The Adventures of Nick and Billy: The Mystery of the Rougarou

The Adventures of Nick and Billy: The Mystery of the Rougarou

by Michael Hoard


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It’s the first day of summer in the swamps of South Louisiana. Twelve-year-old Cajun boys Billy Boudreaux and Nick Landry are preparing their “Swamp Camp” for an upcoming camp out when they encounter the elderly Mr. Pierre as he makes a mad dash to escape the legendary swamp monster, Rougarou. Breathless and terrified, he vows to abandon his home in the swamps of Pierre Part, Louisiana, and to never return.

Doubtful that the creature is anything more than a myth and wanting to help their neighbor, Billy and Nick set out to solve The Mystery of the Rougarou. In the course of their adventure, they stumble upon the hideout of an escaped convict, Lufroy Aucoin, and his dimwitted cousin, Gator Bait. To make matters worse members of the hillbilly mafia, run by the ruthless Roscoe Clinton, will be arriving soon to purchase the stolen property Lufroy has stock piled at this remote location.

After being captured, our young heroes must use all the skills and knowledge they have of this dangerous environment to not only make their escape, but to survive what will be the most difficult challenges they have ever faced. The boys will introduce you to the unique beauties of the swamp, unfortunately, with beauty, comes danger.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622493821
Publisher: Biblio Publishing
Publication date: 05/25/2017
Pages: 134
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Swamp Camp 1

Chapter 2 – Mr. Pierre 9

Chapter 3 – The Adventure Begins 14

Chapter 4 – You Smell That? 20

Chapter 5 – Preparations 27

Chapter 6 – Cable Mystery Solved 34

Chapter 7 – Lufroy and Gator Bait 39

Chapter 8 – The Chase 43

Chapter 9 – Big Bertha 50

Chapter 10 – The Hillbilly Mafia 56

Chapter 11 – Lufroy’s Anger Rises 60

Chapter 12 – The Mad Dash 64

Chapter 13 – The Long Soak 69

Chapter 14 – Missing 74

Chapter 15 – Lost 78

Chapter 16 – The Search 83

Chapter 17 – Snake Bit 88

Chapter 18 – Footprints Spotted 93

Chapter 19 – Struggles 98

Chapter 20 – Bad Guys 101

Chapter 21 – What’s Their Condition? 106

Chapter 22 – Two Very Sick Boys 111

Chapter 23 – Two Days Later 115


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