Sin, Death and Beyond

Sin, Death and Beyond

by M. M. Ninan


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What are the tree of Life and the tree of the Knowledge of good and evil? Why did God refuse the tree of Good and Evil to Adam and Eve? What was the Original Sin? Was there death before the fall? How do you explain the presence of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. Was the fall part of God's plan for humanity? Are we all born with the sin within us?

What is death? How do we explain the presence of death long before the arrival of man on earth? What happens to us after death? Are heaven and hell eternal places of pleasures and torment?
What are the religious thoughts on resurrection and reincarnation in various religions? Will the law of cause and effect require reincarnation? Or does the death form recyling of various elements of body, mind and spirit?
Is the loving God comfortable with eternal torture of his wayward children? Is God able to redeem all creation and make all things new given the uncertainity region of free will given to his children? "In Christ all shall be made alive"?

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