Stand Up Doormat: A Relationship Survival Guide For

Stand Up Doormat: A Relationship Survival Guide For "The Nice Guy": (Understanding Women, Love, Spirituality & Ourselves)

by Gary DeJidas


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Tired of being taken advantage of for being too nice? You don't have to turn into a jerk, but you will have to change. It took me many years and tons of mistakes to figure out what I was doing wrong. Call "Stand Up, Doormat" an instruction manual for Nice Guys or whatever, just don't make the same stupid mistakes that I did. Please.

Awesome Chicks want a "bad boy" about as badly as they want their next car to be a 1988 Corolla. Hot chicks wanting to date a jerk is a total myth. Every woman wants to date a nice guy. But no woman wants a doormat. Huge difference. Doormats equal no respect, and get walked all over.

After I finished writing this Nice Guy Relationship Survival Guide, a thought occurred to me. Most guys do not like to read. Being a guy myself, I know the difficulty in getting myself to read anything besides a restaurant menu. Even then I prefer numbered pictures. There are so many things I'd rather be doing, watching, taking apart, I mean fixing... instead of reading. Even reading this description while I type it is a bit challenging.

Then it hit me. I'll just include a perfectly cooked steak with each Kindle ebook purchase. Guys love a quality cut of meat. Download-a-steak links, with medium rare, medium, and medium well options. (A noodle quiche link for my vegetarian buyers). But this Kindle download format is throwing a major wrench in my game. No matter how fast the download speed, I can't keep the steak hot. And nobody will be encouraged to buy this book if it comes with a cold T-Bone. Surprisingly, the noodle quiche downloads perfectly every time.

Tasty gimmicks aside... here's the deal. I spent 1000 days in relationship hell with women, before I finally found my spine. Like so many of us Nice Guys out there, I thought the answer was trying to make "them" happy. Being "nice" by sacrificing my needs for theirs. Well, after an extended stay in Motel Inferno, I can assure you... that isn't the answer. We find the answer the moment we shift our focus off of "them," and focus i-n-w-a-r-d, taking responsibility for our choices, lives and relationships.

"Stand Up, Doormat" is one part Personal Growth & Spirituality, one part Understanding Women, and one part Learning What Women Really Want (And Really REALLY Don't Want). The chapters are also arranged like steps, in the same order I found most beneficial in my own journey from being a wimp with women, growing a set and ending my suffering, to finally getting out of relationship hell for good. Drama-free, awesome relationships are possible. Read these pages, and the they will come.

The first 10 pages or so of the book are included as a free preview. Please CLICK on the picture of the book cover to open the preview. If you enjoy those opening pages, I know you'll enjoy the entire book.

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