Splendorous Light Within: From the Dawn of Pre-History the Ancient Spiritual Truth that PreDated Religion

Splendorous Light Within: From the Dawn of Pre-History the Ancient Spiritual Truth that PreDated Religion

by Lachlen Paul French


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Have you ever wondered about the beginnings of spirituality on the planet Earth .. before religion?
Event Horizon Publishing ltd presents a master work.

"There is a vast unplumbed inner world that we may Find, that we may Reach, haply, haltingly, yet gracefully that when visited exults our being, in shared Auras, yet our sensibilities are dismayed as well. The vibrational Permeation that deeply penetrates us..in this 'elevated depth' purifies old self-images of their coherence--their cohesion. Our Identity herein becomes Pure Unfettered Simplicity of being."

The quotation above is from page 7 of
"Splendorous Light Within." The message in that poem is an indicator and promise of what's coming in the book. There are answers here you will not find anywhere. The center of our being which is a Portion of Divine Life Being is revealed here and the path to it is shown in greatest simplicity. This is very probably what you're waiting for.

This is the ancient spiritual tradition that Christ exemplified, taught. Without Christ and the Essenes carrying forth the spiritual tradition from the ancient supernal guidance received so long ago we wouldn't have known all of this.

This book reveals these historic matters and the detailed spiritual guidance relevant to our highest self-discovery. It also shows the newest quantum physics of recent years supporting the spiritual foundation which Is and Within our cosmos.

Does it surprise us to know that Divinity uses science and cosmic Laws all throughout Mother Nature, to initiate and maintain all matter & energy and "time-space"? Quantum Science reveals the inner and underneath of the universe. It reveals how things work... well... sort of. The mysteries held within Divine mind are humbling.

Utilizing both the spiritual awareness of Christ and the newest scientific discoveries we find that they agree, and enhance our understanding of each other. They each proclaim that Light is the foundation and essence of the universe.

It all comes together in a magical way. This will satisfy and stretch your mind in a deeply thrilling newness, and it will uplift your heartful of hope and companionship for the Divine One of the cosmos-- who emanates all things from and within Divine Consciousness...even you and I...

This book even disproves that centuries old atheistic theory of 'haphazard random dumb-luck; Evolution. When people understand that every thing in the cosmos is supposed to have been an 'accident of dumb luck happenstance' according to their theory, it becomes amusing. It is so plain now, one could even disprove it now unassailably to their science teacher. It's truly amazing how easy it is, to do.

Enjoy this book's inspiration from the very original message and its informative quality that transforms the mind while reading it and engaging its wisdom.

You also receive herein a Modern Version of the
"Gospel According to Thomas," amplified and Interpreted for today's seeker by author Lachlen French. This "Gospel According to Thomas"--is a modern version in today's language. This gospel found in Egyptian sand in 1945 gives direct quotes from Christ.. as if he was speaking directly to You (and it was transcribed by his brother, Thomas). Its discovery amazed the world just decades ago, because it was the first discovery of other biblical literature, in nearly two millennia, not "organized" by the Mithraite overseers in the 4th century.. who had their own agenda.

It has been called the 'Source Text' by many scholars for the quotes in the Bible's synoptic gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. "When first reading this gospel I was amazed at how similar the quotes are to Christ's quotations in the Bible, yet also different in subtle poetic beautiful and mysterious ways. Many are incredibly similar, some are new, some are different. All are fascinating. Many passages seemed randomly inserted in the text with no order. It is now reordered beautifully. It so inspires, it trans

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ISBN-13: 9780615538693
Publisher: Event Horizon Publishing ldt
Publication date: 09/10/2011
Pages: 216
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About the Author

Event Horizon Publishing ltd now presents Lachlen French, the author here.
Attending a School of Theology as Seminarian he degreed in Theology/Comparative Religion/and Homiletics. Psychology, Public Communications, and Science were his degrees. He was a champion racquetball player and quarterback.

After his Theology Degree he entered the Master's Program in Communications/Fine Arts at the USC studying under director John Houseman. He was a Speech Com instructor at his Alma Mater.

'Splendorous Light Within' comes from decades of biblical, scientific, historical research and a love of esoteric instruction which Christ and the Essenes gave to the disciples.

This book and his 'Breath of Light' along with his book on 'Thomas' Gospel,' his screenplays, 'Mystic Traveler I-III' on Christ's life, tell the whole story of Jesus not told to the public. This knowledge gives us what we've longed for. Working 9 years on rendering the ancient Gospel of Thomas, into modern words, the author brings it to us after almost 2 decades of writing.

He's deeply involved in the inner endeavors for spiritual Self-awareness; a path of private exploration into the experiential domain of Divine Consciousness and universal Breath (falsely writ as 'spirit) which is the actual message in the Bible. He's taught this over decades. He's lived these disciplines--a fact rarely heard anymore. Alongside this, he spent 4 decades in the pure passion of Quantum Physics -- the science uniting Physics & Metaphysics and Mathematics with Consciousness. With his love of science, an insightful vision is given regarding the mystery of cosmic energy that comprises everything-everywhere (even our own Life force-Consciousness). We now see why reality and consciousness meld at the deepest levels of our being and in the universe.

Years later he spent time with the renowned spiritual author, William Samuel, even discovering they were related. He called William his mentor. Coming from a centuries old family of writers he feels a deep call to write. He is also a screenwriter of metaphysical high-concept adventures in his screenplays, Mystic Traveler I-III presenting Christ's entire life (even the lost years) and Aquarian Effect--science fiction for the entire human race.

His not-for-profit humanitarian firm, and his film-production firm were founded for these purposes. They bring healing endeavors to uplift our life. Today he remains a writer and public speaker in metaphysical-spiritual awareness.

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