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I dare you to read a 'Kurland' story and not enjoy it. (Heartland Critiques)

Welcome to a world of chivalry, danger, legends, and love. These four original novellas bring to life all the romance and adventure of the Middle Ages, with the common thread of a rich medieval tapestry woven through each tale.

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ISBN-13: 9780515133622
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/27/2002
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 532,996
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Lynn Kurland is the USA Today bestselling author of Stardust of Yesterday, A Dance Through Time, This Is All I Ask, The Very Thought of You, Another Chance to Dream, The More I See You, and If I Had You. She is also a contributor to The Christmas Cat, Christmas Spirits, Veils of Time, Opposites Attract, and A Knight’s Vow anthologies. A full-time writer, she lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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Tapestry 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 73 reviews.
Solstice-Ballad1 More than 1 year ago
Karen Marie Moning's short story, with Jane and Aedan, was sweet, and fun!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Four bestselling authors combine their talents to create a mixed anthology that will surely have something for everyone.

TO KISS THE SHADOWS is Lynn Kurland's entry into the collection. Lianna has spent her life in hiding, her lovely face still bears scars from when her family was killed, making her a ward of the king. She is made even more an outcast when her lovely spirit draws the attentions of two brothers, one the most eligible knight in the realm, the other, more handsome brother, a suspected warlock. Madeline Hunter tells a more conventional tale in AN INTERRUPTED TAPESTRY wherein a young woman attempts to pay off her brother's debts by selling a tapestry, not realizing that she is about to encounter true love. Sherilyn Kenyon takes a fantastic turn in DRAGONSWAN, a most unusual tale of a lycanthrope time traveler who finds his true mate in a woman of our time. The only problems are that he can not live in this time period, he is outcast from his people, and his enemies are hunting him, and now his true love, who is not happy to be stuck several centuries in the past, away from the comforts of home, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. Finally, Karen Marie Monig ties up the collection with INTO THE DREAMING, a tale reminescent of the legend of Tam Lin. A young woman of this century is taken back in time to meet the man she was meant to love; however, he is under the spell of the Unseelie King, and only she can release him. However, she has only a month, or he will be lost forever.

***** Each story is unique and lives up to the rest of the author's work. It also gives fans who might buy the anthology for one favored writer to get a taste of how good the other three are. Though all entrires are stand alone, Ms. Kurland gives hope of a sequel to tell the other brother's story. *****

Reviewed by Amanda Killgore.

harstan More than 1 year ago
¿To Kiss in the Shadows¿ by Lynn Kurland. The women fear the arrival of Jason of Artane. However, one Lianna of Grasleigh hides in the shadows of her tapestry yet somehow Jason finds his heart¿s quest if he can make her see what he sees.

¿An Interrupted Tapestry¿ by Madeline Hunter. Desperate to make remittance on her brother¿s debt, Gisele tries to sell her best tapestry to old friend Hanseatic League trader Andreas. However, though not good for trade, Andreas and Gisele fall in lieben.

¿Dragonswan¿ by Sherrilyn Kenyon. In Richmond, scholar Dr. Channon 'Shannon with a C' MacRae ponders the olde English words on the dragon tapestry when Sebastian Kattalakis disturbs her by muttering something about dragons, crunching and ketchup. He must persuade his beloved that not only does she belong to him, but also he will open the history of the world to her.

¿Into the Dreaming¿ by Karen Marie Moning. In Indiana, Jane Sillee dreams of the Highlander and now owns a medieval tapestry that she has no idea who or why it was sent to her. She looks deeply at it when suddenly she is transported back to 928 Scotland where she meets her Highlander, Aedon MacKinnon. She has to break the evil spell that engulfs the man she has loved since she first dreamed of him.

Though each tale is different except for the theme of a tapestry involved in the plot, fans will enjoy these stories due to wonderful lead characters. The contributors have done great jobs entertaining the romance reading troops.

Harriet Klausner

red_dianthus on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I hate it when I like the first story in a book of short stories the best, no matter how much I still liked the rest I can't appreciate them as well if I am comparing them unfavorably to the first story.This book has four romance stories all with a tapestry, hence the title. Two are historical and two paranormal romance with time travel. The two with supernatural aspects seemed a little contrived when compared to the historic ones. They also felt a little rushed in parts.
wyvernfriend on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Four interesting stories all featuring a tapestry and all featuring romance. The tapestry in all incidences is almost a character in it's own right and as the stories also feature a certain amount of paranormal and historical details I found them quite enjoyable.
Chandra-of-Red on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Story 1: Her face has been marred by the pox. In the King's court she spends her time needle pointing a tapestry. He sees her but not think anything of her scarred face.Story 2: Her brother is in trouble. She goes to an old friend, a successful merchant, hoping he will give her money to help her brother. The one thing that has any value to her and her family heirloom tapestry.Story 3: He comes from the Medieval era to take the Dragon Tapestry back to his time. She loves to study Medieval history. Their attraction is immediate and uncontrollable. Story 4: She has dreamed of her Highlander since she was a child in her modern day era. Now as an adult she is sent to "his time period" to rescue him.
rocalisa on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is probably my favourite of Kenyon's HunterLegends short stories. Of course, it has a dragon in it - and a super sexy one at that - which gives it a good head start. Sebastian is a lovely character; I love the way he always tells Channon the truth and because of the situation, she initially takes it all as a joke. She is strong and clever and takes things in her stride in a realistic kind of way. Perhaps because this is a short story, although it has many of the usual trappings where the hero keeps agonising over whether he can subject the heroine to his dangerous lifestyle, it's in character here and doesn't go so far as to be annoying. There's a nice explanation of the creation of the Were-Hunters that I probably didn't pay full attention to the first time as I didn't know how important it would become. I like the reason why dragons can't safely live in the 20th (or now the 21st) century and I really like Channon and Sebastian. I hope we'll get to see them make a guest appearance in a later book.
ValerieL More than 1 year ago
Tapestry is anthology with four different authors: Lynn Kurland, Madeline Hunter, Sherrilyn Kenyon, & Karen Marie Moning. Each of the stories has a tapestry that plays a prominent role in the story line, hence the title of Tapestry. I originally bought the book for the Lynn Kurland's story, To Kiss in the Shadows, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really liked three out of four of the stories in the anthology. The only one I didn't really like was Into the Dreaming, but even that was well-written, it just wasn't my cup of tea. To Kiss in the Shadows is my favorite out of the four. Jason is one of my favorite de Piaget characters and I enjoyed reading his story. He's a wonderful, humble, well-rounded character. He's as fierce with a sword as any of his brothers, but unlike those brothers, he doesn't hide from his compassionate side. I also really enjoyed Dragonswan by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I was a bit surprised because I don't usually like her style of writing, but I found this one intriguing and fascinating. It's well-written, has wonderful characters and is just a joy to read. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes historical romance or paranormal romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All of these stories are well written and great to read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Quick reading. I had read Lynn Kurland's books before but not the other authors. I found all the stories entertaining and it allowed me get to see other authors styles. Time travel romances in each of the 4 books but with all different story types.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Four short stories - hard to decide which one gets the prize for WORST short story ever written; but, I'll vote for story #1 - SAVE your money!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you love time travel and going back where chivalry still existed, this is the book for you. Plots are original and engaging. The stories are funny, heartfelt and live in a fantasy where you can live the stories you read.
1960nurse More than 1 year ago
I bought this book specifically for the Karen Marie Moning story, who is one of my favorite authors. If you like her Highlander series, you will also like this story. Sorry to say, the other stories I have yet to read, so I can't comment on them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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