Space & Beyond [Silva]

Space & Beyond [Silva]



A highly entertaining two-disc set that mixes newly-created sound effects with newly recorded excerpts from motion picture scores. As you might expect from a title such as this, the references are there to 2001: A Space Odyssey -- however, as a delightful change of pace, we are treated to two excerpts from Alex North's unused score for the film, as well as the usual excerpt from Also Sprach Zarathustra... The City of Prague Philharmonic, under the able baton of Nic Raine, works its way through cues from Apollo 13, The Right Stuff, Species, Lifeforce, Alien, Capricorn One, Cocoon, The Black Hole (a suite that demonstrates very well why the album of this John Barry score has been in high demand since its release), The Empire Strikes Back, Heavy Metal (an excellent reading of Elmer Bernstein's Taarna's Theme, complete with Theremin voice), Enemy Mine, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (although "The Conversation" stops after the opening sally, to be followed by the end titles, an idea that falls flat on its keister), Star Wars and the entire history of Star Trek. Star Trek, in fact, is the focus of the second disc -- North's 2001 cues and an enthusiastic reading of the Star Wars main title open the disc, but after that it's Star Trek all the way, with arrangements of main titles from TV shows, TV cues, film overtures, film end titles and assorted suites. The overall selection of music is excellent, though Jerry Goldsmith's ST:TMP main title music does recur a little too often, while the renditions of his Klingon theme tend to be a little limp, thanks to weakness in the use of percussion. Overall, a wonderful-sounding release, given additional depth and power by the use of Dolby Surround in the mixing stage.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/18/1997
Label: Silva America
UPC: 0738572106522
catalogNumber: 1065

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bill Bateman   Conductor
Christopher Palmer   Hand Organ
Nic Raine   Conductor,Track Performer
Mike Townend   Conductor
Jill Washington   Soprano,Soprano (Vocal),Soloist
Rudolph Wiederman   Conductor
Pete Anthony   fender rhodes
David Temple   Choir Master
Prague Philharmonic Orchestra   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Henry Mancini   Orchestration
Leonard Nimoy   Director
Dennis McCarthy   Orchestration
William Shatner   Director
Dave Bowman   Concept
Robert Butler   Director
Ralph Ferraro   Orchestration
Jack Hayes   Orchestration
William Kidd   Orchestration
Hummie Mann   Orchestration
Mark McKenzie   Orchestration
Arthur Morton   Orchestration
Gary Nelson   Director
Christopher Palmer   Orchestration
Nic Raine   Orchestration
Derek Wadsworth   Orchestration
Mark Ayres   Arranger,Sound Effects,Producer,Engineer
Jimmy Fitzpatrick   Producer
Ridley Scott   Director
George Lucas   Director
Ford A. Thaxton   Contributor
David Carson   Director
Nicholas Meyer   Director
Mike Townend   Orchestration
David Hirsch   Liner Notes
Ivan Joseph Goldberg   Contributor
Colin Parker   Artwork,Graphic Design
Steven Spielberg   Director
Reza Badiyi   Director
Winrich Kolbe   Director
Josef Kroft   Contributor
Stanley Kubrick   Director
Andrew Skilleter   Paintings
Pete Anthony   Orchestration
Robert Wise   Director
John Waxman   Contributor
Mike Ayers   Arranger,Sound Effects,Producer,Engineer,Synthesizer Arrangements
Crouch End Festival Chorus   Contributor
James Fitzpatrick   Contributor
Ron Jones   Orchestration
Reynold da Silva   Executive Producer

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