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Sherlock Holmes FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the World's Greatest Private Detective

Sherlock Holmes FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the World's Greatest Private Detective

by Dave Thompson

Paperback(Sterling Custom Print ed.)

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(FAQ). The Sherlock Holmes FAQ is a one-stop guide to over a century's worth of mystery, mayhem, and most of all, deduction. Digging deep inside the manifold worlds of Sherlock Holmes, the FAQ is a dramatic and detailed digest of the Baker Street sleuth in all of his many guises, as TV and radio star, movie phenomenon, and, of course, literary giant. Chapters investigate his predecessors and his successors, and discuss the influence that Holmes has had not only on other writers, but on real-life police procedures as well. The London that he perambulated in deerstalker and cloak is laid bare, plus the life and other fascinations of Holmes' creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, are mapped out in all their foggy, darkened atmosphere. We meet giant hounds and fearful foes, common crooks and misdirected souls. Ghosts appear in these pages, and vampires, too and more puzzles, conundrums, and mysteries than any mortal detective could ever hope to solve. But Holmes, as we shall see, was no mere mortal. And Sherlock Holmes FAQ is the story of his immortality.

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ISBN-13: 9781495035135
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 10/26/2015
Series: FAQ
Edition description: Sterling Custom Print ed.
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 744,023
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

DAVE THOMPSON, ex-pat British writer, has penned over one hundred books. He is the author of Doctor Who FAQ, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, and Hearts of Darkness: James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Cat Stevens, and the Unlikely Rise of the Singer-Songwriter. He has also written books on Cream, Kurt Cobain, Genesis, Jeff Beck, Bob Marley, and Deep Purple (the list goes on), and he has been a contributor to Rolling Stone, Goldmine, MOJO, All Music Guide, and more. Thompson lives in Newark, Delaware.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xi

1 The Adventure of the Artist as a Young Whelp 1

In which we meet the Family, despair of the Youth, and investigate the Greatest Mystery of them all. Do we call him Arthur Conan ? Or Mr. Conan Doyle?

2 The Adventure of the Unexpected Medical Student 12

In which the Vagaries of Indecision cast our Hero to at least a few of the Seven Seas, before embroiling him in the Easily Solved Adventure of the Syphilitic Sailors

3 The Sometimes Shocking Case of the Sherlockian Precursors 24

In which an American author, a Scottish Surgeon, a French Thief taker and a Veritable Shelf of Adventurous Fiction conspire to birth an Immortal Legend

4 The Adventure, Although It Was Not Tided Thus, of the Study in Scarlet 39

In which we Investigate the Holmesian Home, are Introduced to its Residents, and Wonder why we have Suddenly been Banished to Utah

5 The Adventure of the Rapidly Coalescing Holmesian Universe 48

In which Holmes gets High, Watson gets Married, and London becomes a Character in Her own Right

6 The Sensationalist Case of the Victorian Periodical 62

In which we Discover The Strand, Marvel at the Illustrated Police News, and Investigate a few of London's own Mysteries

7 The Adventure of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 73

In which we revisit the Twelve Stories that Constitute Watson's first Book of Memoirs, commencing with the Singular Saga of A Scandal in Bohemia

8 The Adventure of the Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 93

In which Conan Doyle composes his Second Series of Short Stories, we Reveal the Truth about Holmes's Most Beloved Catch-Phrase, and the Author arrives at a Most Singular Determination

9 The Exaggerated Adventure of the Death of Sherlock Holmes 114

In which we meet Moriarty, Tumble off a Waterfall and Investigate the Adventure of the Final Problem

10 The Adventure of the Hitherto Unpublished Episode in the Career of the Great Detective 126

In which the Sleuth goes to the Theater, the Author goes to War, and Sherlock Holmes…Well, maybe he wasn't Quite as Dead as he Claimed to Be

11 The Surprisingly Plausible Adventure of the Return of Sherlock Holmes 138

In which we learn that Rumors of Holmes's Demise were Somewhat Exaggerated, and are Invited to Thrill once more to the Old Curmudgeon's Feats of Intellectual Gymnastics

12 The Adventure of the Not Especially Retiring Retiree 162

In which Conan Doyle is Widowed, Holmes bestrides the silver screen, and we Begin to Suspect that the Business about Beekeeping was all a Bunch of Malarkey

13 The Adventure of the Valley of Fear 177

In which Conan Doyle Publishes his Fourth and Final Sherlock Holmes Novel, while Contemplating Anew the Possibility of Doing Away with the Detective Altogether

14 The Case of the Reopened Casebook 185

In which Doctor Watson Unearths some Musty Old Files, Conan Doyle Conjures some Musty Old Spirits, and we Bid Farewell to the Great Detective

15 The Curious Case of the Multitudinous Sherlocks 201

In which we ask Who was the Greatest Holmes of all, and put a few Watsons under the Microscope, too

16 The Thoroughly Modern Adventure of the Twenty-first-Century Holmes 224

In which we Consider what might have Happened had Sherlock Holmes not Existed until Today

17 The Peculiar Afterlife of All the Other Stories 233

In which we Spend several weeks Glued to the Television Screen and develop Carpal Tunnel from Constant Manipulation of the Remote Control

18 The Multifaceted Case of the Alternative Detectives 253

In which we pop round to 221b, ring the Doorbell…and Nobody answers. Is there Someone else we could call instead?

19 The Adventure of the Detective and the Ghost Hunter 263

In which Conan Doyle Dies, then Comes Back from the Grave, and we meet Harry Price, perhaps the One Man in England Qualified to Determine whether the Old Boy's Ghost was Really Walking

Appendix: Arthur Conan Doyle Bibliography 273

Bibliography 277

Index 279

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