The Book of Five Rings: The Classic Text of Samurai Sword Strategy

The Book of Five Rings: The Classic Text of Samurai Sword Strategy

by Miyamoto Musashi

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Setting down his thoughts on swordplay, on winning, and on spirituality, legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi intended this modest work as a guide for his immediate disciples and future generations of samurai. He had little idea he was penning a masterpiece that would be eagerly devoured by people in all walks of life centuries after his death.

Along with The Art of War by Sun Tzu, The Book of Five Rings has long been regarded as an invaluable treatise on the strategy of winning. Musashi's timeless advice on defeating an adversary, throwing an opponent off-guard, creating confusion, and other techniques for overpowering an assailant was addressed to the readers of earlier times on the battlefield, and now serves the modern reader in the battle of life.

In this new rendering by the translator of Hagakure and The Unfettered Mind, William Scott Wilson adheres rigorously to the seventeenth-century Japanese text and clarifies points of ambiguity in earlier translations. In addition, he offers an extensive introduction and a translation of Musashi's rarely published The Way of Walking Alone. This gift-book edition also features original art by Musashi himself as well as new calligraphy by Japanese artist Shiro Tsujimura.

About the Author

Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) was a renowned swordsman and painter. A masterless samurai, he developed the two-sword style of fighting and emerged victorious in more than 60 sword fights in his travels throughout Japan. The author of The Book of Five Rings, he is also the subject of the novel Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa.

William Scott Wilson, the translator, was born in 1944 in Nashville, Tennessee, and grew up in Florida. He received B.A. degrees from Dartmouth College and the Monterey Institute of Foreign Studies, and an M.A. in Japanese literary studies from the University of Washington. His long-selling translations of Hagakure, The Unfettered Mind, The Roots of Wisdom:
Saikontan, and Taiko have become standards. Hagakure was featured prominently in the film Ghost Dog.

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About the Author

Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1643) was a samurai master and a leading exponent of Kendo, the oldest of Japan's martial arts. In a career that lasted nearly half a century he was never defeated in combat. Musashi perfected a two-handed sword technique that is still taught today, and he was also a talented artist. He completed The Book of Five Rings, his classic text on samurai sword strategy, days before his death.
About the Translator:
Ashikaga Yoshiharu teaches English at Tokyo University. A descendant of a samurai, he has translated many classic Japanese texts into English and has edited the books Zen Wisdom and Zen Teachings (both Astrolog).

Table of Contents

Foreword by William Scott Wilson
Introduction by William Scott Wilson
The Way of Walking Alone
The Book of Five Rings
The Earth Chapter
The Water Chapter
The Fire Chapter
The Wind Chapter
The Emptiness Chapter
Crest Motifs

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