THE ANIMAL STORY BOOK - 63 true stories about animals

THE ANIMAL STORY BOOK - 63 true stories about animals

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Herein are 63 illustrated true stories about animals which every child will enjoy! In this book you will find stories about bears, otters, eagles, horses, dogs, dolphins, ants, frogs, elephants, parrots, snakes, lions, Cayman, weasels and many, many more besides.
"The Animal Story Book" will delight both old and young, as one may find therein pen-portraits of most of the remarkable animals that have interested the world since primitive times.

Herein are stories like:
Saï The Panther
The Buzzard And The Priest
A Rat’s Tale
The Dog Of Montargis
The Taming of an Otter
The Adventures Of Pyramus
The Dancing Dog
Monkey Stories
The War Horse Of Alexander
Madame Théophile And The Parrot
and many, many more. The 66 pen and ink illustrations by H J Ford give added life to the stories.

Unlike his fairy collections, these tales compiled by Andrew Lang are all "true" with some species descriptions coming from nature journals of the time and others being more personal memoir/anecdote type stories of individual's pets.
Not as well known today, was that the author Alexandre Dumas maintained a veritable menagerie, as did the artist Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps, and Andrew Lang has featured many stories about the various animals in their menageries.
But, if anyone believes that style does not appeal to the young readers, let him open this book and read to any intelligent child of nine years Dumas’ description of Mysouf the cat, and Pritchard the dog.
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