The Bazaar

The Bazaar

by Raad Chalabi, PhD

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Tourist: How long have you lived in the Bazaar?
Ramiz: All my life.
Tourist: How old are you?
Ramiz: From my prospective as old as the Bazaar; from your prospective as old as this conversation lasts.
Tourist: I come from a place where we know time; we know size; we have allocated tasks; we have responsibilities; you on the other hand claim that in the Bazaar all this is meaningless?
Ramiz: I have made no such claim.
Tourist: You do not think that knowing your age; knowing the opening and closing time of the Bazaar; knowing who does what in the Bazaar; knowing the size of the Bazaar are important matters so that someone like you who lives in the Bazaar should know?
Ramiz: If they are important matters to you then you should of course know them.
Tourist: So your point is that they are not important to you and therefore you do not know them?
Ramiz: You asked me what I know and I told you; it seems to me that you are frustrated with the limit of my knowledge; although I think that is to your benefit.
Tourist: Why is that?
Ramiz: The Bazaar is something you experience not something you learn about from others. Walk in and reach your own conclusions.

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