The 60 Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows That Transitioned to TV Selected by Walter Cronkite

The 60 Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows That Transitioned to TV Selected by Walter Cronkite

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Radio Spirits again teams up with Walter Cronkite to select The 60 Greatest Old—Time Radio Shows that Transitioned to Television. � This landmark collection represents the classic radio series that continued to entertain audiences during the Golden Age of Television�including The Abbott and Costello Show, Gunsmoke, Father Knows Best, Dragnet, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, The Lone Ranger, Lassie, The Burns and Allen Show, Perry Mason, The Adventures of Superman and 50 other legendary programs. � This collection also includes a 64—page historical booklet with rare photographs and an audio and written foreword by Walter Cronkite. Walter Cronkite Audio Foreword 2001

• The Jack Benny Program Will TV replace radio? 02-12-50

• Gunsmoke The Buffalo Hunter 10-24-53

• Suspense A Murderous Revision 01-13-51

• The Lone Ranger Through the Wall 08-13-51

• The Adventures of Superman The Diamond of Death 12-17-49

• Dragnet The Big Look 05-11-54

• Tarzan�, Lord of the Jungle Tarzan and the Arena of Death 04-10-52

• Tales of the Texas Rangers Paid in Full 05-13-51

• The Abbott and Costello Show Teaching Marilyn Maxwell to drive 02-27-47

• Blondie Alexander the actor 02-16-50

• Father Knows Best Vacation arrives 07-06-50

• Hopalong Cassidy Coltsville Terror 01-15-50

• Have Gun, Will Travel The Monster of Moon Ridge 03-08-59

• The Adventures of Topper Rajah 09-06-45

• The Cisco Kid Beyond the Frontier 01-28-54

• The Third Man Voodoo 08-31-51

• Studio One Arabesque 06-29-48

• Sergeant Preston ofthe Yukon A Swill O' Gunpowder 09-09-43

• The Ford Theater A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 10-05-47

• The Great Gildersleeve Three New Year's Eve parties 12-31-47

• The Milton Berle Show Saluting communications 02-17-48

• The Life of Riley Riley the TV actor 03-03-50

• Lights Out Death Robbery 07-16-47

• The Lux Radio Theatre Samson and Delilah 11-19-51

• The Lassie Show The Big Cat 1940s

• You Bet Your Life Secret Word: picture 08-11-58

• Perry Mason Show business or the law 12-28-53

• Bob and Ray Wally Ballou at a Connecticut race car event 1950s

• The Campbell Playhouse June Moon 03-24-40

• Arthur Godfrey Time American tourists in Europe 10-21-53

• Mr. and Mrs. North The Wheel of Chance 06-30-53

• Sherlock Holmes The Case of the Unwelcome Ambassador 09-12-48

• The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet The haunted house 10-31-48

• The Burns and Allen Show Kansas City's favorite singer 06-06-44

• Casey, Crime Photographer The Miracle 01-15-48

• The Halls of Ivy Fighting med student 05-24-50

• Gang Busters The Case of the Mound City Safecrackers 1940s

• The Quiz Kids Eighth anniversary show 06-27-48

• The Story of Dr. Kildare Priscilla's Broken Arm 06-22-50

• My Favorite Husband Liz feels she's getting old 05-20-49

• The Adventures of the Thin Man The Adventure of the Passionate Palooka 07-06-48

• The Adventures of Ellery Queen The Adventure of the Message in Red 11-07-45

• The Aldrich Family Mary's marriage mix—up 10-07-48

The Fred Allen Show Guest: Bing Crosby 05-23-48

• My Little Margie Going camping 06-12-55

• Our Miss Brooks School board 09-11-49

• The Big Story Gambling, Divorce and Murder 01-11-50

• Richard Diamond, Private Detective The Cover Up Murders 06-07-53

• The Frank Sinatra Show Guest: Gene Kelly 10-17-45

• The Adventures of Philip Marlowe The Persian Slippers 10-03-48

• The Red Skelton Show Candy 04-11-44

• The Saint The Schizophrenic Psychiatrist 09-18-49

• Your Hit Parade With Frank Sinatra 03-20-48

• Mr. District Attorney The Case of the Desert Killer 1950s

• Boston Blackie Alice Manleder�Dead or Alive? 08-04-44

• Space Patrol The Lady from Venus 12-20-52

• Arch Oboler's Plays A Gallery of Big Shots 07-12-45

• The Cavalcade of America Spy on the Kilocycles 10-08-45

• The Martin and Lewis Show Guest: Jane Wyman 11-30-51

• The Bing Crosby Show Guest: Bob Hope 1-16-52

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