Tending the Fire: An Illuminating Journey of Synchronicities

Tending the Fire: An Illuminating Journey of Synchronicities

by Tricia Lee Nickel


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Tending the Fire encourages us to be intensely loyal to ourselves and give our gifts while we are on earth. We are creators, and imagination is one of our God tools. We have a drive to be creative, to partake of our godness through the DNA of every cell. Outside the human body, creativity lives in the astral realm of consciousness. This is a realm of psychic phenomenon, telepathy, and clairvoyance. When a dream or a symbol is speaking to us, we can watch for a gut, heart, or inner-word response. The mind is the thinker, not the feeler. Feeling is a major component in creative discovery. To be a creator is at the heart of deep understanding of our roles in cosmic unfolding. Tending the Fire guides us through ideas, transformation practices, and celebrations to stand in our light and live joyfully.

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ISBN-13: 9781504349383
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/14/2016
Pages: 114
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Tending the Fire

An Illuminating Journey of Synchronicities

By Tricia Lee Nickel

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Tricia Lee Nickel
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4938-3


The Fire in the Cosmos - Beginnings on Planet Earth

The creative Fire at the beginning continues to spew forth the evolution of life in the whole universe. We will explore Tending the Fire on planet Earth. Astonishingly, everything was created in the beginning and has been flaring forth for billions of years. The Old Testament tells us, "In the beginning was the word." I interpret this as the Fire of the mind. Our experiences, synchronicities, ecstatic moments, beginnings and endings are the particles and quantum waves of energy and information.

Science tells us that the universe, and time itself, has a beginning in the big bang about 15 billion years ago. Stephen Hawking suggests that the big bang marks the instant that the universe began and all the matter started to expand. All forces or energy were unified at that time, from the beginning.

The 16th century Kabbalist, Isaac Luria suggested there are ten dimensions. Nine are beyond time and space. Our physical world contains space and time. The creator gave all the souls an opportunity for one great purpose for life on Earth: For companionship and to bestow this infinite light of happiness on us. Part of the light is the human soul that we bring in when we incarnate. On Earth we live in duality consciousness, light and dark. The ego is the dark coat that keeps our light hidden. The ego is not who we are. The ego is the part of us that reacts. A myth about the God Prometheus, the God of ecstasy, light and creativity, was created as part of the mythological story for the Greeks. Prometheus wanted to help humans on Earth enjoy their light. He brought his gifts of enlightenment and was punished every night by having his liver torn out. The ego of the Gods could not tolerate others having power, light and creative choice.

Michael Bernard Beckwith, a dynamic spiritual leader tells us "Our inner spirit is the most vibrantly real and ecstatic aspect of our being. Spiritual awakening is a journey of the heart. Every person's heart is a flame to know its true nature, to commune with its Source." Lao-Tzu put it beautifully when he urged his students to "Use the light that dwells within you to regain your natural clarity of sight." The Fire Lao-Tzu was speaking about is the Fire of spiritual light present in the universe and ourselves. Making this discovery is what begins to change each of us in the human family from generations of living like reactive victims. The most remarkable transformation can come when we connect with the creator within ourselves. When this happens, the Fire of wholeness, connection, rebirth, compassion, and unconditional love opens all possibility of miracles in our lives. The Gospel According to Thomas declares "We came from the light, the place where light came into being of its own."

There is a body of knowledge that will guide us to remember we are spiritual beings moving through human experience. As Jung advised, let's be inspired to wake up, love ourselves, and give our gifts. Believing we are saved by anyone diminishes our spirit and light. This is a time for us and our dear Earth to daily Create, Meditate and Celebrate together! At the end of each chapter there will be processes to support our life journey of self-knowledge and transformation through being creators, meditators, and celebrants of our own life.

Here is a Fire thought to keep burning: When we are struggling with any challenge, whether it is ill health, a lack of money, a lost job, low self-esteem, addictions, relationships, an accident, whatever - we need to look for the embers of our spirit so we can experience living in the eternal now.

Ancient cultures like Atlantis and Lemuria knew what they called The Law of One. The Law of One sees unity, wholeness and balance in what appears as duality. We are dancing with the dark and the light through many transformations. The most stunning awareness is the interconnectedness of the whole system, as well as the aspects of human life: body, mind, emotion and spirit. After dancing with the light and dark and learning to tend the Fire in my life, I am now aware of two things: I can stand in my light and I can feel my happiness and joy within myself. I was told in numerous ways throughout my life, that my "light was too bright". Shame and blame for who we are, and what gifts we have to give, has been dampened for all us in some way. The strengths of my Aries Fire would bubble with enthusiasm. Talking and sharing was, and is, a big delight for me. How did the nuns in catholic school years ago handle my talking? To my embarrassment and amazement, the nuns would scotch tape my mouth.

Another gift I came in with was strong intuitive knowing. I often connect with flashes of information from my soul. To my comfort a book by Connie Kaplan called, The Invisible Garment crossed my path several years ago. Connie's book delineates 30 Spiritual Principles. I immediately turned to the 13 Principle as my birthday is on the 13th. My heart Fire glowed when I saw that 13 is a mystical number. Paraphrasing parts of the section called 13 Intelligence: Having Intelligence in my pattern indicates that one of the gifts I am delivering to life is the ability to interface clearly with information and synchronicities coming from the environment. In the body, Intelligence is concentrated in the nervous system, without judgment or bias, giving and receiving data intercellularly. Physical intuition is strong. This is so true for me; I get gut knowings all the time. Years ago, while in a spiritual group, we put on a pageant called Bless Man. One of the main songs in this presentation was "Thirteen is a Mystical Number". Our gifts of intuition can come through the body with our five senses; the mind with inspiration and intuitive knowing, emotions with feelings and the spirit with movements and joy.

Following is a Sun poem that came from my spirit on my morning walk some months ago:

Today and every day, I walk the pathway of
inspiration, light and unconditional love.
My light radiates out from the center of the
universe through me like a million Suns.
I unlock the doorway of my consciousness to this divine light.
Through the night and day, divine being floods
my being with this light of the million Suns.
I walk the path of joy moment to moment.
I respond to the inner Suns in every one
who walks, talks and plays with me.
I rejoice in this amazing realization!
I am born of the spirit and will radiate my life on Earth in
excellent health, wealth and relationships of deep comfort.
All is always well.

Sunrises are beginnings and Sun sets are endings. What beauty did you experience with a sunrise that you can still feel in your heart and spirit? What memory of a sunset is still with you? A story has been told about the end of Carl Jung's life. His son related how his father requested, "Carry me to the window so I can experience my last sunset."

The following creation story was given to me in hand written form at the end of Aunt Elsie's life on Earth. "The Native Peoples spoke of creation and our life on Earth in this way: Before this world came to be, there lived in the sky-world an ancient chief. In the center of his land grew a beautiful tree which had four white roots stretching to each of the four directions: north, south, east and west. From that beautiful tree, all good things grew. Then it came to be that the beautiful tree was uprooted and through the hole made in the sky-world fell the youthful wife of the ancient chief, a handful of seeds which she grabbed from the tree as she fell, clutched in her hand. Far below there was only water and water creatures who looked up as they swam. "Someone comes," said the duck. "We must make room for her". The great turtle swam up from his place in the depths. "There is room on my back," the great turtle said. "But there must be earth where she can stand," said the duck, and so he dove beneath the waters, but he could not reach the bottom, and came up with a tiny speck of earth clutched in his paw. "Place the earth on my back," the great turtle said, and as they spread the tiny speck of earth it grew larger and larger and larger until it became the whole world. The two swans flew up and between their wings they caught the woman who fell from the sky. They brought her gently down to the earth where she dropped her handful of seeds from the sky-world. Then it was that the first plants grew and life on this new earth began."

The interconnectedness of life can be felt throughout this beautiful creation story. Imagine and sense: You have one grain of sand in your hand. In your imagination, place the grain of sand in the ocean. Every grain of sand moves over to welcome the missing grain.

Through life experiences we can lose our balance, freeze in our actions, fight a situation, or simply flee in times of stress. We can take an action to help rebalance ourselves; just like the grain of sand that when it is returned to its source it restores harmony. A system of movement that is rich in healing called Nia was developed in the 1980's. A few years ago I discovered, by grace, Nia. I am living my life artfully again. I dance and move barefoot with others with soundtracks, mirrors and instruction of a Nia trained instructor. We are born for Joy. We create and participate in our Joy. We feel again. The movement and dancing touches our warm coals, our warming heart and ignites our Fire spirit again. Every part of us, body, mind, emotion and spirit may be present at a session. Following are sixteen benefits of Nia:

• It increases the pleasure in your body

• It creates weight loss and proper weight maintenance

• It strengthens muscles, improves muscle tone, and incases muscle definition

• It calms the mind and relieves stress

• It improves endurance

• It increases grace and flexibility

• It balances the autonomic nervous system

• It improves posture and can even increase height

• It improves organ function - particularly of the heart and lungs

• It enhances sensory awareness

• It heightens sexual function

• It builds reservoirs of chi

• It alleviates emotional problems, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders, obsessive- compulsive disorders, and anger management problems

• It improves circulation of blood and improves lymphatic drainage

• It strengths immunity

• It improves concentration and cognitive function

Nia uses principles in moving the body. There are 13 principles. I will discuss three of them as they are wonderfully affecting my life now. The Joy of Movement, Awareness and Dancing through Life, and Dance what you Sense:

The Joy of Movement Joy is what we look for through the movement of our body. For discomfort - move and the body responds. If tension backs up in your neck and jaw, open wide, count to four and close. I can feel the gift of relaxation.

Awareness and Dancing through Life A weekly Nia class began some self-healing. Now I am doing two classes. The Nia class has wonderful wood floors and a large mirrored wall. Bare feet dancing and images of myself moving feel so good. Recently, as I danced I watched myself in the mirror and I 'saw' my beautiful Self reflecting back to me!

Dance what you Sense My feet are my hands that touch the Earth. I connect and give energy to the Earth and the Earth responds and the flow comes back to me. It is a beautiful relationship. I feel my aliveness in my body when I move and dance. I am the creator of my life steps. I choose to be 'alive', to be balanced, I belong to me. I am me when I move and I am me in stillness. My body needs comfort alone and in community. Nia is a beautiful practice of daily joy alone, and together with dancing.

Let's look at the Nia perspective regarding chakras. Chakras are our inner centers of aliveness, balance, intuition and joy. Chakras are our inner wheels that run along the spine. The chakras can be doorways to deeper parts of our body, our psyche, and our spirituality.

Chakra one This chakra is directly moved by the movement of the pelvis. Move this center to develop a strong connection between the body and the earth. We can grow a sense of security and trust in life.

Chakra two This chakra is affected by pelvic and subtle chest movements. Moving this chakra develops a strong connection with our female and male sexual energy. We create from this chakra and can experience exuberance and joy when we are creators.

Chakra three We call this chakra the solar plexus. This center is moved by the pelvis, chest and head. Many organs are stimulated by this chakra. Our self-confidence, will and personal power will be heightened. In Tending the Fire of our lives, Chakra three is the inner Sun. Recently in a reiki session I saw and experienced the golden flames of my inner sun move out of my body.

Chakra four the heart chakra is affected by motions of the rib cage and chest. In stillness or movement we can develop a deep connection with love, compassion, joy and sorrow.

Chakra five is affected by head and neck movements. This chakra stimulates the head, eyes, ears and throat. Movement and stillness in this chakra will heal, or improve our ability for self-expression.

Chakra six known as the brow chakra is the intuition chakra. When moved, this chakra center stimulates the head, eyes, ears, face and throat. Moving this center develops a connection to our intuitive knowing. Intuition can manifest as a meaningful coincidence, a synchronicity, symbols that open us to new ways of seeing.

Chakra seven is called the 'crown' chakra and has no spinal contact. It is located above the crown of our head and is affected by intention and conscious connection to things beyond the physical realms. This chakra is our connection beyond the physical realm. Move this center and develop a connection between you and your spirit, your divine energy.

Working with our chakras with both movement and stillness keeps us on our healing path throughout our lives.

We are here to Tend the Fire of our life and to give the gifts that we came to share. Every culture knows that dance creates them. Every movement is a meditation to center, create and live with joy. One of my favorite stillness practices is to color mandalas. There is movement in the coloring and stillness can go deep. Rumi said this about Dance: "Dance when you're broken open. Dance if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you are perfectly free."

In the following chapters, we are going to explore and practice working with, and playing with, the physical and metaphysical aspects of our lives. For grounding, we will begin with a diagram I used in college and group teaching, A Body of Knowledge Our Path to Wholeness, Revelation and Healing.


We are creators when we bring something into existence. It is within each of us to move thought, emotion, and physical movement. Creating is Tending the Fire in our life that reflects our spirit. In quantum thinking we can observe particles and waves. Before creation can manifest, things can be random or chaotic. Creativity is the ability to see data in new ways, new expressions or new frequencies. Personal imagination is one of our god tools. Creative consciousness opens us to unconditional love. Creating is not thinking. Our spirit speaks to us and touches us through messages and visceral taps. A symbol from waking or dreaming can speak to us intuitively or with a gut, heart feeling response. In Tending the Fire we can move from victim consciousness to creative actions. In my experience, the realms of unconditional love bring the gold of awareness and change. Love, at an ego level, doesn't seem to energetically create the deeper healing we desire in our lives for ourselves and others.

In the Earth plane we need to attend to body, mind, and emotion with our creative spirit. As an example: Wishing for a health change? Unconditional love is the Fire of creation to flow through the cells of the body, the thoughts of the mind and the practices of holistic health givers. Make every day a creative adventure; movement for the body, affirmations for the mind, compassion for our emotional self.


Excerpted from Tending the Fire by Tricia Lee Nickel. Copyright © 2016 Tricia Lee Nickel. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Fire in the Cosmos - Beginnings on Planet Earth, 1,
Chapter 2. Our Journey on Earth - Tending The Fire: The Physical and the Metaphysical, 12,
Chapter 3. Ancestors, Native Teachings, Shamanism - Interconnected Web of Life: We Come from the Stars And Return to the Stars, 19,
Chapter 4. Mother Earth - Tending our Garden, Moving Through the Seasons, Giving our Gifts and Talents, 29,
Chapter 5. Spirituality, Peri-Natal, Matrices and Birth-Death- Rebirth Archetypes, 39,
Chapter 6. Our Life Journey - Jung and the Individuation Process: The Journey of Wholeness, Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit, 50,
Chapter 7. Tending The Fire with our Families - Creating, Meditating, Celebrating Together, 64,
Chapter 8. Bringing our Stars Down to Earth - Finding and Following our North Star, 78,

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