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Sociological Theory: An Introduction to the Classical Tradition / Edition 1

Sociological Theory: An Introduction to the Classical Tradition / Edition 1

by Richard W. Hadden
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Sociological Theory presents a readable and easily understandable version of the central concepts and arguments of the great classical sociological theorists, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, and Max Weber. The book begins by introducing the initial turn to sociological thought through a brief discussion of the Enlightenment, Conservative Reaction, Comte, and Spencer. From this sociological blend of liberal and conservative ideas the work moves to its core discussion of the varying accounts of modern society found in the rich works of Marx, Durkheim, and Weber. From Marx's reading of history and analysis of capitalism it moves through Durkheim's accounts of social solidarity and suicide to Weber's understanding of bureaucracy and of the religious foundations of the modern work ethic. It concludes with a succinct comparison of the three analyses of modern society.

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ISBN-13: 9781551110950
Publisher: University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division
Publication date: 04/03/1997
Edition description: New Edition
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About the Author

The late Richard W. Hadden was Associate Professor of Sociology at Saint Mary's University, Halifax. He is author of the award-winning On the Shoulders of Merchants: Exchange and the Mathematical Conception of Nature in Early Modern Europe (State University of New York, 1994).

Table of Contents

Preface 9

Introduction 11

1 Enlightenment, Conservative Reaction, Comte and Spencer 15

Enlightenment 15

Conservative Reaction 23

Auguste Comte 25

The Law of Three Stages 27

The Positive Philosophy 30

The Positive Polity 34

Herbert Spencer 35

2 Karl Marx 39

Critique of the Critics of Consciousness 44

From the Critique of Consciousness to the Critique of Political Economy 47

The Analysis of Capitalist Society 53

The Labour Theory of Value 55

The Fetishism of Commodities 63

Surplus-Value 65

Capital, Contradiction, Crisis and State 68

3 Emile Durkheim 85

Consciousness, Law and the History of Solidarity 92

Sociological Method 104

Suicide 109

Sociology, Morality, Education and Religion 113

Science and Religion - Authority and Society 117

4 Max Weber 125

Approach and Assumptions: A Sociological Reading of History 130

Action, Domination and Legitimacy 136

Rational-Legal Authority and Bureaucracy 139

Traditional Domination and Authority 143

Charismatic Authority 145

Class, Status and Party 147

Religion, Action and Modern Rationality 149


Modernity, Reason and the Legacy of Classical Sociological Theory 159

References 167

Index 169

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Carol Copp

Hadden's clear presentation of the often complex arguments of the classic European sociologists is most welcome. Although designed for the undergraduate student, this handy volume can be profitably read as a refresher by the professional sociologist as well.

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