Social Issues, Geopolitics, and Judaica
Social Issues, Geopolitics, and Judaica

Social Issues, Geopolitics, and Judaica

by Werner J. Cahnman

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This volume brings together thirty-four essays and ar- ticles by Werner J. Cahnman representing four decades (1940-1980) of work by an extraordinary, multidisciplinary scholar. Cahnman's work encompasses the experiences of a German Jewish refugee, an economist turned sociologist, and a scholar of Judaism. Part 1 contains personal and autobiographical writings and includes analyses of the cultural ambiguities of Jewish assimilation in Germany and Austria. Part 2 is devoted to sociological essays ranging from a critical assessment of Gunnar Myrdal's landmark study of the problems of race and democracy, An American Dilemma, to a probing look at the stigma of obesity, based on empirical research, a subject very much in the news today and that shows Cahnman ahead of his time. Part 3 offers some of Cahnman's most perceptive essays dealing with geopolitical themes. Included are theoretically based writings that help to clarify the methods and concepts of geopolitics, marking the intellectual beginnings of the global approach to world affairs. Here Cahnman broached the possibility of a united Europe (1944), realized sixty years later in the formation of the European Union. The twelve essays of Part 4 return to Cahnman's ever-present concern with Jews and Judaism. They present a wide-ranging historical-sociological view, from the Jews of Vienna in the 1930s to the American scene in the 1960s, to the still-unresolved problematics of Arab-Israeli relations, with Cahnman arguing for coexistence and a two-state solution for Jews and Arabs. The volume, carefully selected and assembled by the editors, presents for the first time essays representing the full range of Werner Cahnman's scholarship and thought. It will be of interest to students of sociology, history, political science, and Judaic studies.

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Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 07/28/2017
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Pages: 401
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Table of Contents

Introduction   Zoltan Tarr     vii
Personal and Autobiographical Writings
My Relations to Jews and Judaism     3
Jewish Intellectuals and the Central-Verein     13
The Nazi Threat and the Central-Verein-A Recollection     17
The Education of Rudolf Hess     25
Stefan Zweig in Salzburg     39
Werner Cahnman at Seventy: An Interview     43
Robert E. Park at Fisk     55
Germany: The Time Has Come for Friendship     67
Sociological Essays
Reflections on the Sociology of Jews     73
An American Dilemma     81
The Stigma of Obesity     89
The Forest Hills Experience     107
"Ghetto" and "Sociology"     113
The Concept of Social Policy (Sozialpolitik)     127
Geopolitical Ruminations: The Beginnings of the Global Approach
Methods of Geopolitics     143
Concepts of Geopolitics     155
Foreign Area Study (ASTP) as an Educational Experiment in the Social Sciences     163
Is a United Europe Possible?     171
The Concept of Raum and the Theory of Regionalism     181
France in Algeria-A Problem of Culture Contact     193
Outline of a Theory of Area Studies     207
Frontiers between East and West in Europe     221
Jews and Judaism: A Historical View
Reaction to Domination     251
The Jews of Vienna     265
Jewish Morale in Our Times     271
Munich and the First Zionist Congress     281
Two Maps of German-Jewish History     293
A New Learning: Introduction to Franz Rosenzweig     303
The Arabs and Zionist Policy     311
Socio-Economic Causes of Anti-Semitism     315
Adolf Fischhof and His Jewish Followers     327
Theodor Herzl: A Column of Fire     357
Some Facts of Intermarriage and Their Consequences for Action     361
Comments on the American Jewish Scene     371
Index     381

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