SIX-GUN LAW Volume 2: The Westerns of Rory Calhoun, Rod Cameron, Sterling Hayden and Richard Widmark

SIX-GUN LAW Volume 2: The Westerns of Rory Calhoun, Rod Cameron, Sterling Hayden and Richard Widmark

by Barry Atkinson


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Like Scott, Murphy, McCrea and Montgomery, the subjects of

volume one, the four actors showcased in this second volume, Rory

Calhoun, Rod Cameron, Sterling Hayden and Richard Widmark,

were all perfectly capable of playing their tough roles with ease because

of their hard, uncompromising upbringing (especially true

in Calhoun’s case). ey were also naturals in the saddle, born to

ride, even Hayden, their combined output in the eld an enduring

reminder of how, many, many years ago, the Western movie reigned

supreme over all others. So let’s hit four divergent trails out West

with four contrasting meaner-than-hell hombres and see how they

coped, in true Western tradition, with bad guys (when they weren’t

being bad guys themselves), Indians on the warpath, sexy saloon

dames, trigger-happy gunmen, cavalry detachments, double-crossing

partners, devious land-grabbers, crooked logging-grabbers, corrupt

lawmen, ladies (and tomboys) in peril, dishonest town o cials,

the construction of railroads on schedule across hostile terrain, the

felling of timber and, in two instances, the legendary battle of the

Alamo, all lmed in and around America’s breathtaking untamed,

rocky native scenery. You won’t be bored for a single second!

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ISBN-13: 9781936168842
Publisher: Midnight Marquee Press, Inc.
Publication date: 11/11/2018
Series: Six-Gun Law , #2
Pages: 286
Sales rank: 631,158
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents


8 Foreword

11 Chapter 1: Richard Widmark:

Blond and Unpredictable

16 Chapter 2: Rory Calhoun:

Bad Boy Come Good

20 Chapter 3: Rod Cameron:

The Unsmiling Ladykiller

22 Chapter 4: Sterling Hayden:

The Reluctant Film Star

26 Chapter 5: Widmark:

Seven Western Classics, 1948-1959

50 Chapter 6: Calhoun in the Saddle,


66 Chapter 7: Cameron at Universal, 1939-1948

86 Chapter 8: Hayden: Tall Man Riding,


110 Chapter 9: Calhoun:

Good-Looker with a Gun—

The Classic “Bs” 1954-1958

138 Chapter 10: Cameron: 1948-1957

178 Chapter 11: Hayden at The Alamo, 1955

184 Chapter 12: Widmark at The Alamo, 1960

195 Chapter 13: Cameron: 1963-1966

206 Chapter 14: Hayden: 1957-1975

220 Chapter 15: Calhoun: 1963-1990

236 Chapter 16: Widmark: 1961-1988

267 Chapter 17: Filmography

283 Bibliography and Acknowledgment

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