Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything

Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything

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If you're ready to get unstuck, love your work, and make the dream happen, entrepreneur and business coach Brian Dixon has a message for you: Start with Your People.

After one too many burned bridges and failed projects, Brian Dixon set out to discover the secret to work you love and a life that matters. In Start with Your People, Brian shows you the single most important key to fully engage your relationships and unlock the door to purpose, passion, and profit.

The truth is, your dream is not a solo venture. You need your people. And your people need you. Start with Your People is your one-stop guide for maximizing the most important resource to succeed in business and in life: relationships. Enter a new kind of hustle - one that supercharges what's possible on your path to profitable purpose.

Join Brian to discover the people-first mindset that changes everything, including:

  • The #1 key to unlocking your powerful network (without being cheesy or fake)
  • A 10-step method to create your own personal mission statement
  • Why your family actually helps you succeed at work, and how to see your kids as a legacy instead of a liability
  • The counter-intuitive method to increase your income (without quitting your job)
  • Little-known secrets to convert your under-performing team to a powerful dream team
  • The fastest, safest way to deal with the difficult people in your life
  • Plus, you get 11 powerful mindset hacks including Brian's life-changing morning practice

Start with Your People is the step-by-step blueprint you need to love your work and get after it. Packed with strategic principles, practical tips, and engaging stories, you'll be able to lean into your home team as you move forward with clarity and confidence.

Tired of struggling? Ready to take action? Start here to unlock the door to purposeful profit today.

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ISBN-13: 9781978678361
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Edition description: Unabridged
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 6.75(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Brian Dixon has a doctoral degree in education technology from the University of San Diego. He has consulted with universities, publishers, nonprofits, and hundreds of coaching students to help them clarify their message and serve their ideal audience. As a podcaster, conference speaker, and consultant, Brian is passionate about helping high performers thrive in a world of overwhelming options.

Table of Contents

Foreword 11

1 A Shocking Discovery and a Resolution 15

2 The Power of a Simple Daily Decision 25

Part 1 People: Seeing Those Already In Our Lives 29

Work: The Best Place to Start with Your People 36

3 Clients: Everything You Want Begins by Serving Your Ideal Client 39

4 Team: You've Already Found Your Dream Team 49

5 Boss: Your Number One Client 59

Home: The Important People We Too Often Neglect 64

6 Spouse: From Kryptonite to Superpower 67

7 Kids: From Liability to Legacy 81

Life: Find the Balance between the Have and the Want 92

8 Friends: Your Secret Advantage 93

9 Difficult People: How to Turn an Adversary into an Advocate 107

10 Your Future Self: How to Be Who You Want to Be 119

Part 2 Purpose: Uncovering Your People-First Mission 133

11 Show Up and Serve 135

12 Create Your Purpose Statement 149

13 How to Grow a Powerful Network 165

Part 3 Profit: Making a Living Loving the Work You Do 185

14 Fixing Your Money Mindset 187

15 Five Ways to a Raise 201

Practice: Quick Exercises to Help You Put People First 207

Tomorrow Morning 223

Bonus Resources 227

A Quick Favor 236

Acknowledgments 237

Resources 239

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Start with Your People: The Daily Decision that Changes Everything 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
KimWahl 6 months ago
The heart of the book can be found in this quote: "Living your purpose starts with showing up and serving. It’s not about you. It’s about helping them." In Start With Your People, Brian Dixon passionately explains the key to success is found in serving those around you well. He challenges the reader to remember the most important thing is people and offers practical, applicable, sustainable advice for becoming and remaining successful through serving. Powerful! **I received an advance reader copy of this book. I am under no obligation to review the book. All opinions are my own.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I really appreciate Brian's posture in this book. He starts out humbly by sharing his own mistakes and downfalls and how these led him to putting his people first in business and life. I'm grateful for this approach. Each chapter has real-life stories, wisdom to help readers make decisions, and actionable next steps. As a writer and entrepreneur, this book is a welcome resource!
Anonymous 5 months ago
This book was so refreshing to read. I am so happy that there is someone out there writing about the truths of putting people first in your life. Brian does an amazing job of explaining the value of really making life about the people you share it with and how this can lead you to success in all areas of your life. You definitely need to pick up a copy of this book today!! There isn't a better book on people first leadership on the market.
Jennifer Holmes 5 months ago
I loved this book because of the great content, but also because I know that Brian lives out what he preaches in this book. If you're looking for inspirational content and practical tips together, this is the book for you. It was a great read that will be a huge help in my business and I will return to it again and again.
MeganEricson 5 months ago
Brian says in his book: What's obvious to you is magic to other people. And this book is packed full of magical advice. His practical use-right-now advice for finding success by caring well for the people around you may be obvious to Brian, but I'm so glad he took the time to write it all down so we could benefit. In fact, it took me way longer to read his book than necessary because I kept putting it down to send a text or write an email. I couldn't wait. I had to start with my people now! 
JodiGrubbs 6 months ago
The book Start With Your People, is so enlightening. Author Brian J. Dixon reveals what seems like a simple mantra but as you read the book you realize it's actually profound and is the basis for all kinds of personal and business succes. This phrase, "start with your people" really is the daily decision that changes everything! Brian shows us how we can enjoy success in our work and in our relationships simultaneously by always thinking of others. He uses real life examples of his own failures and his successes. This easy to read book would be a fabulous gift for a variety of people, including college graduates, small business owners, corporate leaders and people in ministry.
citysafari 6 months ago
Validating, Igniting—Practical! Like the composer author Brian Dixon described as a guy who'd done everything you're supposed to do to get noticed so you'd get opportunities you prepared for and couldn't be truly alive without, I've worked all the traditional options correctly and compulsively, with close to no return. I've even done it knowing my own light shines brightest when I help other people discover and develop their gifts, therefore trusting God would respond to my awareness and to the world's needs. But first, about Start with Your People book. Did you know your people include "everyone you interact with, not just your family, friends, and coworkers"? That's every single person. Good beginning. However, you still need your own tribe, which often means "asking for help. No one succeeds on their own. Everyone has a team. ... When you're inside the bottle, it's impossible to read the label. That's why we need other people. ... Allow these people to speak into your life and be honest with you." (page 129, launch team pdf book version) Again, that validated what I've known almost forever, but that's where the book title and concept becomes powerful. You start with the people by serving them, by placing them first, as Jesus would. When my social and professional networks both crashed, I knew I needed to rebuild, but that's the subject of several earlier blogs and not a topic for today. Brian includes a dozen examples of people who've reclaimed their dreams after failure or brought their dreams to life for the first time ever. If they could do it, so can you. Me, too! Although Brian clearly is a highly committed Christian – follower of The Way of Jesus, as the early church would say – and Start with Your People is firmly grounded in service, you would not need to be Christian, religious, or even acknowledge some kind of spirit of life in order to benefit and change from reading the book, from asking, "What are you working through?" and – if that's how you roll – doing the exercises at the end of the book. Brian J Dixon's Start with Your People offers a practical, life-giving way to make your own particular gifts, passions, and skills matter to the world as you engage in community building that validates everyone's worth. Like very very many people these days, I found myself suddenly in the gig economy (sometimes ironically called the precariat), trying to find a way in a world where internet expansion and a major financial recession had moved a ton of work to third world countries where the cost of living is minuscule compared to North America and Western Europe. Still, Brian's ideas give me hope for a future when again I'll wake up excited about my work for that day. BTW, distinct and discrete projects never have stopped exciting me; I'm waiting for that next level that will happen because Brian Dixon's experience and insight has lit a new fire for me! Notice of Material Connection: As a member of the launch team, I received a free pre-publication copy with no requirement or expectation I'd write a positive review. As always, the opinions expressed are mine alone.
NeverEnoughBooks94 6 months ago
Dixon has laid out a path that considers your whole life. While a fantastic business book, it's so much more. From family, networking, to building a tribe, this book approaches service in a doable and actionable way.
DebAlexander 6 months ago
Brian Dixon has written a book that will help anyone who is seeking to take their business - whatever that business may be - to the next level. His suggestion is simultaneously simple and powerful: start with your people. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of this idea and includes anecdotes as well as practical ways to put your people first; each chapter concludes with action steps to take that will propel you forward in this specific area. Brian is a humble writer who shares his failures so that we might learn from them, and who shares where he has been successful in order to encourage his readers to see new possibilities. I especially appreciated the section that taught me how to create my personal mission statement. I also found the section on working with difficult people to be extremely helpful. I recommend Brian’s book to anyone who feels stuck and wants to take a strong step forward. This is an excellent book.
MelissaN 6 months ago
Is this a business book? Yes. Is it so much more? Yes. I am a stay at home mom and a writer - not a business woman. However, the concepts, wisdom, and practical steps Brian lays out in this book for starting with your people can change anyone's life. It has helped me revive dreams that have laid dormant and begin to move toward them again. Part I covers all of your relationships at work, home, and in life. With engaging stories, heart, and a call to action in each chapter, the author challenges the reader to reevaluate the way they look at and move toward the people in their lives. If this were the whole book, it would be worth it. And I love that he digs in on how to have a thriving marriage and invite your children into your dreams. Oh, and can we talk about difficult people? Yes, we can and Brian does. However, there's more! The next section of the book covers Purpose. These three powerful chapters help the reader clarify their mission, accomplish it, and create a valuable network of people along the way. Brian's mindset toward networking was refreshing and motivating, even for me - a quiet introvert. He establishes the right way to think about our mission and purpose while offering practical steps to implement a plan to accomplish them. Yes, please! The last section covers Profit and discusses how to think about money as you build a business or chase a dream. While this is often a topic we cringe at when it is raised (pun intended), Brian manages to talk about money in such a way that anyone stuck in the trenches will raise their head and pay attention. If you are willing to work hard and think outside the box, Brian's counsel about Profit can radically change the way you not only think about money but also how you make it. Finally, the book closes with some fabulous bonus material that beautifully sums up the principles and leaves the reader with practical steps to move forward. Stay at home mom, business owner, entrepreneur? Yes, this book is for you.