The Big Book of Logic Puzzles

The Big Book of Logic Puzzles

by Edward J. Harshman


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Hundreds of logic puzzles, calling on your creative thought processes to solve them. An improbable situation is presented, then on a separate page you have three hints, each a question with a yes/no answer, On an additional separate page, you can look up the answer.

Some puzzles call on your scientific reasoning (no advanced concepts are needed), and some require only an open mind to the possibilities. Some are based on true stories, some are over a century old, and some are brand new.

A store in a shopping mall, near a jewelry store, used to tell its customers to throw diamonds away. A dangerous place for safety glass. A clock that runs counterclockwise-and not as a joke or a novelty. A man on a park bench holding a newspaper upside down and reading intently. The universal solvent: where can it be stored? The long-winded bore and your chances to catch him lying. The students who missed a test and pretended that they got a flat tire-and how they outwitted the teacher. The chivalrous man who removed his jacket while walking along the street arm in arm with a woman-and not to keep her warm. The selfless act of a boy who was then ordered by his mother to wash his mouth out with soap. The Greek letter pi and the hanging of posters.

Some of these puzzles were previously published in Fantastic Lateral Thinking Puzzles, Mind-Sharpening Lateral Thinking Puzzles, or Clever Lateral Thinking Puzzles. Some have never been published before.

Also, there are more than 50 humorous drawings by Myron Miller.

Fun for the entire family.

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About the Author

Born in New York City in 1955, Edward Harshman became a computer programmer before entering medical school and did house calls in his home town before attending business school. Frustrated with constraints on medical freedom, he practices medicine in a stand-alone office in Maine and has enjoyed logic puzzles since childhood.

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