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The Bible in 100 Numbers

The Bible in 100 Numbers

by Quid Publishing


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In the Bible, numbers count—but they don’t always add up. Numbers can serve a symbolic, non-literal purpose in Scripture, often denoting much more than the number of days Jesus Christ spent in the wilderness (40), the age of the oldest man (969), or the number of wives Solomon had (700).

It would take you 72 hours of continuous reading to read the Bible from cover to cover. The Bible in 100 Numbers will take up considerably less of your time, and give you an insight into some of the key biblical events and fascinating facts about the Good Book, from the number of righteous men required to save the city of Sodom (50) and the number of parables told by Jesus (46), to the year Johannes Gutenberg printed the first Bible (1455) and the highest price ever paid for a book of Psalms ($14,300,000). Then decide for yourself which numbers to remember. After all, you have 66 books, 1,189 chapters, and 31,173 verses to choose from.

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