Text and Context, a Handbook for Studying the Bible

Text and Context, a Handbook for Studying the Bible

by Carolyn Jones




The Bible begins with the mythic world-views of stone age people seeking how to face the Mystery of the divine, while living in a mundane world. These stories begin about 4000 years ago, and end in the first century CE. They tell how one family who sensed a direct relation with the Diety became a nation with a vision and message about God as Being, or Ultimate Reality. The Bible records the struggles of the Jews with their own spritual development and their relations with neighbors who held other world-views. Charts, maps and genealogies provide reference points not only for Jewish history, but also for significant events in the nations and empires around them.
Text and Context provides information for quick reference in studying the Bible with emphasis on chronology of the books, and the relation of the Biblical accounts with contemporary events. The book contains summaries of the books of the Bible, genealogies of major familes in the narrative, and lists of judges, kings, and prophets. Other maps and charts are also included. A final section of essays addresses subjects that were prominent in Biblical cultures, but are not a part of modern experience. Brief references examine literary composition, historical accuracy, life styles, and theocracy. A bibliography is included. However, this material is not a scholastic work but is intended for individual study and reference.

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