The Character of Human Institutions: Robin Fox and the Rise of Biosocial Science

The Character of Human Institutions: Robin Fox and the Rise of Biosocial Science

by Michael Egan

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This volume celebrates the life and work of Robin Fox and the idea of a biosocial science. From his early studies of kinship, primates, the brain, evolution, the incest taboo, and aggression, to his later work on literature, politics, civilization, law, the Bible, Shakespeare, and the history of ideas, Robin Fox inspired many with an evolutionary vision of humanity that goes beyond narrow disciplinary boundaries and embraces the universal history of mankind. Fox's work represents an independent biosocial science stream of thinking that accepts the Darwinian mandate while avoiding reductionism by recognizing culture as a natural phenomenon. The essays cover Fox's life and his contributions, and address topics as diverse as the meaning and function of laughter; the unforgiving discipline of writing popular anthropology; extreme drinking rituals among young men training for the British army; Darwin and close-cousin marriage; the universal essence of the epic form as a super-attractor; anthropologists' autobiographies; the conflict between science and anti-science; and the decline of British imperial education. This engaging collection on a mainstream maverick has been edited by Michael Egan. It includes essays by Sir Antony Jay, Lionel Tiger, Howard Bloom, Michael McGuire, Kate Fox, Melvin Konner, Alan Macfarlane, Adam Kuper, Dieter Steklis, Alexandra Maryanski, Bernard Chapais, Jonathan Turner, Linda Stone, Charles Macdonald, Anne Fox, David Jenkins, Frederick Turner, Robert Trivers, and an essay by Robin Fox himself.

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ISBN-13: 9781351485289
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/28/2017
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About the Author

Michael Egan taught at University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Brigham Young University, Hawaii. He was the editor of The Oxfordian and is the author of eleven books.

Table of Contents

Dedication On Reading 'Participant Observer' David Jenkins Foreword Robert Trivers I Personal and Confdidential Introduction: Mainstream Maverick Michael Egan 1 This Guy, Fox Lionel Tyler 2 A Tribute and Personal Thanks Michael T. McGuire II Popularity and Drink 3 Writing Popular Anthropology Kate Fox 4 Drink and Duty: Extreme Drinking Rituals in the British Army Anne Fox III Laughter and Happiness 5 Understanding Laughter Sir Antony Jay 6 Joyous, Equal, and Free: Conditions of Felicity in Human Organizations Charles Macdonald IV Kinship and Incest 7 Kinship Constructed Us: Primate Kinship and Cultural Anthropology Linda Stone 8 Lighting the Red Lamp of Incest Alexandra Maryanski and Jonathan Turner 9 Darwin and Cousin Marriage in England Adam Kuper V Self and Epic 10 The Images of the Good Imperial Education Alan Macfarlane 11 The Ethnography of the Self: Anthropologist's Autobiographies David Jenkins 12 The Universal Epic: A Research Challenge Frederick Turner VI Nature and Society 13 From Human Nature to Human Society: Why Anthropology Cannot Ignore Biological Constants Bernard Chapais 14 The Changing Nature of Human NAture H. Dieter Steklis 15 Science and Anti-Science in Anthropology: A Look Back Melvin J. Konner VII Finale 16 The Consumerist Cosmos Howard Bloom 17 Last Word: The Razors Edge Robin Fox Contributors Index

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