Stepmother: A Memoir

Stepmother: A Memoir

by Marianne Lile


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Stepmother tells the story of Marianne Lile, who met a man, fell in love, got married, and arrived home from the honeymoon with a new label: stepmom. It was a role she initially embraced—but she quickly discovered she was alone in a difficult situation, with no handbook and no mentor. Here, Lile describes the complexities of the stepmom position, in a family and in the community, and shares her experience wearing a tag that is often misunderstood and weighed down by the numerous myths in society. Candid and poignant, Stepmother is a story of love and like, resentments and exasperation, resignation and hope—and a story, ultimately, of family.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781631520891
Publisher: She Writes Press
Publication date: 09/27/2016
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Marianne Lile lives in Seattle, WA. She has been a stepmother and mother of three children for over twenty years. This is her first book.

Table of Contents

Prologue A Family Portrait 1

Chapter 1 First Comes Love 3

Chapter 2 Our Town-Not a Stage Play 22

Chapter 3 Blend But Do Not Overmix 36

Chapter 4 Resolutions 43

Chapter 5 Circling 54

Chapter 6 Running Laps 76

Chapter 7 Our Families (Mine) 108

Chapter 8 Our Families (His) 115

Chapter 9 Labels and Definitions 123

Chapter 10 The Exercise Called Parenting 128

Chapter 11 Behind Closed Doors 147

Chapter 12 The Mother 155

Chapter 13 Changes 166

Chapter 14 Our Families (HERS) 186

Chapter 15 Our Kids 195

Chapter 16 Marriage 205

Epilogue Between the Lines 215

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Stepmother: A Memoir 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite Stepmother is the memoir of Marianne Lile, a woman who falls in love and marries a man with two children. The honeymoon is over and Marianne arrives at her new home with a label around her neck – stepmom. To start with, she wholeheartedly embraced her new life, not realizing the trouble and the struggles that lay ahead of her. There’s no guide for this, no rule book to follow, and there sure as hell isn’t anyone who can teach her what to do. Marianne talks at length about the troubles she faced, not just with her stepchildren, but with her own family, with her husband’s family, and with all those people that sat in judgment, never once considering what Marianne might be going through. This is a story of great courage, of love and resentment, of hopes dashed and hopes fulfilled. This is a story of love. This is a story of family. Stepmother: A Memoir by Marianne Lile is a story that comes close to me. I have that label of stepmom and although mine are grown up and living their own lives with children of their own, I understand only too well the struggles that Ms. Lile faced every single day. Living in the same house as the kids lived in with their mom is hard because there are always the constant thoughts of “this was her house”, “she chose this wallpaper” or “she planted that garden”. It is tough to step into another’s shoes, even though you are not filling them – simply because you can’t and you don’t want to. Marianne has written a great memoir here, from the heart, and I hope that it makes those who sit in judgment sit up and realize that they are at fault; there is no need to judge anyone. This no novel; this is a straight-shooting, no holds barred description of life as a stepmom and I defy anyone not to get drawn in and hooked, not to experience a whole range of emotions. And I defy anyone who isn’t from a blended family not to sit up and take note, to start realizing that a stepmom is still a mom, still a big part of a family and, above all, she is a human being who deserves respect.
Holly More than 1 year ago
Stepmother is the story of a woman who tells what it really means to be a Stepmother. Marianne Lile fell in love and married a man with two kids from a previous marriage, to come home from her honeymoon to a new title of stepmom. As she deals with issues with her two new kids and having a baby shortly after getting married, she soon discovers what it truly means to be a step-parent. In my mind, it takes guts to be willing to be step-parent and it can either be meet with good results or ending horribly for everyone involved. I get Marianne's story because I have a stepdad who was willing to step up and take the place of a father figure in my life and I also know like in Marianne's case that it's not all peaches and roses. This book needs to be read by anyone who is or gonna be a step-parent to fully get them to understand that not everything is gonna go as planned or in my case, be the best thing to ever happen to a child. Thank You to Marianne Lile for sharing your story of what the title of step-parent really means! I received this book from the BookSparks : The Magic Of Memoir Blog Tour in exchange for a honest review.