Sushi Specials: More than 50 Recipes for the Perfect Presentation

Sushi Specials: More than 50 Recipes for the Perfect Presentation

by Oyamada Yasuto


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Master sushi chef Oyamada Yasuto offers a perfect fusion of East and West with a vibrant collection of recipes combining Japanese principles with fresh ingredients that will enable aspiring sushi chefs to prepare amazing dishes that any restaurant would be proud to call their own.  From sashimi specials to fusion rolls to nigiri, gunkan, and inari, this giftable collection offers more than 50 recipes to try and savor.

All recipes are beautifully photographed with clear how-to images, and those new to Japanese cooking will appreciate the introduction to basics, the descriptions of important ingredients, and the detailed explanation of key tools and resources.

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ISBN-13: 9781623540562
Publisher: Charlesbridge
Publication date: 03/03/2015
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Oyamada Yasuto began as an apprentice in Japan at the age of sixteen, moving to Tokyo to learn the traditional ways of handling fish. From there he moved to New York, working in various restaurants to study under sushi masters. He opened his own restaurants in London and St. Petersburg, Russia. His Japanese fusion style was honed at Morimoto in New York, and his newest restaurant, Fugu, is in Tel Aviv, Israel

Read an Excerpt

Lemon Salmon
This is one of the most requested rolls at my restaurant. It’s attractive, delicious and sure to please.

2¾ ounces (80 grams) salmon
1 teaspoon spicy mayonnaise,
plus more for serving
1 ⁄3 ounce (10 grams) takuan
(pickled daikon)
1 thick egg omelet (page 22),
1 asparagus spear, blanched
¼ cucumber, cut into very thin sticks
½ nori sheet
2⁄3 cup sushi rice
¼ avocado, finely sliced
¼ lemon
1 teaspoon orange ikura
(salmon roe)
a b
1 tablespoon finely chopped scallions
Wasabi paste, for serving
Gari (pickled ginger), for serving
Soy sauce, for serving

Table of Contents

The Basics
The Japanese Pantry
Serving & Presenting
Sushi Glossary
How to Choose Fish
How to Roll Sushi
Types of Fish and Seafood
Sushi Rice
Egg Crepes
Shredded Egg Crepes
Thick Egg Omelet
Seasoned Shiitake Mushrooms
Sashimi Specials
Lobster Sashimi
Red Snapper Sugar Zukuri
Assorted Sashimi Mori
Salmon Tataki with Sumiso
Toro Salmon with Grapefruit
Grouper with Plum Jelly Sauce
Squid with Kimizu
Fresh Oysters with Three Sauces
Tuna Spicy Yukke
Grouper Shabu Shabu
Special Fusion Rolls
Spicy Tuna Roll
Amberjack Wasabi
Crunchy Spicy Tuna
Lemon Salmon
Salmon Mozzarella
Salmon, Avocado and Mozzarella Sandwich
Grouper Tempura Roll
Lobster Tempura Roll
Tuna and Egg Omelet Maki
Salmon, Egg and Shiitake Mushroom Futomaki
Rainbow Hako Zushi
Red Snapper Hako Zushi
Salmon and Avocado with Soy Paper Maki
Oyster Tempura Gunkan
Spinach and Salmon with Karachi Yuzu Miso
Nigiri, Gunkan, and Inari Specials
Toro Salmon Nigiri
Red Snapper Nigiri
Blanched Tuna Nigiri
Tuna Monkfish Nigiri
Amberjack Nigiri
Eggplant Nigiri
Asparagus Butter Nigiri
Spicy Tuna Inari
Salmon Shiitake Inari
Eel, Avocado, and Monkfish Liver Inari
Tiger Prawn with Yuzu Mayo Inari
Spicy Tuna Gunkan
Tobiko with Quail Egg Gunkan 
Squid and Ikura Gunkan 
Ikura Gunkan Wrapped with Salmon
Chirashi Zushi (Sushi in a Bowl) Specials and Extras
Salmon Chirashi Zushi
Bara Chirashi Zushi
Authentic Chirashi Zushi
Squid Hana Zukuri
Amberjack Yuzu Gomaae
Tomatoes with Cheese
Garlic Rice
Salmon Misoni
Yogurt Tsukemono

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