Stravinsky: Composer & Performer, Vol. 3

Stravinsky: Composer & Performer, Vol. 3

by Igor Stravinsky

CD(Includes book)

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Anyone who loves the music of Igor Stravinsky will have to hear this set of discs. True, the music included isn't among his most popular works, but the works included are nevertheless among his most appealing -- "The Symphony in Three Movements," the "Ebony Concerto," and the "Concerto in D" -- his funniest -- the "Circus Polka" and the "Scherzo � la russe" -- his most spiritual -- the "Pater Noster" and "Ave Maria" -- and his most profane -- "L'histoire du soldat." And true, the performances included aren't among the greatest ever made, but then Stravinsky wasn't among the greatest conductors ever to take up the baton. But while there have been better conductors, few have the authority and insight that Stravinsky brings to his own music and that counts for more than baton technique. But the real reason anyone who loves the music of Stravinsky will have to hear this set of discs is that Andante has done a superb job of remastering these classic performances from the '40s. Even Pearl and Sony have not done so fine a job: everything is audible, everything is balanced, and everything is as real as it is ever likely to get. When coupled with Andante's superb notes and lavish packaging, this set is absolutely essential to anyone who loves the music of Stravinsky.

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Release Date: 04/20/2004
Label: Andante
UPC: 0699487114029
catalogNumber: 1140
Rank: 207972


  1. Danses concertantes, for chamber orchestra
  2. Circus Polka, for orchestra ("for a young elephant")
  3. Norwegian Moods (4), for orchestra
  4. Ode, elegiacal chant for orchestra
  5. Scherzo à la Russe, for orchestra
  6. Scènes de ballet, for orchestra
  7. Symphony in Three Movements, for orchestra
  8. Ebony Concerto, for clarinet & jazz band
  9. Concerto in D, for string orchestra in D major ("Basel Concerto")
  10. Orpheus, ballet in 3 scenes for orchestra
  11. L'histoire du soldat (The Soldier's Tale), concert suite for 7 instruments
  12. Octet for wind instruments
  13. Mass, for chorus & double wind quintet
  14. Pater Noster, for chorus
  15. Ave Maria, for chorus a cappella (after Bogoroditse D'vo)

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