The Care and Feeding of Perfectionists

The Care and Feeding of Perfectionists

by Cynthia Curnan


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The voice of the Perfectionist hides within our psyches, telling us what to wear, when to eat, how to act, in effect ruling our lives. This book details how the voice can be utilized to bring peace of mind, fulfillment, and growth in our careers and personal lives.

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ISBN-13: 9781880823217
Publisher: North Star Publications, Incorporated MA
Publication date: 09/01/1998
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.89(w) x 9.01(h) x 0.66(d)

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Linda Gray

Linda Gray,Actor, Director, Producer United Nations Goodwill Ambassador to U.N.F.P.A
Cynthia Curnan brilliantly takes you on a ride through life, examining the Perfectionist vs. Essence. This well-crafted book smooths out the rough spots, which makes the ride so much more pleasant . . . gives the tools to examine the Perfectionist and find a balance to the see-saw of life . . . orchestrates beautifully how to look at both sides and blend them, through inner guidance, into the most delicious Vanilla Swirl ice cream.

Hal Stone

The Perfectionist is one of the major league hitters in the family of selves that live within each of us. In this book, Cynthia brings clarity as to how the Perfectionist operates, the mischief it can cause in our personality, and, most importantly, she shows us how to deal with our perfectionism in everyday life. This book will serve health care givers as well as the general public, and we strongly recommend it to you.Hal Stone, Ph.D., and Sidra Stone, Ph.D. ,Authors, Embracing Our Selves and Embracing Your Inner Critic)

Michael Jones

In this wonderfully wise and timely book, Dr. Curnan liberates all those who have been taken hostage by the myth of perfection and reminds them that life is not a performance, but a living practice, and it is through our imperfection that we find our true nature and our original voice.
—(Michael Jones,Composer, Pianist, Author, Creating an Imaginative Life)

Alvin P. Ross

Alvin P. Ross, Ph.D. ,Founder, Ryokan College
An important book in its straightforward and creative way of integrating the best concepts of modern psychology with age-old common sense. A powerful yet practical guide to inner healing. A unique book by a unique woman.

Eve Roberts

Eve Roberts,Master Acting Teacher, USC
A wonderfully perceptive and sensitive guide to your own inner truth. Dr. Curnan is the first person I know who talks about getting back to basic instincts and separating them from anxieties.

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