Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali: The Tribute

Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali: The Tribute

by Sports Illustrated


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The definitive tribute that celebrates the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali, an American original.

From his unlikely transformation from Louisville Golden Gloves winner to Olympic gold medalist to three-time heavyweight champion, civil rights hero and at one point, the most famous person on earth, Muhammad Ali and his journey were always chronicled and celebrated by Sports Illustrated's writers and photographers. Now, all of those moments and memories are collected in Muhammad Ali: The Tribute, a deluxe fully-illustrated gift book that celebrates the life and legacy of this iconic athlete and champion.

He shook up the world and became the boxer who went from the sports page to the front page. As a young fighter he revolutionized boxing as the fleet-of-foot dancer who took the crown from Sonny Liston; his rivalry with Joe Frazier was legendary; he grew up into one of the toughest heavyweights of all time, winning The Rumble in the Jungle and the Thrilla in Manilla. He was then able to parlay that fame into a role as elder statesman and inspiration to decades of athletes who would come behind him. All of those moments are captured here in distinct chapters that take you from Rise to Rumble, Exile to Return, Greatest, and Statesman.

Written with the keen insight that only Sports Illustrated can bring, with a special gatefold that features stats and images from every one of this legendary bouts, and hundreds more black and white and full-color photographs that have become as iconic as the man himself, Muhammad Ali: The Tribute will stand as the companion piece to a legendary man and athlete.

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ISBN-13: 9780594787273
Publisher: Liberty Street
Publication date: 06/14/2016
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 464,810
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 9.80(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction Ricrard Hoffer 16

Rise 1943 - 1963 20

"Who Made Me-Is Me!" Huston Horn 22

"I'm Something A Little Special" Cassius Clay 46

Rumble 1963 - 1966 52

Ali Takes a Crown and a Cause Angela Dundee Tex Maule 54

The World Champion is Refused a Meal George Plimpton 74

Exile 1966 - 1969 80

Taps for the Champ Edwin Shrake 82

For Ali, A Time To Preach Tex Maule 106

Return 1969 - 1973 114

Man in the Mirror George Plimpton 116

At The Bell… Mark Kram 142

Kings 1973 - 1974 150

Crafty Win for Muhammad Mark Kram 152

Breaking a Date for the Dance George Plimpton 170

Thrilla 1974 - 1976 180

Manila-For Blood and For Money Mark Kram 182

"Lawdy, Lawdy, He's Great" Mark Kram 204

Greatest 1976 - 1981 212

Once More to the Mountain Pat Putnam 214

One More Time to the Top Pat Putnam 234

Statesman 240

"The Fight's Over, Joe" William Nack 242

Ali and His Entourage Gary Smith 264

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