Spawn of Skarmageddon

Spawn of Skarmageddon



What's a supportive record company to do? There's so many good bands out there, even the fast-growing Moon Ska can't sign them all. They could provide a showcase of the best of the batch, however, which was precisely the point behind Skarmageddon, a two-CD roundup of 31 bands from across the States. So popular did the compilation prove, the following year Moon bundled up another 43 bands for a sequel, Spawn of Skarmageddon. As with its predecessor, this two-CD set trawls the country far and wide, from Washington state to Florida, and this time even ventures off-shore to haul on board the Hawaii-based Tantra Monsters. By now, even the mainstream was beginning to get wind that something big was building out there, and this set really drove the point home. Moon themselves may have declined to sign any of these bands, although they subsequently would pick up a clutch, but many would put out full-lengths on other indies, others would release their own albums, while Less Than Jake would eventually sign to a major. All of this reflects the quality of the acts found within, and when you consider there's 43 of them (plus the 31 on the previous set), well, that tells you everything you need to know about the growth of the ska scene. Although the Moon label had a penchant for 2 Tone-fired bands, they knew a great group when they heard them, and made a point of including a wide spectrum of styles within. From Latin-flavored ska to straight-out hardcore, jazz-laced ensembles to rocksteady traditionalists, pop-flecked, rock-flavored, or swing-styled, from goofy to po-faced, upbeat on to downright moody, Spawn showcases it all and then some. So many bands, so much talent, so few outlets, the tragedy is that more of these bands didn't get a shot at the big time, but the glory is, thankfully this set captured them all for posterity.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/29/1996
UPC: 0743748005820
catalogNumber: 58


Disc 1

  1. Tired of Struggling
  2. All Week
  3. 21 Tons
  4. The Irish Opera Singer of Albee Square
  5. Unnerve and Arrest
  6. Junbok
  7. Fideo
  8. Sure Shot
  9. Rudy Don't Fear
  10. Rydim Drop
  11. The Punks
  12. Rampage
  13. Ever So Smooth
  14. Times Like These
  15. Bela Fleck
  16. Ruder Than Your Dad
  17. Summertime
  18. Willie's Donuts
  19. Skasquatch
  20. Skankin' on My Lungs
  21. Narrowminded
  22. These Are the Waves

Disc 2

  1. Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
  2. Don't Get Crazy
  3. The Dog Ate My Lyrics
  4. Cup O' Joe
  5. Poorboy
  6. Fravo Fravo
  7. Hines Drive
  8. Once Before
  9. Trousers Full of Lovin'
  10. How Do You Do?
  11. Sod Off
  12. Freedom
  13. Mokska Medicine
  14. Gone Away
  15. Part of the Past
  16. Silly Sally
  17. Suburban Rude Boy
  18. Catch a Train
  19. Poop
  20. Closet
  21. Coffee Filters

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Instigators   Track Performer
World Service   Track Performer
Dynamics   Track Performer
Public Service   Track Performer
Stubborn All-Stars   Track Performer
Hi-Hats   Track Performer
Less Than Jake   Track Performer
Slapstick   Track Performer
Square One   Track Performer
Insteps   Track Performer
Six Feet Deep   Track Performer
Suspects   Track Performer
Buck-O-Nine   Track Performer
Engine 54   Track Performer
Kongo Shock   Track Performer
New York Citizens   Track Performer
Tantra Monsters   Track Performer
Bluebeats   Track Performer
Isaac Green   Track Performer
Mobtown   Track Performer
Skolars   Track Performer
Warsaw   Track Performer
Can't Say   Track Performer
Edna's Goldfish   Track Performer
Yeska   Track Performer
Jumpstarts   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Stephen Shafer   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Bob Fingerman   Artwork
Gile Ribeiro   Artwork,Picture
Noah Wildman   Liner Notes
Aaron Poland   Composer
J.J. Abrams   Composer

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