Tales from Aardvark County

Tales from Aardvark County

by Edwin Grover Lawrence


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Tales from Aardvark County

The Old-Timer invites you to take a trip with him via his book to a place called Aardvark County. His stories reflect a simpler time in a community where normal is defined by what seems right at the time. Come with him as he hilariously relates stories about Groveville, the county seat of Aardvark County. Laugh with him as he tells about Pastor Laster, the beloved, but often misunderstood pastor of the First Community Fellowship Church.

You will also hear about some of the citizens of Aardvark County and their antics including:
• A young man who blew up the church outhouse
• A woman who used an old hymn as a cooking aid
• A barbershop where lying was an Olympic sport
• A man who helped preach his own funeral
• A man whose lack of education proved valuable
• A dog who attended church faithfully
• A wild critter that disrupted a church service
• A woman who was so ugly that she made a dog sick
• A man with an idea to help blind people drive a car
• A church group who discovered a good, but illegal cooking spice.

And much, much more!

This is the only book in existence, in the known world, that has a money-back guarantee, in case you don't laugh. (Please see introduction for details.) Please read this book in the presence of a responsible adult, so that if you pop a gut laughing, they can secure medical help. The author will not be responsible for any present or future medical conditions caused by laughing at this book.

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