Solving The Mystery Of The Biblical Flood

Solving The Mystery Of The Biblical Flood

by Wm Scott Anderson


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ISBN-13: 9781401020958
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 11/01/2001
Pages: 308
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Solving The Mystery Of The Biblical Flood 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book really does solve the mystery of the flood. It is basically a geology book that proves the earth has had a recent earth wide flood as described in the Bible. This book has all the answers, it explains in detail exactly how the flood happened. There have been many Scientific Creationist books over the years that have tried to prove the flood, but they have all failed because they ignore basic scientific facts and twist everything in a vain attempt to support their impossible theories and end up only deluding themselves. The science in this book on the other hand is very good, in fact the first few chapters show the errors in currently used flood theories and why they don't work. The author disproves the young earth theory, the everything was laid down at the flood theory, the canopy theory, etc. He then goes on to show that the earth has indeed recently had a major ice age and that it was the sudden collapse of the ice sheets surging into the oceans that flooded the world. (The 40 days of rain was caused by one or more comet impacts which triggered the collapse of the ice sheets and blasted water and/or ice into near earth orbits that fell back to earth all over the globe.) He ties this in with evidence from all over the world that points towards this happening. Evidence that the scientific creationists have completely missed since they don't even accept that the earth has had an ice age. Since this is a geology book and the author of course accepts the fossil record as factual, he is able to tie in the Pleistocene extinction and a lot of other supporting geological evidence with the flood. The creationists can't make these connections since they believe the fossil record was all created at once by the flood. The author also makes the interesting point that Neanderthal man could have been the Nephilim mentioned in the bible before the flood. He also presents some intriguing ideas on why the flood may have been necessary. In chapter 8 called The Theory the author puts all the pieces together and runs it like a movie explaining step by step how the flood occurred. Each step is supported in the chapter by quotes from geology books with evidence from around the world showing that these events actually happened. The evidence presented is so solid and the chain of events so logical, that when reading this chapter you feel like you are watching the flood as it happened. The next chapter looks at could the animals have fit on the ark. Some new ideas here as well that solve a lot of problems that other books have fallen flat on their faces tripping over. Looks at the global distribution of animals before and after the flood, and what was and what was not on the ark. The next chapter on Man and the Flood has very convincing evidence on population growth, migration of people, cultures and languages all pointing towards the flood. The chapter on Looking at the Numbers is really more for the geologists than the average reader, has a lot of deep geology about how the flood affected the earth. A new geology theory is presented called Ice Age Flexing that reveals how the deluge and the comings and goings of the earlier ice ages has affected the earth.. Explanations also include, if the flood waters drained into the deepening oceans, how is it then that the oceans have islands today? Worth reading if you can plow through it, answers all the questions that till now no one was able to answer. The chapter right after it is a cake walk, called Noah's Tale, a fictionalized reenactment of what the flood may have been like for Noah and his family and how he may have built the ark. Has some interesting ideas on how it may have been done. Shows that although it was a lot of work, Noah didn't have to do anything that was impossible. The following chapter called The Smoking Gun is the key part of the book where the author presents photographs of finding microscopic marine diatoms in Midwestern soil samples. These di