl L. Erwin, MA, LMFT, is a licensed family therapist and parent coach, a popular parenting speaker and trainer, and the coauthor of numerous books about parenting. You can learn more about Cheryl and her work at

Jennifer Costa is a behavioral specialist and social worker. As a parent coach and mentor, she develops positive behavioral interventions and support materials for her clients, and has taught positive discipline courses, conscious parenting practices, and behavioral support curriculum for schools and nonprofits. Jennifer is the author of The Conscious Parent's Guide to Positive Discipline.

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Chapter 1 Conscious Parenting 13

The Benefits of Conscious Parenting 15

Are Boys Different from Girls? 17

Conscious Parenting and Boys 18

Exploring Your Own Expectations 20

What Do You Want for Your Son? 21

Important Points to Consider 22

Chapter 2 Preparing Yourself for Parenting 23

Your Experiences Affect Your Child 24

The Power of Attachment 26

Finding Balance 28

Take Time for Your Relationship 30

The Value of Self-Control 31

Important Points to Consider 32

Chapter 3 Mindfully Parenting Your Son 33

Forming a Relationship 34

Connecting with Your Son 35

Understanding the Roots of Behavior 37

Learning to Listen 40

Discovering What "Works" 41

The Message of Love 42

Important Points to Consider 43

Chapter 4 Your Infant Son 44

Adjusting to Your Newest Family Member 45

Brain Development 47

Emotional Literacy 50

Cognitive Development 50

Your Son's Unique Temperament 52

The Importance of Touch for Boys 54

Should You Discipline a Baby? 55

Important Points to Consider 56

Chapter 5 The Preschool Years 57

Creating a Safe Environment 58

Language and Social Skills 60

Nurture Empathy 63

Try to Understand Your Son's World 63

Encouraging Curiosity 64

Mealtime Challenges 65

Foster Healthy Sleep Habits 68

Managing Potty Training 69

Use Technology Sparingly 69

Important Points to Consider 70

Chapter 6 The Emotional Life of Boys 71

The Danger of the Stoic Male 72

Emotions and the Brain 73

Building Emotional Literacy 74

Boys and Anger 76

Boys and Depression 78

Keep Connected to Your Son 79

Important Points to Consider 80

Chapter 7 Fathers and Sons 82

The Importance of Fathers 83

Showing Affection 84

Using Empathy 86

Be a Role Model 88

Being a Connected Father 90

Important Points to Consider 91

Chapter 8 Boys and Moms 93

Finding a Balance 94

What Sons Learn from Their Mothers 95

Connecting with Your Son 97

Making Room for Growth 99

The Importance of Play 100

Build Positive Attitudes about Women 102

Important Points to Consider 103

Chapter 9 Friends and Their Influences 104

Developing Social Skills 105

Boys and Their Friends 106

Sports and Emotional Expression 108

The Harmful Lack of Play 110

Bullying and Boys 111

Friendships with Girls 114

Supporting Your Son's Friendships 115

Important Points to Consider 115

Chapter 10 Your Adolescent Son 117

Understanding Your Adolescent 118

Hormones and Emotions in Adolescence 120

The Journey to Adulthood 121

Setting Appropriate Limits 122

Using Engaged Listening 125

Teaching Life Lessons 128

Enjoying Your Son 131

Important Points to Consider 132

Chapter 11 Teaching Your Son Character 133

Building Character 134

Give Encouragement, Not Praise 135

Teaching Responsibility 137

Foster Compassion 139

Encourage Integrity 140

Spirituality in Your Son's Life 140

Supporting Resilience and Self-Reliance 142

Supporting Social-Emotional Development 143

Important Points to Consider 145

Chapter 12 Dealing With Risky Behavior 147

The Lure of Vice 148

Be a Role Model 149

Communicate Openly with Your Son 150

Discussing Your Past 153

Paying Attention Rather Than Spying 153

Boys and Smoking 155

Important Points to Consider 157

Chapter 13 Handling Sexuality 158

Emerging Sexuality 159

Talk to Your Son about Sex 159

Be Realistic and Available 161

Becoming Sexually Active 163

Connecting with Your Gay Son 164

Affection with Your Growing Son 166

Important Points to Consider 167

Chapter 14 Encouraging Responsibility in Your Son 169

Teach the Needed Skills 170

Chores and Allowance 171

The Art of Managing Money 174

Learning on the lob 176

Manners and Respect 177

Practice Self-Reliance 179

Important Points to Consider 179

Chapter 15 Nontraditional Family Dynamics 181

The Effect of Divorce on Boys 182

Co-Parenting 183

Being Mom and Dad 186

Building Healthy Stepfamilies 188

Growing Up Too Soon 189

Important Points to Consider 191

Chapter 16 Moving Toward Independence 193

Preparing Him for Independence 194

Teaching Life Skills 194

Becoming a Mentor 196

When Your Son Returns Home 197

Adjusting to the Empty Nest 199

Staying Connected to Your Son 202

Important Points to Consider 202

Chapter 17 Celebrate Your Son 204

Appreciate the Man Your Son Has Become 205

Changing Roles 205

Believe in Your Son 207

Traditions and Celebrations 208

Ways to Stay in Touch 209

Give Yourself Credit 210

Important Points to Consider 212

Appendix A Bibliography 213

Appendix B Additional Resources 215

Index 217

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