Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

by Judy Hasday

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Although graced with picturesque beaches, lush rain forests, and abundant diamond mines, the tiny West African nation of Sierra Leone is a land haunted by tragedy. It is the region from which the first slaves in North America were brought during the 1600s. A century later, thousands of freed slaves would establish a settlement called Freetown, which later became part of the British colony of Sierra Leone. Despite its diamond resources, Sierra Leone remained a poverty-stricken nation after achieving independence in 1961. During the 1990s, its people were devastated by horrific atrocities that occurred during a brutal civil war. Since peace came to the troubled nation in 2002, Sierra Leone has begun the slow process of rebuilding. However, much work must still be done before Sierra Leone can become a stable and prosperous nation.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781422294420
Publisher: Mason Crest
Publication date: 09/02/2014
Series: Evolution of Africa's Major Nations Series
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 80
Sales rank: 1,065,734
File size: 7 MB
Age Range: 10 - 14 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction   Robert I. Rotberg     6
A Diamond in the Rough     11
The Colony and the Protectorate     21
A More Secure Government     39
Challenges for the Economy     45
The People of Sierra Leone     53
From Harbor Port to Diamond Mines     61
A Calendar of Sierra Leonean Festivals     66
Recipes     68
Glossary     70
Project and Report Ideas     72
Chronology     74
Further Reading/Internet Resources     76
For More Information     77
Index     78

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