Signs You Will See Just Before Jesus Comes

Signs You Will See Just Before Jesus Comes

by Rick Renner


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Something New Is Coming —
Watch for the Signs

Signs. They are important in almost everything we do. Nearly everywhere we go, there are signs in our lives that serve to guide us. We look for them wherever we travel, whether to the next city, state, or country — or to the next phase of our journey through life.

Jesus thinks signs are important too. That's why He gave us clear markers in Matthew 24 that would indicate His soon return and the end of this present age. In this book, Rick Renner digs deep into the Bible to describe these signs in vivid detail so we can recognize them and know how to navigate the last-days road ahead.

The signs on the road are appearing closer together. We are on the precipice of something new. Soon we'll see the final sign at the edge of our destination — in the very last moments just before Jesus comes.

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ISBN-13: 9781680312249
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
Publication date: 10/16/2018
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 422,675
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Rick Renner is a prolific author of more than 30 books and a respected Bible teacher and leader in the international Christian community. Rick is the senior pastor of the Moscow Good News Church. He is also the founder of Rick Renner Ministries and Media Mir (a media outreach in the former USSR), and the host of his TV program that is seen around the world. 

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 9

Preface 11

1 Signs on a Prophetic Road 13

'What Shall Be the Signs?' 14

'Winding Road Ahead - Pass With Care' 16

A Compilation of End-Time Signs 17

The Journey Forward 18

2 What is the 'End of the World' - and Where are we in Time? 21

The Beginning of Sorrows 23

My Position on the Rapture 24

More Shifting Developments 26

The End-Times Clock Is Ticking 26

A 'Two-Minute Warning' in Time 28

Our Own 'Two-Minute Warning' and Call to Action 30

A Final Thought About the Two-Minute Warning 31

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled! 32

3 The First Sign: Spiritual Deception 39

A Confirmed Precursor to Christ's Return 43

Many Shall Say, 'I Am Christ' 44

Has the Time That Was To Come Already Arrived? 46

You Have the Holy Spirits Power To Remain Faithful! 47

4 Wars, Rumors of Wars, and Commotions 51

Armed Conflict 'Then and Now' 52

Wars, Rumors of Wars, and Commotions 53

An Upsurge in Terrorism 54

Fear and Terror Are Not the Will of God for You! 55

The Sound of War Ringing in Our Ears 56

No Access - Entrance Denied! 57

The End Is Not Yet 60

5 Nation Against Nation, Kingdom Against Kingdom 63

Racial and Ethnic Conflict in the World 65

Conflict Over Religion and Politics 65

Violent Force and a Lust for Superiority 67

Uncivil Politics 68

6 Famine, Hunger, Scarcity, and Economic Woes 71

World Hanger Today - the Alarming Facts 72

Wars and Conflicts - Contributors to the Hunger Problem 75

What Can We Do To Help Combat This End-Times Problem? 76

Economic Woes - the End-Time Shaking Continues 77

Should This Prediction Frighten Us? 79

7 The Emergence of Pestilences and New Diseases 83

Ill-Prepared for the Mass Effect 84

The Pandemic of HIV and AIDS 86

Infected and Unaware 89

Who Contracts HIV? 90

God's Tested Design for Your Protection! 91

Pandemic Diseases - the Impact and the Cure 93

8 Earthquakes, Fearful Sights, and Great Signs 99

What Jesus Said About Earthquakes 100

Our Earth Is Trembling 101

Jesus Also Predicted 'Fearful Sights' 103

'Great Signs From the Heavens' 104

9 Persecution 109

Betrayal Even by Family and Friends 112

'They Shall Hunt You' 113

Supernatural Insights and Answers 116

Serious Times for Christians Worldwide 117

Persecution, Past and Present - 'Blasphemy' as Defined by the Ruling Powers 118

Faith In Jeopardy 120

Where Christians Are Being Persecuted Today 121

Why Christians Are Persecuted 122

215 Million Christians Are Currently Suffering 124

'When One Member Suffers, We All Suffer' - How Can We Help? 126

The Times in Which We Live 127

10 False Religions 129

Cults and Religious Movements 130

11 Iniquity Will Abound, and the Love of Many Will 'Wax Cold' 137

A Worldwide Rejection of God 139

Did God Really 'Give Them Up? 141

'Reprobate' - a Sin-Damaged Mind 141

Is There Hope and a Cure? 143

Hearts Hardening and Love Growing Cold 143

The Process of Growing Cold 145

What It Means To Be 'Past Feeling' 146

The Pulpit's Complete Task 147

What It Actually Means To 'Wax Cold' 150

12 'And Then the End Will Come': The Final Sign Just Before Jesus Comes! 153

We're Almost There 154

The Gospel Preached in All the World 155

The Gospel's Global Impact Then and Now 156

How Many People Groups Have Never Heard the Gospel? 158

What Grieves the Heart of God 160

Does It Seem the Last Days Are Going on Forever? 161

God Is Not Late! 163

13 How Should We Respond? 167

You Are Called and Anointed 174

Prayer of Salvation 177

Endnotes 179

About the Author 185

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