The Black Bug

The Black Bug

by John ''Ish'' Ishmael


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Africa, Israel, Canada, USA, Lebanon, Egypt... the high ground for the world's biggest race-specific genetic weapon war. The objective: selective 'depopulation' as advocated by Henry Kissinger and his supporters decades ago, and again more slyly advocated since the demographic extrapolations of African and Islamic infl uence in the coming decade, The targets are African genes. If Arab ones can be put in the lab petri dish as well, all the better - provided that these genes are very different from those of their biblical younger brother's, Isaac, and would not be affected by the eggs of the Broderbund, Ft. Dietrick and Nes Ziona.

If the shadow White government of South Africa, the Broderbund, and their Apartheid loving allies succeed, Africa and black skinned peoples will live to work for those who believe that they shall live by the sweat of other nations. Africans would also die early - a boon to the pension funds and labour contracts. But oppressed African and Palestinian fighters and scientists are arrayed against their tormentors and Black-holocaust, doctor-deaths from the apartheid regime and their supporters as they prepare a counter to the Black race-death virus. The international intrigue, action and sexual tensions will hold your interest and the incredible ending will stun you.

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ISBN-13: 9781425774189
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 07/28/2007
Pages: 192
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